Zoo Escape by Serendipitoussuper

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  1.  Kaa sighed deeply, looking back into his own bored face in the reflection of his prison cell, depressed with what his once thrilling life had become…. He had once been king of his jungle; no animal large or small would dare question him, for fear of his potent hypnosis and seemingly endless length. He spent every day picking off delicious prey, lounging around, and bathing happily in his kingdom. But as humans came and cut his home down, when Kaa was seen, he was given a fate worse than death. He was captured, and transported a great distance, to his cell among other animals, some familiar, some new… Now Kaa endured faces gawking at him day by day, flashes of photography hurting his eyes, a very sedentary lifestyle, and every few days a dead rabbit flung into his cell. The only way Kaa could bare this existence was to picture himself in his prime, hypnotizing and coiling the foolish onlookers, choking the life out of them, feasting on their supple bodies. If even one of the rabbit-flingers would just enter his pen with him, he could certainly fight his way out, but no one yet had been so foolish. Kaa rested his head down; the prison complex he was an unwilling member of was now empty of visitors, as crew members worked, cleaning the ‘safer’ animal’s cells. Kaa began dreaming of escape, wishing he could be free in this new environment… Free to taste new prey…
  2. Stephanie picked up her keys, locking the door to her office as she went to clean the reptile’s cages. She hadn’t made it out of the office when she heard a voice behind her
  3. “Hey, Steph? Are you going to clean up the reptile house?” Stephanie turned around, facing her supervisor, forcing a smile
  4. “Yes sir!” Being only her first week at this job, Stephanie did not want to upset any of her superiors, so she faked her politeness
  5. “Well, be careful in those tanks, okay? Those reptiles creep you out any? Do you need some company?” The thought of being alone with her scummy boss freaked her out much more than some cute reptiles ever could…
  6. “I will, sir! I’ll be okay, I sort of like reptiles! I’ll see you on Monday, okay?” Stephanie said brightly, her boss nodded at her, and Stephanie continued out to the reptile path. Stephanie often cursed her good looks for attracting unwanted attention, people always assume that being a curvy petite blonde is just the easiest thing ever, sometimes being boring could be a blessing… It’s bad enough that just this first week, Stephanie has felt more eyes on her than the actual attractions. And her boss’s efforts… Ugh. She continued down the path, and entered the reptile house, locking the door behind her as thoughts of being alone with her boss scared her into paranoia. She looked at the newest exhibit, a rock python found in a deforested landscape, finally something exotic that could take the eyes off of her in this zoo… Stephanie decided to clean his tank out first, give the newcomer the royal treatment!
  7. Kaa’s eyes opened quickly, his tongue flaring out as he detected a scent in his tank that was not rotting rabbits… Followed by the sound of his door opening… Kaa’s heart raced, his dream was coming true at last! Kaa turned his head to greet his savior, and began salivating as he saw her fully. She was tiny, and would make barely a lump in the thickest part of his stomach… Blonde hair cascading down her back, light complexion, soft skin and bright blue eyes that met his willingly
  8. “Hey big fella! I’m gonna clean up your tank a bit, okay?” Kaa could understand her speech, hissing gently in response as he began shifting his coils, he would be in need of them soon… Stephanie turned away, to test the bacterial content in the water of the cage, as Kaa moved his head up to hers, unsure of what would happen. It had been many, many days since his last successful hypnosis. Stephanie turned back around; his water needed a little disinfectant, but nearly jumped as she met the snake head nearly head on
  9. “Oh! You startled me! You know, I’ve never seen a snake with yellow eyes before…” Stephanie’s thought drifted off as she noticed something even more peculiar with Kaa’s eyes. The black pupils of his eyes seemed to be shrinking, growing smaller and smaller into the vast yellow pools. As Stephanie watched this occur, she could feel herself being drawn into the snake’s eyes. Kaa continued, so far it was working well; she was falling slightly under the trance… Stephanie found that she could not tear herself from the snake’s eyes, her arms hung limply to her sides, as she continued staring into Kaa’s eyes. As his eyes shrank further and further, Stephanie’s eyes opened wider and wider, until all she could see was the vast golden expanse of Kaa’s eyes, with two pinpricks of Kaa’s pupils within them. Then, as Kaa’s hiss gently soothed the air, a blue and green spiral appeared in each of Kaa’s eyes, followed by yellow and green, blue and yellow, continuing infinitely as Kaa began his hypnosis in earnest.
  10. Stephanie let loose a silent moan, the colors were completely new to her mind, and she was happy to explore them in depth. Stephanie found herself fascinated by the colors, her attention captivated by the colors, her own eyes pupils began shrinking in response. Stephanie found it harder and harder to remain focused on anything but the spirals of flowing color in her mind, nothing else mattered to her entranced mind. Her body became very disconnected to her mind, Stephanie felt as though she was floating on a warm cloud, her head weightless as the colors began pressing her other thoughts out of her mind. Thoughts seemed to simply fade out, as every corner of her mind was filled by the expanding colors, her eyes were nearly white, as the spirals of color began forming in her eyes, her mouth hanging open as she began succumbing to Kaa’s influence, falling into the trance. Stephanie did not feel like she was falling under the control of a predator, her mind being subdued by a greater will, to Stephanie the experience was nearly euphoric as she happily embraced the feelings, beginning to smile as Kaa’s tail began working on her body.
  11. Kaa was so eager to taste his new treat, the trance now very strong over his savior; Kaa began removing her indigestible parts. Her shirt, shorts, shoes and socks were all removed with a great deal of difficulty, followed by her bra and panties, releasing her C cup breasts to Kaa, and her private regions to the humid air of Kaa’s tank. Kaa then began winding his tail tip around her ankles, closing them together as his scaled length continued to her calves, knees, thick, juicy thighs, hips, soft stomach, squeezable breasts, shoulders, and dainty neck, tightening around her for good measure, animating Stephanie to gasp slightly. Stephanie made no motion to stop Kaa’s efforts, happily allowing herself to be cocooned by a huge expanse of cold, muscular coils. Stephanie was lifted up into a semi horizontal position, her blonde hair pointing towards the ground as her head was slowly fed into Kaa’s mouth. Kaa pushed her deeper, his tongue sliding all over her face, savoring her sweet, warm taste. Kaa pulled her deeper, engulfing her throat as Stephanie began disappearing into Kaa’s throat. More and more of Stephanie was swallowed by Kaa, his coils receding from her body as it vanished from view into Kaa’s maw. Stephanie was soon surrounded on all sides by warm, wet stomach walls; a slight bulge in Kaa’s coils was all that remained of her, and a pile of discarded clothing resting beneath Kaa as he slithered out of his tank, eager to be free!
  12. Finding a window, Kaa nudged it open with his head before beginning the long process of moving his body outside. Knowing that he would be hunted on sight, Kaa slithered stealthily through the brushes, moving towards a building with open windows, perhaps he could ‘convince’ its occupants to allow him to remain there until nightfall…
  13. At this time, Kelsie was viewing pictures of snakes on her laptop, fantasizing… Seeing their coils, thick, muscular expanse, imagining herself engulfed by them, had long been a desire of hers, one she kept close to herself; she refused to even look at these photos unless she was completely alone in her apartment… She longed to be wrapped in the coils of a snake, massaged, teased, taken… She began imagining herself in the zoo nearby, letting that new Rock Python slid itself all around her, it was so long when she went earlier this week, she had to stifle a moan just thinking about it…
  14. Kaa looked in through the window; there was a slightly tanned curvy girl with shoulder length brown hair and light brown eyes looking intently at a square, her face flushed… It would have to do, Kaa could risk no more time so exposed outside!
  15. Kelsie looked up from her laptop, and nearly screamed. There, right when she needed it most, was the very same Rock Python from the zoo, pulling its almost endless expanse into her room! Watching it pull its coils in, filling her room, Kelsie bit her lip, would it be too dangerous to even try…? Perhaps she should just call animal control… But when will an opportunity like this present itself again? Once its full length was in her room, Kelsie sprang up, closed her window and locked it, also locking her door.
  16. “Missss, pleassse don’t sssscream, I wisssh to only ssstay here a few hoursss…” Kaa began, growing frightened at her actions. He could never undo those locks, and he could not hypnotize his prey now that he was locked in the room with her! Kelsie’s mouth hung open; did the snake just talk to her?
  17. “You… Talked? How?” It was Kaa’s turn to be surprised, she seems very unafraid… Not typical of other creatures… Kaa hissed
  18. “Usssing my mouth… I promissse not to harm you… Asss you can sssee, I have jussst been fed…” Kaa motioned to the faint lump in his center “May I ssstay here for a while…?” Kelsie was willing to accept a talking snake, if it meant finally reaching her goal… Kelsie bit her lip, how does she even ask this of a snake?
  19. “Ummm… Okay. I suppose. So you can talk… Could you, do me a favor, maybe?” Kaa brought his head up to hers
  20. “If you wisssh me to ssshow othersss my ssspeech, I have no intention of it… I refussse to be back in that prissson…” Kelsie felt sympathy for the snake; he did look upset in his cage before… Kelsie shook her head
  21. “No. Not that. Could you… Coil, around me? Just for a little while?” Kaa was bewildered, why does she want that? Kaa would have pressed his curiosity further, but at the moment, it was simply easier to accept her unusual request…
  22. “Why… Certainly… How would you like me to…?” Kelsie’s heart began racing, it was here at last! She grinned, and sat on the floor, her legs spread out before her
  23. “Like this! Fully, please!” Kaa obliged, his coils shifting all around her, as his tail tip began winding around her ankles.
  24. Kelsie sighed immediately, the soft pressure even better than she had dreamed of… She laid back, feeling the coils work their way up her body further and further. She tried moving her legs against the soft pressure, and moaned at the resistance
  25. “Please… Just a gentle squeeze…” She breathed out, and Kaa lazily obliged, squeezing her thick thighs, causing Kelsie to blush at the sensation. His tail continued, trapping her arms to her sides, as Kelsie began panting
  26. “Don’t… Stop… Squeezing!” The soft, sinewy coils began squeezing Kelsie’s soft body in a rhythm, massaging her form, exciting the young girl as her stomach vanished beneath a swarming mass of coils. Feeling the moving, pressing coils swim across her stomach was incredible, much more than Kelsie ever imagined… She was quickly proven wrong as her chest was encased and massaged by the coils, squeezing her breasts as his tail found her shoulders and neck, massaging Kelsie in a cocoon of muscular coils.
  27. Bemused by this girl’s reaction and fascination with his coils, Kaa lifted her form to him, hissing gently
  28. “Do you feel good?” Kelsie’s eyes were shut tightly, moaning in time with every squeeze of the coils massive expanse
  29. “Y-yes!” Kaa chuckled, and released her, moving his head to hers, his coils brushing her cheek
  30. “If you wisssh to feel even better, you ssshould remove thossse clothesss of yoursss… Feel me ssslide acrossss your bare ssskin…” Already highly aroused, it took no more convincing from the snake for Kelsie to begin fumbling with her shoes, ripping them off and stripping naked, rubbing her hands across the snake’s coils in anticipation
  31. “Isss there any ssspot you would like ssspecial attention?” Kaa hissed, his tongue licking her bare thighs, causing her to blush and moan, without thinking about it, Kelsie blurted,
  32. “Here!” And she stuck out her feet to Kaa, who set back in action. His coils began sliding over her ankles once more, as Kaa used a different section of his coils to gently rub the girl’s feet.
  33. Kelsie bit her lip and shuddered, the cold coils slipping around her were giving her goosebumps, and the massage on her feet was incredible… The coils continued exploring her a second time, their soft pressing tantalizing Kelsie into a writhing motion of pleasure. Kaa continued massaging her feet, rubbing the arc, stroking the sides, and squeezing her gently, while Kelsie writhed, her hands running through her hair
  34. “Handsss at your sssides…” Kelsie did not question Kaa, obeying him as her nude form was further bound and restricted in Kaa’s coils. The massage continued, exciting Kelsie as she fought against her bondage. Kaa slowly ran his tongue across her foots arch, alternating back and forth in time with the rhythmic squeezing of his massage, Kelsie curling her toes and moaning louder, as the coils reached her chest again, the tender treatment she was receiving almost bringing her to release. Once returned into her cocoon of coils, they stayed that way all night, the gentle squeezes and massages lulling Kelsie to sleep, as Kaa’s fascination with the girl increased, he no longer intended to leave her… Yet. Nor did he intend to consume her… He would rather have time to think things through with her…
  35. When she finally awoke in the late morning, Kelsie struggled in her restraints to see her clock, and gasped
  36. “Hey! Let me out now! I have to get to class, I’m already late!” Kaa had no idea what she meant by that, but he had no intent of releasing her, continuing his sensual massage, Kaa hissed
  37. “You wissshed for thisss, now you wisssh to leave?” Kelsie nodded through her restraints, and Kaa began his hypnosis, letting his spirals flow directly into Kelsie’s eyes
  38. “You sssshould ssstay… Ssssleep… Ressst… And ssstay…” Kelsie felt euphoric, as the spirals and massage combination was more than enough to push her into a happy trance… Kelsie’s eyes began spiraling, her mind very receptive from the massages, soon she was staring blankly ahead, smiling widely in her cocoon of coils, Kaa smiling down at her
  39. “That’sss better…”
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