Chariot Doll

Feb 26th, 2019
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  1. Name: Horse
  2. Age: 8
  3. Premonition: Happiness
  4. Alice/Chariot/Jester:
  5. Starting Zone: Limbo
  6. Total Body Integrity: 12/12
  7. AP: 11/11
  9. ARM: 1 / MUT: 3 / ENH: 1
  11. HEAD: 6/6
  12. -Brain Maximum Action Points +2.
  13. -Eyeballs Maximum Action Points +1.
  14. -Jaw [Timing: Action/Cost: 2/Range: 0] - Unarmed Attack 1
  15. -Kung-Fu
  16. -Adrenaline
  17. -Hole
  19. ARMS: 5/5
  20. -Fists [Timing: Action/Cost: 2/Range: 0] - Unarmed Attack 1.
  21. -Forearm [Timing: Check/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - Support 1.
  22. -Shoulders [Timing: Action/ Cost: 4/Range: Self] - Move 1.
  23. -Rider Mount [Action/2/0] This can only be used on your sisters. They count as riding on you. When you use a move manuever, they are moved along with you. This effect ends when they are affected by a move maneuver from someone else, this part is destroyed, or you declare this part again.
  24. -Extra Arms [Rapid/None/See Below] Declare an action maneuver at Rapid Timing, paying cost as normal.
  26. TORSO: 3/3
  27. -Spine [Timing: Action/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - One Maneuver you use on the next Count during this Round has its Cost reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0.) Stacks if used repeatedly. Discount may be divided totally arbitrarily.
  28. -Entrails [Timing: Auto/Cost: None/Range: None] - None.
  29. -Entrails [Timing: Auto/Cost: None/Range: None] - None.
  31. LEGS: 4/4
  32. -Bone [Timing: Action/Cost: 3/Range: Self] - Move 1.
  33. -Bone [Timing: Action/Cost: 3/Range: Self] - Move 1.
  34. -Foot [Timing: Check/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - Hinder 1.
  35. -Animal Legs
  37. SKILLS:
  38. P1: Healing [Auto/None/See Effect] Other Sisters' Conversation Checks toward you all gain +1 to their rolls.
  39. C1: Change of Scenery [Auto/0/Self] Once per round, you receive a +1 to attack checks for the rest of the round after you are in a different zone from the one you were in at the start of the round.
  40. C2: Out of a Hat [Auto/0/Self] At the start of the round, you may declare an action check to give yourself a Tier 3 reinforcement part of your choice. If you fail, you get a Tier 2 reinforcement of your choice instead. This part is lost at the end of the round.
  41. C3: Corrosive Vomit [Rapid/1/0-1] The target automatically fails their next dismember check.
  42. S1: Stable Platform [Auto/None/0] When a sister is riding you, they recieve a +1 to their attack checks.
  43. S2: Mounted Weapon [Auto/None/Self] When a sister is riding you, she may use your Shooting, Melee, and Blast attack parts as if they were hers.
  45. Fragments of Memory: 2
  46. 1: Researcher Hunting
  47. The riots began and those who had developed and produced the undead
  48. were slaughtered. You also see your family members amongst the hunted.
  49. Swallowed up by the mob, all you could do was helplessly watch your family
  50. suffer at their hands.
  51. 2:Hole in Head: A hole was made in your skull and something sunk into your brain. Although
  52. anesthesia has taken effect, you were still awake. It is a strange and cold
  53. feeling. After this, you could glean a new feeling. But did their experiments
  54. work?
  56. Post Mortem Experience: Meat Animal
  57. You were built for labor and had a strong regeneration ability.
  58. When the food supply plant broke down at the shelter, you were
  59. restrained and chopped up, little by little, and made into food.
  60. Pain, anger, curses. In time, they were all dead and you
  61. eventually escaped.
  63. Fetters:
  64. Treasure: Dependent (X) (X) (X) ()
  65. Marianne: Friendly (X) (X) (X) ()
  66. Type 4: Protective (X) (X) (X) ()
  68. Chargen:
  69. Name + Age (1d10+7 or choice)
  70. Premonition (1d10 or choice)
  71. 2 fragments of memory (the d100 memory table is in the pdf, but you can pick or make up your own)
  72. Choose Position and 1 Skill from Position
  73. Choose Primary Class and 2 Skills from Primary Class, + gain Primary Class's Reinforcement Points
  74. Choose Secondary Class and 1 Skill from Secondary Class + gain Secondary Class's Reinforcement Points
  75. Add 1 Reinforcement Point to a category of your choosing and gain 1 Treasure part (roll or choose)
  76. Spend Reinforcement Points (Reinforcement Parts must be in sequence and be 'supported' by previous tier E.X.: T1 -> T2 -> T3, not T1 -> T3; T1 -> T1 -> T2 -> T2 -> T3, not T1 -> T2 -> T2 -> T3 -> T3)
  77. Starting Zone (Eden/Elysium/Limbo)
  78. Fetters for each other PC (1d10 or choice toward each), each with three madness.
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