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  1. Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless:
  5. 1. 10 okt 2016
  6.    2:24 pm ET
  8. 2. The location of this story is in the CNN news room. The exact location isn't given to the public. You can see big screens and a man sitting at a table.
  9. There's 2 other screens where two women are argueing.
  11. 3. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both running for president of the United states and just before the debate, a video came out to the public of Donald Trump about women in a sexual way and calling it "Lockerroom Talk"
  13. 4. The news is about an old recording of Trump and Bush talking lockerroom talk. A CNN reporter is on Hillary's side, but the Trump supporter says they were indeed just talking lockerroom talk and says it could happen to anyone.
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