The Pond

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  1. <size=15><color=yellow>Hello, and welcome to The Pond!</color></size>
  2. <size=12><color=red>You can join our discord server at</color></size>
  4. <size=20><B><color=green>Rules:</color></B></size>
  5. 1: Please try to stick to English
  6. 2: Do not mass teamkill
  7. 3: Do not cheat or exploit
  8. 4: Do not be overly toxic
  9. 5: Do not mic spam/earrape
  10. 6: Do not team with enemies (more info in teaming guidelines)
  11. 7: Do not purposefully prolong the round
  12. 8: Our staff can punish you for anything they deem fit
  13. 9: Most importantly, use common sense.
  15. <color=yellow>Teaming Guidelines:</color>
  16. - Scientists can team with D-class until they escape
  17. - Facility Guard and NTF cannot team with SCP
  18. - Facility Guard and NTF can only team with D-class if they are detained
  19. - Chaos cannot team with NTF or Facility Guards
  20. - D-class and Chaos can team with SCP
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