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  1. A breath of fresh air...that was always one of the first recommendations given to someone who needed a bit of a break, something to clear their head and alleviate some of the stress that had come upon them recently.  Something that would work as a quick and temporary solution to the build-up before the pressure became too much.  It sounded too simple at times, but standing there in the sunlight, with the faintest of breezes caressing against his face, the summoner in charge of many, many important tactical and management duties had to admit, it was surprisingly doing wonders for him.
  3. The scent of the grass around him was a faint tickle upon his senses as well, perhaps the "freshest" part of the fresh air around him, something that helped clear his head a little compared to the stuffy confines of his usual room.  Constantly looking over strategies and reference material piled high got a fair bit stifling at times; with so much open space surrounding him, everything felt a bit more grand in scale, like a refresh to his perspective, one that was well-needed after so much time in crowded and cramped conditions.
  5. The location he'd chosen to relax was a bit out of the way, a solitary hill and a single large tree rustling slightly with the breeze, a single blanket set down and pinned in order to provide a space to relax in the shade.  It was solitary, but the kind that felt like less of a self-imposed prison as it did elsewhere.  While he had nothing against any of the many allies he'd managed to recruit over time--fascinating eclectic crew that they might have been--sometimes a person required time away from the group, and his responsibilities, at least for a while.  Time waited for no man and eventually this afternoon-long vacation would need to end, and he would have to return and see what sort of hijinx the myriad people he knew had gotten themselves into.
  7. Thinking about all the people he'd come to know, there was one of them who stood out the most in his mind, forefront of his thoughts as of late.  He had wanted to invite them over to join him in his relaxation, but he wasn't able to find them in their usual spots, and the longer he lingered among his cohorts, the more likely he would have been pulled away into some manner of shenanigans that would demand his attention.  Forced with the now-or-never decision at the moment, he took the route that let him rest his weary mind, and a few moments later, to rest his weary body as well, sinking himself down to a seated position with the great tree's trunk to his back to keep him steady.  In the distance he could see his usual domain, faint figures milling about and doing their own thing, and for a moment, it felt like an entirely separate world from him, one that was slowly beginning to fade from his view, as his eyelids grew heavy....sleep had been haphazard as of late, and the more he tried to resist, the more the breeze felt like a gentle caress, a kind whisper telling him to let his worries go and embrace this impromptu slumber...
  9. ---------------------
  11. There was no way of telling exactly how long he had let himself pass out for, but at the very least, when he finally stirred again, there was still sunlight all around him.  A nap seemed just what his tired mind needed, feeling a bit better once the grogginess of just waking up was finally passed, but it replaced itself with a sensation of weight, heaviness that wasn't there before he went to sleep against the tree.  A moment of confusion followed, but a turn of his head clued him in on exactly the reason why things felt a little more weighty than before.
  13. Resting against his shoulder, still softly slumbering away undisturbed, was the beautiful visage of the one ally he wanted to invite with him.   Tiki's long and vivacious green hair draped down her back, slightly disheveled with the awkward placement of her head, her pointed ear poking through some of the locks, hinting at her important lineage.  Her soft lips were parted and letting out soft, soothing little breaths that could only come from someone having a very peaceful sleep of their own, her chest rising and falling slightly with every little sigh that passed her lips.  With the sunlight cascading down upon her smooth and pale skin, the ancient dragon-woman looked positively radiant with her regal beauty...something that could keep a summoner staring for several minutes, and revitalize his mind and soul even easier than this short break from his duties could.
  15. Faced with the conundrum of wanting to get up but pinned as it were by a person he did not want to disturb and inconvenience more than anyone, the summoner rest himself against the tree, waiting for the moment when Tiki might wake up naturally.  Given her sleeping habits...well, he hoped that this time at least, it wouldn't be quite so long, or other parts of him would be falling asleep and leaving him in discomfort.  That being if the sweet sound of Tiki's soft breathing didn't put him back into a peaceful slumber himself; just being near her like this put him at great ease, all the issues agitating his nerves prior seemed farther away than ever while being in Tiki's presence.
  17. Time passed, and the breeze did for him what he dared not do, rippling across her cheeks and caressing her enough to finally stir the venerable dragon from her slumber.  Even the soft mumbles of being awoken were cute to hear from her...and only now did he ever get a chance to notice that her ears twitched slightly when being woken up, and adorably so.  Before long, her eyelids were raising, and the beautiful, colorful pools of her eyes were his to look upon, giving her a smile in response to her waking, as it began dawning on Tiki where she had fallen asleep.  A slight red tint rose in her cheeks as she started to fluster.
  19. "Oh dear...I did it again, didn't I?" she said, her smooth tones stumbling over her pitch in her slight embarrassment.  Quietly, she alternated for a moment between fiddling with her hair in order to clean it up, and fiddling with her fingers to cover this bit of shame at her sleeping habits taking hold of her again.  "I apologize...I happened upon you after searching for you for some time, and when I did, you were already asleep.  You looked so...peaceful, I simply couldn't bring myself to do anything but sit next to you.  I...intended to do no more than that, but it was so calming to be alone with you, in such pleasant surroundings, I simply...well..."  She trailed off, the end result of it all pretty obvious at that point.
  21. He placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her from her worries, his soft expression easing her troubles and putting a soft smile back on her beautiful face.  Tiki and him had been growing closer and closer as of late, finding the time to spend together whenever it was endeavor that was rather troublesome with so many friends and interlopers that would intercede, accidentally or otherwise, on a couple's time alone together.  This thought was at the front of his mind, but not only his it would seem.
  23. "It's nice, is it not?  You found such a wonderful place to spend your time.  Away from the others, alone with nature...alone with me..." the flush on her cheeks was growing a little more widespread and vibrant as she looked towards the man she'd grown close to over the time, and slowly, two hands sought each other, gently touching and rubbing their palms along the other as their fingers interlocked, squeezing their grips in unison as if to confirm the other was there with them.  The two of them were slipping closer and closer by the moment, and soon, their other hands had intertwined their fingers as well.  Tiki's eyes shimmered with their usual radiance, backed by the emotions swelling in her, as she dared to speak thoughts that she couldn't say anywhere else but there with her summoner.  "Perhaps we might...make the most of our time alone...?"
  25. There was no time like the present to do exactly what Tiki suggested; who knew how long they would have before the next time they could be so perfectly alone would present itself?  The summoner let his answer be known in the closing of the gap between them, delighting in the soft little gasp from the dragon-girl being cut off by his lips against her own, coaxing a delighted hum from herself as she melted into the moment once surprise had left her.  Their grips upon each other's hands tightened more as they lost themselves to the seconds of pressing against each other, the slight taste of each other lingering on their lips, breaking the kisses momentarily only for a bit of air before returning to soft, tender acts, slowly lowering the both of them down to lay upon the blanket that had been set, leaving Tiki on her back and the summoner pressing upon her.  She could feel his longing beginning to press against her as the moments continued, her body heating up inside, hotter than any dragon's fire and burning with twice the intensity, instinctual need mixing with her heartfelt feelings and making it almost unbearable to resist those urges.  She felt as if she might see steam rise from her lips when they parted again, and their hand-holding separated, solely so that she could feel his hands explore over her, touching and caressing her so softly and gently, placing himself upon the spots that no other man had been permitted to.
  27. Slowly, their hands continued to explore each other, and her clothes began to be pulled off, revealing more of her soft, flawless skin to one who had earned the right to see it.  Her breasts were modest to say the least, and certain parts of her mind still held a complex about it in comparison to so many female companions she knew, but those thoughts were pushed from her mind with how eagerly the summoner's fingers sank against her chest, caressing her and making her breath so much heavier.  Already her nipples had become sensitive to the air, and especially to his touch, a significant sign towards her excitement...but not the only one, as the man would discover when his fingers roamed towards her lower half, sliding some more of her clothing out of the way, Tiki's voice almost yelping in surprise at the stimulation she received from only a touch of his fingers against her most intimate of places, already moist with the nectar of her arousal, her body's instinctive desires saying honestly what she couldn't quite bring herself to vocalize just spite of the burning need inside her, there was one pressing matter in her mind that would need to be addressed, in short order...
  29. Hesitation colored Tiki's expression for just a moment, despite how good it felt to be touched by him, looking into his eyes when she noticed that he had picked up on the less than subtle cues she had made.  "I...have never given myself to anyone yet.  I confess, I'm a little nervous..." she admitted.  Her heart pounding in her chest belied that her nervousness was more than just "a little," but her decision had long been made, something evidenced by the way she reached up to caress his handsome features.  Yes, she had never given herself to another before...until these days, only one had ever touched her heart, ages upon ages ago...but times had given clarity, and taught Tiki the difference between a childhood crush, and true love.  Her precious Mar-Mar still lingered in her heart, but her feelings had long been properly sorted, affections clearly designated, and her love burned brightest and most intense for the man that lay atop her, joining her in being half-clothed and ready to consummate their love...with a quiet nod and a radiantly beautiful smile, Tiki gave the summoner her silent permission, and let herself be ready to become heart, in soul, and soon, in body...
  31. The feeling of his presence against her made her tense slightly, but the feeling of his fingers against her own helped soothe her, relaxing her to accept him as he pushed onward, and pierced her with his length, so strong and powerful yet traveling so gently; she almost barely felt the pain she expected to feel when her purity was breached, covered so much by the physical pleasure and the cleansing feeling in her heart for finally being one with the man she loved.  Her gasping voice trembled slightly at the sensations washing over her, and her beloved gave her all the time she needed to recover from the initial feeling, but after only just a few moments, she knew she wanted to feel more of him, leaning herself up to place her most tender and loving kiss she could manage against him.  "Long have I waited for this moment...the star of so many dreams, I feel it's still possibly a dream." she whispered near his ear when the kiss ended.  "Please...prove to me this moment is real, and grant me your love..."
  33. Once given her permission to start moving more seriously, the summoner began to shift his hips into a proper rhythm, still starting out slow so as to not agitate what must have still been a tender part of her body, yet one that gripped tightly onto his manhood with every movement, caressing it almost as tenderly as her hand did his cheek earlier, almost making him shiver with how good it felt to be one with her, to see the sweet expression on her face as they never took their eyes off each other, to hear every rising and falling pitch in her sighs and gasps, the slight twitches of her body as they explored each other, trying to find that perfect rhythm, the perfect spots for him to rub against to bring pleasure to the beautiful dragon-woman that had stolen his heart so easily.  His pleasure fueled the desire of his body, but his heart wanted to make her first time, after living so long without one to call a lover, an unforgettable experience and thus prioritized her pleasure above all else.
  35. From the sounds of her voice as his hips pushed into her over and over, he was doing a valiant effort and being successful at just that; Tiki's voice was coming out in pitches and tones he'd never heard before, and would never forget after that moment, spurring him to create more for as long as they could.  Their surroundings and the time passing them by was lost in their senses as they indulged in each other, their love and lust being all that mattered at the moment, keeping them completely occupied with their twitches, thrusts, caresses and touches.  When they weren't gazing into each others' eyes while the summoner coursed through her, they sought out each other in kisses, tight embraces, gentle caresses...anything they could think of that would allow them to enjoy the other's company even further, to stretch this moment of solitude and intimacy out into infinity, to cement the memory in both their minds and make it last eternal...
  37. All good things required an end, though, and Tiki's mind was growing hazy with a building pressure, eons of repressed needs coming closer and closer to the forefront.  Once more their fingers interlocked, and she managed to raise herself up to kiss her beloved summoner and pull him into the best embrace she could manage.  It was clear from his own trembling and twitching that he, too, was nearing his limit.  "Please...let me savor all of you inside..." she whispered against him, holding him tightly through the last remaining thrusts her lover could manage before she received just what she asked, the first spray of his repressed desires sending the dragon-woman over the edge into a loud and shuddering gasp, leaving the both of them trembling and twitching against each other as she felt herself accept everything he had for her, gladly.
  39. By the time it had all subsided, the two barely had the strength to pull themselves up, and so lay against each other, still half-clothed even as the breeze now felt much cooler when caressing sweat-covered and sensitive flesh still recovering from post-orgasmic bliss.  Their hands continued to hold, and as if becoming protective of her, the summoner pulled Tiki close to his body, embracing her tightly.  She resisted not at all, laying her head upon his chest and feeling his warmth, sensing the powerful beat of his heart...a beat that seemed wonderfully in rhythm with her own pulsating core.  She felt as if she could happily remain in this one spot forever-more, even if that were an impossibility.
  41. "I shall never forget this moment, in all the years I live." she said quietly, nuzzling softly against the man's bare chest, looking up to give him a smile.  "Whatever may happen from this point on, my love for you will remain just as eternal as this memory.  I love you, with all of my being." she said, eyes growing moist with emotion as the man pulled her closer into the sweetest and most loving of kisses they had shared thus far, the highlight of this blissful afternoon of rest, relaxation, and love.  No matter when they would have to part and rejoin the rest of their group again, it didn't matter; her future seemed more bright and radiant than ever.
  43. No longer would Tiki ever feel alone any more.
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