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  1. hello, im new here.
  2. hey there I wish we could play together,
  3. why aren't you on youtube any more?
  4. what the hell man. your killing it!
  5. why are we not friends on playstation?
  6. can we play some solos and you get me a win?
  7. what is your youtube channel ?
  8. how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.
  9. im your friend I think
  10. your friends with y8 aren't you?
  11. are you friends with infernal drips?
  12. lets see you get some high kills please.
  13. elite wilden is a pussy
  14. how do I subscribe to your channel ?
  15. how do I become a member of your youtube?
  16. is there a way for me to donate to you?
  17. hey how are you?
  18. hola
  19. wish I was as good as you.
  20. how many wins do you have on solos?
  21. how many wins do you have on quads?
  22. I think blackout will live on forever.
  23. I wish I could play but im in work man.
  24. can we get some games with you ?
  25. youre a bot man.
  26. !8ball is badboy a noob?
  27. !8ball is badboybeaman going to win a game tonight?
  28. !8ball is elite wilden a punter
  29. !donate
  30. !donation
  31. can I donate through stream labs instead of sending bits?
  32. if you get this win ill send you 1000 bits.
  33. woahhhhhh its badboy on twitch
  34. badboy should be on youtube right?
  35. this is heavy salad
  36. how does it feel to be on twitch now?
  37. your youtube vlog is hilarious man.
  38. do you have to be a subscriber to play with you?
  39. I may subscribe.
  40. I heard I can sub for free if I have prime?
  41. what time are you streaming until ?
  42. we could link up if you want!
  43. ill get you some wins bruh
  44. you play like a disabled girl man.
  45. shut up
  46. badboy ha! more like nice girl hahaha
  47. you know on twitch it is so much easier to get follows than on youtube right?
  48. how long have you been streaming on twitch for now?
  49. are you a full time streamer?
  50. I wish I could hit shots like you.
  51. you definitely use aim bot!
  52. he doesn't hit any shots to use aimbot this man does he.
  53. yo are you stream sniping people tonight?
  54. stream sniping people is fun haha
  55. how many of you are in this solo game?
  56. i was in y8's lobby when he killed you lol. youll never beat him in a 1v1
  57. 1v1 me right now!
  58. ill give you $100 if you get a long shot over 500m
  59. pfft youll never be as good as me.
  60. do you have facebook?
  61. whats your Instagram?
  62. i wish you would hurry up and get a win though.
  63. i think youre so funny
  64. badboy i wish you had merch i would definitely buy some
  65. can i ask you all who is better nitro luke or dr.disrespect?
  66. dr. disrecpect is my favourite streamer but hes not the best at any games.
  67. im a pro gamer, its my job man.
  68. are you a fully pledged streamer then ?
  69. how old are you badboy?
  70. beaman is da man in my eyes.
  71. twitch is poor for streaming i think you should go to facebook gaming.
  72. wish i could offer some advice but you've played over 4k games and still this bad
  73. gg
  74. good game man
  75. nice kill
  76. hit that shot!
  77. don't forget the trauma kit.
  78. get out from behind the rock and push him
  79. your a camper man. awful stream.
  80. what is your vlog about i heard someone mention it before.
  81. you havnt got many followers have you.
  82. are you going to make it asa full timer.
  83. facebook gaming is going to take over
  84. you all think youre better than badboy but you love his streams don't lie
  85. lieinng get you nowhere
  86. i wish i cud do dis ful tym
  87. your not even good at this game but i wannna watch you all the time. not sure why hahaha
  88. your good
  89. don't listen to the haters
  90. haterz means ya made it man
  91. whos hating?
  92. I like badboy hes cool and funny
  93. I think we should help badboy get more wins whos with me
  94. you just wanna get ya act together and grow up.
  95. a grown man playing video games haha, get a real job
  96. I don't understand how you can say get a real job when your in his chat watching him
  97. gooooooooood gameeeee
  98. g funkin g man
  99. lets get those dubs
  100. lets crack those skulls
  101. are we ready for some funny chat
  102. knock knock
  103. whos there
  104. dr
  105. dr who?
  106. you just said it
  107. oh dear lord
  108. we should all just give up
  109. I wanna die
  110. suicide squad.. yeah we got a attention seeker here.
  111. im gunna drop it like its hotttt
  112. wishing I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
  113. iitrazee shut up man. 1v1 me now
  114. who even does 1v1 any more.
  115. how funny is this chat everyone just gives eachother stick
  116. its called banter man
  117. get over it yeah
  118. wishing you all the best on your streaming journey badboy. road to partner
  119. are you close to getting partnership?
  120. I heard you don't get accepted straight away you have to actually apply and they reject like 90 percent of people
  121. yeah its pretty hard.
  122. youtube is harder
  123. badboy are you youtube partner? or just a nobody
  124. hesa youtube partner
  125. give it a rest will you ffs
  126. can I promote my channel here badboy?
  127. f4f?
  128. I hate the way people cant lurk here any more its strange.
  129. loser
  130. faggot
  131. punter
  132. pussy
  133. eat shit
  134. go and die
  135. your all horrible
  136. why not
  137. why would you do that
  138. how come your on tweitch
  139. ffffffffff
  140. go on then prove me wrong
  141. how would it be like that
  142. is this random or are you talking to them
  143. hadew
  144. I know who you really are badboy
  145. the truth always comes out
  146. we know who you are too ya idiot
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