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  1. Many years before the new war age, the cloud people had been worried about the Leaf for far to long. Lord Fourth, may his soul rest easy, had given them more to be afraid during the war before with his Flying Raijin.  Years after the Kyuubi Event  A, the newest Raikage, had sent teams to capture one the strongest clans in the village... the Hyuuya as the Uchiha had been wiped out many years before hand. While on the outside the village had caught on as the events took fold as within the normal universe of Naruto, there was a ripple in the time line. One solider had stolen a young teenage girl, all they needed. The B.O.L.T who had found her alone had knocked her out and brought her to the villain before the clans could find out...but that was only the beginning of a darkened path.
  2. This Hyuuya girl was given only enough to survive at the beginning as her stubborn pride had not let her accept what was going to happen... she was going to be a breading cow for them all. Just a womb to create a new age. She was not the first though... Many clans has gotten the same treatment over the years with their plans to build a grand village stronger then the Leaf by force! The one thing is though... the children never have been told about this... so they are the innocents. Only the Raikage and the higher ups in the clans know of this horrible deed but it must be done for the sake of the Village Hidden in the Clouds.
  3. Though... one large problem stuck out to the Village though, something that made even the Raikage was troubled by. Hachibi, The Eight Tailed Chakra beast. His container's age was running short and he wouldn't last any longer so they had to make a call... they must seal it into a new born child, one with strong coils to grow. Their masters of FuinJustu looked through the children and came across one... one single Hyuuga that had been born just hours before the Event of transferring the beast would start. It was a horrible curse for this child as some may see him as the beast incarnate but this may be a blessing as many may see him as the protector of this land if he can control the power of the tailed beast .It was later that evening that the poor soul would be changed as the beast would be sealed into the baby Hyuuga, only a few people knowing...
  6. In comes Hyuuga Fakin! A promising young boy who... well, he hates living alone. So much in fact, he and a friend of his moved in together at a young age to split rent giving to them by the Raikage! Speaking of the Raikage! A-sama is awesome, he always comes back to check on us for some reason but it doesn't matter as he takes us out to eat afterwards cause we can't get normal food. The cloud Village is alright, bunch of air heads really since they look up at little Fakin with distain or discomfort when A-sama wasn't around!
  8.  Either way, my teacher Oldman Izikan has been showing me the Art of sealing ever since I found a seal on my stomach. They had to explain to me I had.. I had the  Hachibi within my stomach making me super strong but I need to know more about everything! Plus that stupid Ox is seriously stubborn. He won't even listen to me talk about my day.. oh right, I can speak to the guy...I think it's a guy. I've heard some deep voiced women at some weird place with men drooling at them. Off topic!
  10. The  Hachibi and I can talk ever since I learned to Meditate and go into my mindscape.. I got inked the first time I met him, he wasn't happy with me something called a.. paled eye? Oh well, it's not like it matters! My eyes are awesome! One day I hope to live up what my older sister was like, her eyes could get all veined and stuff and she was super strong but... but she hasn't came back from a mission in a few years.
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