Breaking The Waves

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  1. Basilisk :
  2. This enemy only have normal attack on him.
  3. Just attack him a couple of times and you've beat him already.
  6. Captain Surfbeard :
  7. His "Ye Walk The Plank" and "Big Wave Ahoy" skill can give you some serious damage. Let's say you're screwed if he use it 2 times in a row. He also can heal himself if his HP is below 50%. But don't worry. Do "Double Wave Jump" about 3 times, and I'm sure you've beaten him already.
  10. Neptune :
  11. In turn 1, he will always use "Under The Sea" to increase his agility and attack for 3 turns. That aside, his "Magic Conch" can give you enough headache since that skill can give you almost every bad ailments that you can found in this game. Also he has "Wrath of Atlantis" that can put you on a verge of death.
  13. "Double Ankle Breaker" has a high damage, but has a 50% chance of miss, so use it at your own risk.
  16. Teddy Williams :
  17. When fighting Teddy Williams, you got the help of Serena in battle. Her skill is healing, and you can use it twice in a battle, so use it when you need it.
  19. Teddy Williams will always summon 3 ghost in turn 3 to aid him in battle. When the ghost is summoned, keep attacking Teddy and don't give attention to the ghost since their attack are rather low compared with Teddy.
  21. One of Teddy's skill can paralyze one of your party. Also beware of "Big Home Run" since it can dealt a huge damage.
  23. You must beat Teddy and all of his ghost to win the battle.
  26. Gepetto :
  27. Beware of Gepetto's "ZZZZURFERZZZ" since it has chance to paralyze your entire party. Gepetto's "Jimmy Cricket" are also dangerous since it can give you poison status.
  30. Stephen Seagull :
  31. He will always buff himself in turn 1.
  32. His "Fight of Fury" can dealt a huge ammount of damage.
  33. His "Executive Decision" can kill one of your party member.
  34. He can heal when his HP is below 50%.
  36. Pamela :
  37. Most of normal attack are gonna miss when Pamela is in her "Watcher" state. Her "Costa Rican Summer" can kill almost everyone in your party.
  39. Davy Jones :
  40. He will use the first two turn to buff himself. Every 4 turns, he will use skill "Wipeout" that will kill all of your party member. Make sure he's paralyzed on that turn by using Ben's "Double Radical Heavy Turnover".
  42. Dave Eath :
  43. Don't mess with this guy. He's the Surf Ace of 20 years ago. You need to paralyze him or you're dead. You got 2 shots.
  45. Dave Eath usualy will just use normal attack on you. But when any of his other skill are used, it's a one way trip to heaven.
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