(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun (B)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >wake up
  2. >morning routine
  4. >Princess Celestia stands before you
  5. >"Anon you've got to come back with me!"
  6. "Back? Back where?" you manged to squeak out while still stunned from having CELESTIA IN YOUR ROOM
  7. >"Back to Equestria!"
  8. "But Princess, there aren't any humans in Equestria, how will I fit in?"
  9. >"Fitting in? Where we're going you won't need to fit in!"
  10. >she hurls you through the portal
  11. >upon landing a sharp pain travels throughout your body
  12. "Wait, why am I out in this field? Must've gone for a walk and dozed off."
  13. >you trot your happy flank back into town eager to continue your day
  14. >wait... flank? Hooves? Why does that not feel normal?
  15. "I must've been dreaming something real silly, of course I'd have hooves. Why wouldn't I?"
  16. >as you make your way along the path you don't notice the two pairs of eyes watching you
  17. >"I do hope you picked a better one this time sister. We still say thou cheated upon the bet with thine last human."
  18. >Luna sets down her binoculars and looks to her sister
  19. >"Oh come now little sister it's not my fault he couldn't meet your expectations. How long do you think this one will take to crack?"
  20. >Celestia continues observing the human-now-pony through her own binoculars
  21. >"We give this one a week, his memories are sure make life quite stressful in time."
  22. >Luna sighs
  23. >"This is all provided the information you got on this one was accurate sister."
  24. >Celestia lets out a small giggle and turns to her little sister
  25. >"A week huh? Okay I'll go with two and yes, the information was most accurate. You should have seen him last night little sister, this one will definitely be a treat."
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