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Jan 20th, 2020
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  1. Debug: Chosen rootfs is ubports-touch.rootfs-xenial-armhf.tar.gz
  2. Debug: Chosen android image is system.img
  3. Debug: Chosen release is ut
  4. Debug: Compress images before pushing: false
  6. I: Writing rootfs into mountable image
  7. I: Writing android image into mountable image
  8. I: Running post installation tasks
  9. enabling Mir ... [done]
  10. enabling SSH ... [done]
  11. Please enter a new password for the user 'phablet':
  12. Enter new UNIX password:
  13. Retype new UNIX password:
  14. passwd: password updated successfully
  15. I: Shrinking images
  16. e2fsck 1.45.3 (14-Jul-2019)
  17. resize2fs 1.45.3 (14-Jul-2019)
  18. Resizing the filesystem on .halium-install-imgs.Zzv9k/system.img to 48382 (4k) blocks.
  19. The filesystem on .halium-install-imgs.Zzv9k/system.img is now 48382 (4k) blocks long.
  21. I: Unmounting images
  22. I: Pushing rootfs and android image to /data via ADB
  23. I:    Pushing rootfs to /data via ADB
  24. adb: error: failed to copy '.halium-install-imgs.Zzv9k/rootfs.img' to '/data/rootfs.img': remote I/O error
  25. .halium-install-imgs.Zzv9k/rootfs.img:....1 MB/s (2194800640 bytes in 257.129s)
  26. I:    Pushing android image to /data via ADB
  27. adb: error: failed to copy '.halium-install-imgs.Zzv9k/system.img' to '/data/system.img': remote Read-only file system
  28. .halium-install-imgs.Zzv9k/system.img:... 1079.7 MB/s (1310720 bytes in 0.001s)
  30. real    4m17.556s
  31. user    0m0.107s
  32. sys 0m0.762s
  33. Error: Couldn't copy the files to the device, is it connected?
  34. I: Cleaning up
  35. umount: .halium-install-rootfs.oRFiq: not mounted.
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