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  1. Setting: Lady sleepily spoils a cutey in the morning
  3. tags: [gfd] [implied /ss/] [sweet]
  5. she should be read in a soothing,slow, sleepy voice with lots of hmming and the occasional sound of ruffling sheets as a body moves around. maybe there are birds chirping through an open window (can finds stock sounds with google)
  7. I've written in sounds like "hmmmm, and aaahhhn" to indicate various moans or ambiguous exclamations, you can ignore these if you like or just follow them loosely
  9. hmmmm *the sound people make when they sleepily stretch early in the morning*
  10. Good morning hun, did you sleep well? it looks like you did. i spent most of the night watching your cute face so close to mine *peck*
  11. *voice moves closer*
  12. My arms completely dead, you spent the entire night resting your head on it. did you enjoy it?
  13. *short giggle* thats good to hear
  14. hmmm come here *hugging sounds* *a loud peck*
  15. uuunnggg such a cuddly little boy
  16. *light pecking sounds and head rubbing sounds for a few moments while she says soothing things like shhhh and there there*
  17. *fumbling sounds*
  18. Ooooh, its about that time. you always get like this when you wake up, you're still this hard even after all the times i drained you last night *giggles*
  19. Goood boy, good boys always get hard again
  20. lets give this little guy some attention shall we
  21. *giggles* aaaaww, its jumping up and down already
  22. *voice moves slightly further away*
  23. *she begins her blowjob with kissing and licking for a few moments then proceeds to noisily wet sucking*
  24. I can still taste (playfully) my pussy on this, looks like i should have cleaned you up better before going to sleep
  25. not that i'm complaining, i taste pretty good. almost as good as cute little boys like you
  26. *sounds continue for a bit then she breaks away with a wet, suctiony, sound
  27. *voice moves closer*
  28. aawww, whats that face for
  29. shhhhh, no cutey, you dont get to come yet. you need to build up even more for me
  30. come here sweety, do you want to suck on my breasts
  31. of course you do
  32. here, lie on your side and bring your head down here like that
  33. good boy
  34. *whether sucking sounds are present here is down to the preference of the recorder, some dont like sounds made by the male, some do*
  35. hmmmm, you're always so eager
  36. but you know no matter how enthusiastically you suck on these, you wont get any milk from them
  37. maybe one day when you finally knock me up, then i'll give out some milk to you
  38. and then it will be breakfast in bed everyday
  39. *giggles* i can tell that made you happy
  40. *the sound of a hand being stroked down a body*
  41. oh wow, and so much precum too
  42. *the sound of fingers being licked/sucked clean*
  43. hmmmm and so sweet too, this is almost my favourite part. almost
  44. but for now its only breakfast in bed for me
  45. *voice moves further away*
  46. *she begins her blowjob again, slightly more forcefully/quickly this time*
  47. *continues for a few moments*
  48. hnnnng hey kid
  49. take your cute little golden head... and jam it into my crotch there
  50. *sucking stops*
  51. (said forcefully and angrily) did i fucking ask you whether i had showered today?
  52. Noo, i said take your cute little button nose and press it up against my pussy
  53. DONT make me tell you again
  54. unnnn, if you think my thighs are going to go easy on you after that, you're dumber than i thought
  55. *giggles* you're not getting out any time soon
  56. *she goes back to sucking*
  57. (speaking kindly again) hmmm its twitching so much now
  58. make sure to cum a lot, ok?
  59. good boys cum lots remember
  60. OK, here goes
  61. *she becomes faster as climax approaches, pleased moaning, gulping sounds)
  62. *gasps* hmmhmm, not... not bad kid
  63. *voice moves closer* but i do recall asking you to more than that
  64. *pause*
  65. Well it wasnt a little? buuuut it also wasnt as much as i would have liked either
  66. and since you were a bit of a brat earlier too, how about... no cuddles for the rest of the morning? hmm?
  67. *pause*
  68. aaawww, dont make the face, im only teasing
  69. come here shhhhh, i still have about 20 minutes before i have to get up
  70. *sounds of head rubs and light pecks fade out*
  72. end
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