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Fairyland of Mishmash summary TL

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Jan 1st, 2022
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  1. Touhou Gensoukyou (Fantasy-Creating Mirror) ~ Fairyland of Mishmash.
  2. The plot: Smartphones have appeared all throughout Gensokyo! Real, bona-fide smartphones! What the heck. Reimu, Marisa and Sumireko set out to investigate.
  4. Stage 1: Boundary Dyed in Evening Red ~ Mirrored Lake
  5. (Misty Lake)
  7. Boss: The Giant Shadow Appearing in the Lake, Charlotte Laker
  8. Ability: Generating mist
  9. The Loch Ness Monster, who slipped into fantasy after her early-2000s popularity boom ended, and who now lives in the Misty Lake. Recently got into the habit of taking selfies to recapture her former popularity, but all the photos end up covered in mist.
  11. Stage 2: Mechanical Twilight ~ Magic Engineer
  12. (Ten'an Riverbed) (*lit. "heavenly peace" riverbed)
  14. Boss: Aquatic Engineer, Shizuku Fukami (*'aquatic engineer' in katakana, unlike Nitori's title)
  15. Ability: Fiddling with machines
  16. A kappa who specializes in electronic equipment, with a pechant for modding old Outside World smartphones into various types of strange youkai technology. More of a software geek than a hardware geek, though; not the best at making her own devices from scratch.
  18. Stage 3: The Cavern Where Fantasy Lies Hidden ~ Cave where God hid
  19. (Ama-no-Iwato)
  21. Boss: Madly Dancing Gatekeeper, Miyabi Ozume
  22. Ability: Enticing people out
  23. A goddess who guards the cave that links to Hologram Gensokyo. Implied to be Ame-no-Uzume. Attracts opponents' attention with VR hologram technology... which she only has about 30% mastery of at the moment. Frequently visits Gensokyo despite being on guard duty. Makes friends with people easily due to her ability, but often lets sensitive information slip as a result.
  25. Stage 4: Fantastic Hologram ~ Dream Screen
  26. (Gensokyo's boundary)
  28. Boss: Administrator of Digital Image Development, Yata Koridome
  29. Ability: Developing captured images
  30. The mirror that captured Amaterasu's image upon exiting Ama-no-Iwato. Serves as the main developer and debugger for Hologram Gensokyo, a virtual replica of Gensokyo that's located in a mysteriously-partitioned area of Gensokyo's boundary space. Since she's the sole member of the dev team, she has a lot of work on her hands.
  32. Stage 5: Mirror-Reflected Night ~ Utopia of Imitation
  33. (Hologram Gensokyo)
  35. Boss: Roughneck Swordswoman of Izumo, Chihiro Kusanagi
  36. Ability: Dividing space
  37. A violent, rambunctious god of storms and oceans, and the S6 boss's little sister. (Ie. Susanoo.) Used her sword to partition a region of Gensokyo's border space, then used her ocean god powers to create a 'mirror' of shallow water upon which Gensokyo's image could be reflected. Has zero interest in technology, but is excited to have an excuse to kick people's asses for her sister.
  39. Stage 6: Great God who Illuminates Heaven ~ God of Light
  40. (Hologram Gensokyo)
  41. Midboss: Chihiro Kusanagi
  43. Boss: The Sun God Held Captive by Shining Light, Mikoto Tenshou
  44. Ability: Projecting brilliant light
  45. Amaterasu herself. The source of the sunlight that's reflected and shaped into Hologram Gensokyo's landscape.
  46. As a major god who *hasn't* yet passed into fantasy, she's very up-to-date with modern technology; combined with her social anxiety, this makes her an avid user of smartphones in particular. She gradually became a fan of Sumireko's Gensokyo photos after finding her social media account, and hatched a plan to make a "Gensokyo" of her own. (She's basically a caricature of fangame developers LMAO, I feel extremely seen and also attacked)
  47. She collected a bunch of smartphones from an Outside World human, scattered them throughout Gensokyo, then hired Yata and her sister to create a mirror that would reflect the images the phones captured. Her recreation of Gensokyo was perfect-- save for the fact that it had no night-- but as her pride in her creation eventually went to her head, her focus shifted from "recreating something she loved" to "outdoing the original". The only way for it to be *truly* perfect was to usurp Gensokyo itself!! ...Which leads to the protagonists beating her up. :V
  48. Once she's defeated and Hologram Gensokyo disappears, she sets up shop in Gensokyo proper. (Though she spends most of her time in Ama-no-Iwato, since night can't fall whenever she's outside.)
  50. Extra Stage: Beyond the Ocean of Electrons and Common Sense ~ Visitors from Reality
  51. (Gensokyo's boundary)
  52. Midboss: Yata Koridome
  54. Boss: Snow White of the Digital World, Patricia Turing
  55. Ability: Manipulating cyberspace
  56. An Outside World human with a passion for smartphone development. Made phones for an anonymous client (Mikoto). One day, some of the Gensokyo photos started getting sent to her own phone by mistake, which prompted her to investigate the source, discover their link to Sumireko's photo feed, and eventually break into Gensokyo's boundary space!!
  57. Upon discovering what remains of Hologram Gensokyo, she starts patching up its flaws with modern technology and creating her own ideal image of Gensokyo. The protagonists are sent out to deal with her, and she decides to play the role of "bad guy" to have a cool fight with them.
  60. Track list
  61. 1. The Mystery that Appeared Beyond the Screen (SlowBro)
  62. 2. A Floral Pattern Sunken into Memory (N4 - EoSD style)
  63. 3. Eyewitness Photo Projected in the Mist ~ Someone noticed me! (Aruto - EoSD style)
  64. 4. The Hour of the Sun's Slumber Has Already Arrived (Shounen - UM style)
  65. 5. Modified Stream (SHO - UM style)
  66. 6. Cold Breath of Bare Rock Faces (Tokimigusa - IN style)
  67. 7. Dimensional Visitor from a Parallel World (SlowBro)
  68. 8. DREAM.DAT (Tokimigusa - LLS style)
  69. 9. Mirroring Device (SHO)
  70. 10. The Leaves of Fantasy Reflect the Sun (Fuji Yuu - PCB style)
  71. 11. Sword of Loyalty, Split the Dark Seas ~ Raging God (Aruto - various)
  72. 12. Distorted Sunrise (FD - SA style)
  73. 13. Sunset of the End Times (FD - SA style)
  74. 14. Memristor of Virtual Images (Amen - WBaWC style)
  75. 15. Arithmetician Patty ~ Augmented Reality (Amen - UM style)
  76. 16. Is this Aurora a Lamplight, or the End of a Tunnel ~ Light of Mystery? (VCLN)
  77. 17. D.C. Dream (EoSD style? - Fuji Yuu)
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