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  1. message desk: serviço de mensagens (note: portuguese)
  2. sukasa: hi, the message desk
  3. message desk: mensagens
  4. sukasa: pardon me
  5. message desk: mensagens
  6. sukasa: do you speak english
  7. message desk: message desk
  8. sukasa: thanks, I have a keep alive code for you, 231003
  9. message desk: moment
  10. message desk: (in background) dva tri odin nul nul tri (note: russian)
  11. message desk: still waiting
  12. message desk: ok, verify code
  13. sukasa: 10FF2B
  14. message desk: ok, this might take a minute again
  15. sukasa: I understand
  16. message desk: it's not responding, let me try that again
  17. message desk: 1 0 F F 2 B, yes?
  18. sukasa: that's correct
  19. message desk: well it's not responding yet, do you want to keep waiting?
  20. sukasa: yes, just keep trying for now
  21. message desk: stupid stupid system
  22. message desk: come on machine (hitting something)
  23. message desk: is it acting up for you again? (background)
  24. some other person in roomessage desk: yeah
  25. message desk: it just sits there (background)
  26. message desk: they're allowed to wait as long as they want, as far as I know (bg)
  27. message desk: ok go ahead
  28. sukasa: are there any current outstanding orders we need to know about immediately
  29. message desk: ok submitted
  30. sukasa: did they receive the damaged book
  31. message desk: ok
  32. sukasa: when are we getting a replacement book
  33. message desk: right waiting for response
  34. message desk: ok, in response to question 1, we have been waiting to hear from you on current situation before drop can be made, no response to keep alive has been received
  35. sukasa: they can consider this a response, situation good
  36. message desk: in response to question 3, due to a security breach we have reissued the entire book allocation to all agents. once you confirm situation normal, we will reissue books. please select deployment date as early as 28 23 59 Z Jan 12. Do you have any more questions?
  37. sukasa: I do, have received the drop from knights of pythias cemetery, requesting follow up orders
  38. sukasa: also, the deployment date, we are going to go with the exact date you gave me. 28 23 59 Z January 12th
  39. message desk: it looks like there's another response to QX003 saying please confirm presence in region 6
  40. sukasa: confirm presence in region 6, confirm that
  41. message desk: presence confirmed
  42. sukasa: presence confirmed, region 6
  43. message desk: in response to QX005, confirmed
  44. message desk: in response to QX006, confirmed, region 6 deployment will be made January 28th
  45. sukasa: confirm, january 28th
  46. message desk: any more questions
  47. sukasa: yes, with respect to agent system, please advise on issues, technically difficulties with the system
  48. sukasa: and I have a question for, I've had some difficulties contacting you before, I'd like to know what information I can use to get in touch with you when absolutely necessary
  49. message desk: I'm sorry, what are you asking for
  50. sukasa: I need to know what availability you have for contact I have tryed to contact you before and been unable to contact the message desk for information
  51. message desk: I'm afraid you'll have to, did you want me to put that in
  52. message desk: in response to QX004, this drop was a deposit, please do not disturb unrelated contents, agent system DRAM card was removed, intended for maintenance at that location, concern it was compromised
  53. sukasa: understood
  54. message desk: in response to QX007, major alert indicated regarding global ZEUS test, to ensure message reception the system has been disabled, to signal important ending message
  55. sukasa: understood, and this relates to the worm we are told about?
  56. message desk: QX09, this relates to what?
  57. sukasa: the worm response we are getting on agent system?
  58. message desk: (background) can you get me a coke, this is going to be a while
  59. message desk: MD hours depend on workload, message customization, interactivity requirements, but generally fall between 2200 zulu and 1000 zulu
  60. sukasa: understood
  61. message desk: QX009, project MLPL is operation under orders of WORM
  62. message desk: any other questions
  63. sukasa: requesting information, do we have all of the components
  64. sukasa: next question while we wait, what WORM stands for
  65. message desk: in response to question 10, submit component imagery for 9, to 9 for analysis, are concerned transport of component to Tucson did not reach intended recipient due to transcoding error, may have gone to subject of interest instead, are assessing situation
  66. sukasa: and what is complete component list?
  67. sukasa: what is status of current ZEUS test? when will it complete and release agent system for access, can we assist?
  68. message desk: in response to question 12, due to operational security, please provide imagery of components received to agent 9, we will drop the remainder, have had problem with grass roots counter operation and percentage was lost
  69. sukasa: understood
  70. sukasa: I have another question, please advise on orders related to grassroots counter operation
  71. message desk: anything else, still there?
  72. sukasa: why are our dates inconsistent? I have had inconsistent information sent to me
  73. message desk: in response to question 15, date formats are typically obfuscated but sometimes people make mistakes
  74. sukasa: understood
  75. message desk: anything else
  76. sukasa: yes, please advise on decryption difficulties on messages from 709 700 0122
  77. message desk: 709 700 0122?
  78. sukasa: confirm, yes
  79. message desk: sorry this is taking so long, you guys have done this QA thing like 5 times now, you understand it can be problematic
  80. message desk: I swear I've worked on AS400 that were more user friendly than this
  81. message desk: this thing has tetris or something
  82. message desk: in response to question 16, already sent one replacement copy of "Molds and Lichens of Nova Scotia", and you confirmed receipt. was that a mistake?
  83. message desk: do you not have this book?
  84. sukasa: was not a mistake
  85. sukasa: I do have this book
  86. sukasa: book however is compromised, unusable
  87. sukasa: and, he just hung up on me, right at the 75 minute mark
  88. (standard network difficulties message on callback)
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