Vividred solicitation

ultimatemegax Jan 16th, 2013 63 Never
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  1. Vividred Operation will come in a digipak containing 2 episodes a volume. Volume 1 will come out on 2013/03/27. The BD will retail for 7,350 yen.
  3. Physical features:
  4. Kazuhiro Takamura drawn cover art on a digipak.
  5. 3-sided clear case.
  6. 2 discs: 1 BD and 1 CD.
  7. CD features ep2's ED (full size, TV size, instrumental) and new character songs for Akane and Aoi
  8. Booklet and key animation collection 1 are included
  9. Pin-up poster
  10. V1 also includes an application for a ticket to a May event.
  12. Disc features:
  13. Audio commentary
  14. Textless OP/ED (and other bonus footage)
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