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20 Questions About.....TailsMK4 #2.

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  1. Speaking of guys--like Rhythm_BCA--that are hyper busy with real life, there's also TailsMK4, who's still in college, still in college, and oh, yeah, still in college. Needless to say, like Meta and Rhythm, he's also been up to quite a bit since last we interviewed him.....
  3. Community Q's:
  5. Q1. I've heard you played starforce. (MegaBoyX7)
  6. Tails: "Not sure where you heard that. I have no experience in the Starforce series. I even mentioned it a few times whenever Mikey's next quiz question was Starforce-related. I know Battle Network, but not the Nintendo DS counterpart."
  8. Q2. What is your favorite character in the whole MM franchise? (MegaBoyX7)
  9. Tails: "Had I been asked prior to the first PMMCT, I would have said Gemini Man without much of a hesitation. It still is just because I really enjoyed his fights, but Roll is getting pretty high up as well, as I see her as kind of an underutilitized character. Some fan-games have made her fun to play as."
  11. Q3. What's your favorite song? (MegaBoyX7)
  12. Tails: "This is kind of tricky since you kept it general. Real life music I'm not entirely sure since I have listened to a lot of music, though genres are a bit easier. I like Rock or Instrumental type, with Rap being my least favorite. Since the question is in general, however, I am going to list a VG music: Poison of Snake from the Gradius/Salamander series. It's the song that plays whenever a boss from Salamander/Life Force shows up in a game, the majority of the time the boss in question is Tetran, which happens to be my favorite boss from the series."
  14. Q4. If there was a genre the Mega Man franchise hasn't dabbled in, what would you like to see as a one off or new series? (TobyJoey)
  15. Tails: "Mega Man 8 did the side-scrolling shooting, so that's already been done. Mega Man Legends did the adventure kind of game, so that's done too. Mega Man X Command Mission did the RPG type...so the only genre that I don't recall Mega Man ever doing is what the Internet refers to as a "Metroidvania" kind of game, where you have a huge 2-D labyrinth to explore, with power-ups scattered all over the place, and of course bosses to fight when you reach important areas. I think the Classic formula can apply pretty well here, though other franchises would work as well. I do not think a whole new series would be necessary for a genre like this, or Capcom could just do something similar like what they did for Mega Man that became the Legends series."
  17. Q5. Who would you say is your favorite antagonist from the series, large or small? (TobyJoey)
  18. Tails: "Honestly, it's kind of a toss-up between Dr. Wily and Sigma. Both do not mess around when you do fight them. Sigma is a bit more simple-minded regarding his intentions, though, as you KNOW he's up to something whenever he appears, whereas with Dr. Wily, you kind of expect him at the end, but he does try to convince you otherwise. So since Dr. Wily is a tad less predictable, I will go with Dr. Wily as my favorite from the series. I'm talking about Classic/World series Dr. Wily, btw, not the Battle Network series Dr. Wily, although he's cool there too, just more forgetable."
  20. Q6. Has there been any class in college you have seriously struggled with? (TobyJoey)
  21. Tails: "Calculus II. That was probably the hardest "C" I had to work for, and this comes from a guy who after the college entrance testing was part of a minority that went directly to college level math and not had to take developmental math."
  23. Q7. What Robot Master would you like to see be added to Prototype? (MegaBossMan)
  24. Tails: "Since this question is a bit broad, I'll make my answer a two-parter:
  26. Fightable enemy or viewable sprites in database entry: Tornado Man
  27. Playable: Gyro Man"
  29. Q8. What are your thoughts on the other portions of the Mega Man franchise? Like X or Battle Network? (MegaBossMan)
  30. Tails: "Besides the Classic series, I have played the following series in some form: X, Xtreme, 64 (Legends 1, did not play the second game), Battle Network, and Zero. I enjoyed many of the games in the X and Battle Network series. I also really enjoyed Mega Man 64, though I have not played Legends 2, so I cannot say much on anything aside from the first game. I do not have as much of a good opinion regarding Xtreme or Zero. I could not get into either series, though I have beat the first game of each series, I think. Xtreme I just do not have much interest in, while I was kind of turned off by the difficulty of the Zero games in the first missions. I already discussed Starforce...so unless I'm missing any other franchises, I am ready for the next question."
  32. Q9. How's college life going currently? (MegaBossMan)
  33. Tails: "Getting fairly stressful. While I still find time for gaming and such, I am in the later half of my semester where the assignments are covering some of the more detailed aspects of the courses, plus still quite a few upcoming tests. I just try to live in the current moment since I will need to make some...important decisions...soon regarding my future. I will just say that I will need to make decisions that will either help me or hinder me as I become more independent. I will need to get a job, for example, and money is not the only reason for the need. I won't go into any details regarding that stuff unless I get asked, as it'll be quite long."
  35. Q10. Scorpions or tarantulas; which one is more spooky? (MegaBossMan)
  36. Tails: "Scorpions without a doubt. We actually have some in the general area where I live, though I think I am fortunate enough to have only seen one once. They both want to be left alone, but a scorpion sting is much worse than a tarantula bite. I hope to not have to experience either, but the sting is poisonous, so that would be something to deal with."
  38. Mike's Q's:
  40. Q11. In our first interview, you told us your most LIKED RM's from each Classic series game. What about your least liked/most disliked?
  41. Tails: "Fair enough, though this list was pretty hard to come up with. Let's see...
  43. Hero Bots: Proto Man, but don't get me wrong, I really like him as well. I just slightly edge both Mega Man and Bass above him.
  44. MM1: I don't truly dislike any of the robots, but the one I least like is Bomb Man.
  45. MM2: ...Most of my choices will probably just be due to their overall difficulty, rather than whether or not I like any aspect of them. Given that reason, I would say Quick Man.
  46. MM3: Needle Man. Always was a hard one to beat Mega Buster only.
  47. MM4: I guess Dust Man here. He's ok, but not too memorable.
  48. MM5: I don't consider Wave Man too memorable either, especially since recently I found an easy method to beat him without getting hit. Hint: He's one of the robots that is easier to beat without the weakness.
  49. MM6: I guess Centaur Man since his original fight is more annoying than anything else. He was a much greater challenge in the Arcade games.
  50. MM7: Slash Man due to his fight pattern. Need I say more?
  51. MM8: Didn't care for the overall design of Frost Man personally.
  52. MM&B: Burner Man due to his fight pattern. Am I sounding like a parrot?
  53. MM9: I personally didn't care for Hornet Man's stage, so I usually just want the fight over with when I finally do get to him.
  54. MM10: Blade Man, especially in the higher difficulties. I had a lot of trouble with his regular attack.
  55. MMV: This is a tough one...maybe Saturn cause I remember his stage being somewhat difficult. I'm just splitting hairs right here, though."
  57. Q12. You just won a million dollars! The very first thing you do is.....?
  58. Tails: "Funny enough, my family plays the lottery, so we have discussed this a few times. First, student debt, wiped clean. Next, I'd probably do an all-expenses paid trip for my parents, since they always sacrificed so much for me. The rest I'd see down the road what I would need to do, but obviously I would need that money for the day I move out on my own."
  60. Q13. You seem to have taken a liking to the Pokemon games, lately. What's your opinion of the anime?
  61. Tails: "I watched the anime when I was younger...I don't really watch a whole lot of it now, and certainly not the newest episodes. Other than that, I don't have much to say about it, other than, geez, how does it manage to last as long as it did?"
  63. Q14. You're one of the few regulars besides me that has ever played the ENTIRE NA-released Battle Network series. Which BN series game is your favorite, and why?
  64. Tails: "I overall enjoyed the Navis of the second game, but as far as post-game content, I'd probably have to go with 6 as that's the only one I got really close to completely finishing. In general, probably 6 since that one doesn't eat up as much time as the other games."
  66. Q15. .....and what about your least favorite/most disliked BN game?
  67. Tails: "It's between 1 and 4. I don't think I need to say anything about 1, and I haven't felt the desire to try to completely finish 4 since you need to repeat the storyline 2 times to have access to all of the chips. So for the reasons outlined I would probably edge 1 just slightly over 4 as the better game."
  69. Q16. If there's one thing you could change about Prototype,it would be.....?
  70. Tails: "Why didn't I see this question coming? :P
  72. Doing the double :P because I'm probably one of the few people that would dare debate with you.
  74. I think we have a working Starforce system, but it does need some tweaks. For starters, cutting off some of the extreme power or having Stars also increase the specified elemental defense of the robots would help control it some. I wouldn't know right away how I'd do it, but fixing Starforce would be the thing I would change. I already liked what was shown in the beta of the game, so I'd mainly be doing fixes if I could."
  76. Q17. If it were up to you, the next person you would have me interview [even if they've already been done, before] is.....?
  77. Tails: "Well, we did just have Rhythm do community questions, so it might be a bit soon for another 15 community questions, but MegaBossMan without any doubt."
  79. Q18. On Saturday, April 2, You're gonna be hosting a Jeopardy game on the community that deals mostly in the MM universe, or rather, the better known parts of it in the community. Are you worried--even a little bit--that it might end up like my Mega Quiz? :P
  80. Tails: "I feel my game will be better managed, especially since I'm not going to be too obscure with it. I was going to do categories outside the games...but both you and Boss thought otherwise, so I'll mainly be keeping things simple. Plus, the answers can be constructed in a way that there could only be one correct question...or I'd know slight variations that I would accept."
  82. Q19. Just to be completely and totally clear, even though I offered to help, you decided to go about creating the entire game WITHOUT my help. May I ask why?
  83. Tails: "I gave you the option if you wanted to help. I was unsure if you really wanted to participate, and you said you would be fine either way. I'm basically going to do this solo so you can participate too. If you don't want to do that and would rather help with the competition, then I'm all ears for answer suggestions."
  85. Q20. Don't you miss debating me on every idea I had during those SNC's? :P
  86. Tails: "Well, you can't have half-baked ideas without some opposition to make you strengthen the ideas, right? That's the point of a debate...see how strong your idea really is, and if you can't deal with that, then your ideas might not do well in general. You're not exempt from that either, Mikey, despite what you think. I have debated with Adrian as well, so it's not just you. :P"
  89. It's worth mentioning that you all heard it yourself; I had no help whatsoever helping Tails do his Jeopardy game, so, don't hate me if I somehow manage to win it. :P
  91. Special thanks to TailsMK4 for taking time out of his college-loaded schedule to do this again. Additional thanks go to MegaBossMan, MegaBoyX7 and TobyJoey for their top-notch suggestions.
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