Mar 14th, 2017
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  4. Legendary +0
  5. Echo +100
  6. Achilles Heel: my heel good thing my boots are indestructible and never have to come off +200
  7. Fucking Heracles +200 I'm a big enough man to let it slide
  8. Ten Labors +300 challenges balanced for Greek heroes versus mid DC cosmic , I've got this.
  9. Great Artist .rolling for age (1d8)+30:8,+30 Total:38
  10. Genius of the Art Guitar playing, sculpture, singing -100 first purchase free . Further purchases discounted for the first one free for great artist
  11. automation -200 discount for great artist build the robots
  12. Microcosm -300 discount great artist I will put the entirety of my philosophy in one song And play it loud!
  13. Receptive Doves-100 given how many different and conflicting things my Jumper is he probably wouldn't be able to have any more kids Otherwise.
  14. Demigod: Eris, not so much a luck boost for me as much as creating misfortune for my enemies-500
  15. the Muses free for great artist
  16. Jumper’s Argonauts:RJ and painwheel-600
  17. RJ
  18. great artist
  19. Genius of the Art , blacksmithing, painting, sculpting -100 first purchase free for every artist
  20. Microcosm -300
  21. Receptive Doves-100
  22. demigod:Ares, stronger than almost any moral free with import
  23. the Muses free for great artist
  24. Library of Daedalus -200 discount for great artist
  26. painwheel
  27. monster
  28. Xenia -100 her new favorite perk
  29. terrifying visage free for monster
  30. myth of the monster: one of the ancient giants with unbreakable skin -300 discount for monster
  31. Receptive Doves-100
  32. demigod :Hecate, a bit of a Psychopomp and able to ward areas so that everyone follows vampire rules for that place free with import
  33. Raidable Farm free for monster
  34. isolated island -100 discount for monster
  35. cornucopia -100
  36. the plan: largely a vacation jump with a few challenger rounds.
  37. I get challenges like 1. Extract every last one of the helots in Sparta into a land where they will be safe from other people's forevermore which took a month with my micro ACU armor to build an island fortress with automatic defenses greater than any mortal army and ferrying them there on a massive raft.
  38. 2. This next one was harder I was to capture the beauty of Paris for Hera , the boosted microcosm and sculpting perk allowed me to create a perfect sculpture of him that moved and spoke with his same charm and grace, completely indistinguishable as long as one looked through rose colored glasses.
  39. 3. Hercules himself bade me to restore his family to life or he'd smash my face in. Which, given my previous experience was preposterously easy . I simply shifted some charcoal into diamonds.
  40. 4. King Midas had two tasks for me. The first was to ease his hunger, I already had golden apples with which to feed him from a previous jump and you can't exactly turn gold into gold , so he was fed.
  41. 5. The second was to restore his daughter to life, rather than using a variant of stone to flesh, I re-crafted her into a living sculpture ,a golden marigold as alive as any other maiden, once again protecting her from his touch.
  42. 6. My next task was to create a backup of the library of Alexandria moving at speed such that time itself seemed to twist . I read all of it and carved it into the main roads of every city,As well as the left face of Mount Athos preserved in stone.
  43. 7. My next challenge was to arm wrestle Atlas, since this is not a feat I could accomplish with strength . I turned to trickery, sabotaging the table so that it would break out from under us , and moving the stone beneath him to cause him to slip and turn his arm to the side.
  44. 8. Now I must slay the sea monster Scylla . Fortunately I have a several awesome guns boosted by a magic ring called unity and a conceptually sharp groinsaw enhanced with a Gaiamemory slot.
  45. 9. Next, I must bring water to Palmyra . The easiest way to do this is of course dig a trench to the ocean with Earth bending then build a massive infinite liquid generator for freshwater next to one of the walls
  46. 10. A great labyrinth to imprison a terrible monster is being built in Knossos and I must quarry the stone! With my gravity sword I cut the top half off of Mount Parnassus and carry it to the site where I begin carving and carving ,my skilled hands making short work of a task as simple as forming rectangular blocks
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