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  1. RIFF/\00\00WAVEfmt \00\00\00\00\00\AB \00\00\AB \00\00\00\00data\A6.\00\00
  5. HOME!! (No matter what kind of computer you have)
  7. A note from the originator of this plan:
  8. How would you like to earn thousands of dollars using your
  9. computer and modem? Sound incredible? Bet you've never heard of
  10. anything like this before. Read on and find out how! It doesn't
  11. matter how old you are, whether you're male or female, or
  12. anything else. You can do the little bit of work it requires
  13. right from your computer in your own home! You have just
  14. received the information that can give you financial freedom for
  15. the rest of your life. With practically no risk, and just a
  16. little bit of effort, you can have more mmoney in next few
  17. months than you have ever imagined. And that little bit of
  18. effort would be using your computer, something you already enjoy
  19. doing if you're reading this right now! I should also point that
  20. out I will NOT see one penny of your money or anyone else's
  21. money who participates in my plan. This one's is for you! I am
  22. also using the plan to make thousands of dollars myself and
  23. here's how you can do the same. Please, follow the plan exactly
  24. as instructed. DO NOT change it other than instructed below, it
  25. works exceedingly well as it is now. Remember to send a copy of
  26. your edited file to everyone you can think of. Give it to
  27. everyone at the local computer club and explain it to them after
  28. you have read and re-read it, and understand it completely. And
  29. most of all, UPLOAD YOUR EDITED FILE TO OTHER BBS'S. I'll soon
  30. explain why this is so imprtant.
  31. My friend, I've given you the ideas, information, materials,
  32. and opportunity to become financially independant, make lots of
  33. money,and have fun doing it with your computer. IT'S NOW UP TO
  34. YOU! I would suggest printing this file out on your printer
  35. instead of trying to read it on your computer screen. You will
  36. need to read it through once and then re-read it a second time
  37. to fully understand it. You can also easily refer back to
  38. sections while you read it if you have a hard copy of it.
  43. 1. Order all 4 reports listed and numbered on the following
  44. page. Do this by ordering one report from each of the four names
  45. listed. For each report, send $5.00 and a self-addressed stamped
  46. envelope to the person listed for that specific report. You will
  47. need all four reports because you will be reprinting them and
  48. reselling them. DO NOT alter the names or their sequence other
  49. than instructed in this file.
  50. *IMPORTANT* -Specify the number and name of the report when you
  51. order each of the four.
  52. 2. Use a word processor to edit this file and do the following:
  53. Replace the name and address under REPORT ONE with your name and
  54. address, moving the one that was there down to REPORT TWO. Drop
  55. the name and address under REPORT TWO to REPORT THREE, moving
  56. that one to REPORT FOUR. The name and address that's under
  57. REPORT FOUR is dropped off the list. That person is no doubt on
  58. the way to the bank! When doing this, make sure that you copy
  59. everyone's name and address exactly as it is now! MAKE A BACKUP
  60. OF THIS FILE BEFORE CHANGING IT in case you mess up. By the way,
  61. I would suggest printing out this file and then retyping all
  62. four names and addresses when you do the above. This is very
  63. important. Make sure you re-type the NAMES and ADDRESSES exactly
  64. as they are.
  65. 3. Keep a copy of this file that you just downloaded, or that
  66. you received from a friend. Also keep a copy (with backups) of
  67. the new file you just made with the address changes described in
  68. the steo two. So far so good.
  69. 4. Now, take your file that you edited and send it to everyone
  70. you can think of. The more people you send it to, the more money
  71. you will make! And it sure doesn't cost you anything, just a
  72. little bit of your time. Also make sure that you upload it to as
  73. many BBS's as possible. This is the BEST kind of exposure. I
  74. would recommend at least ten BBS's. That shouldn't take you very
  75. long compared to the thousands of dollars you can make.
  76. Remember, it's up to you, the more BBS's, the better. Send it to
  77. 20 or 30 if you like, many people do this and those are the ones
  78. that make the really good money. Don't hesitate to upload it to
  79. BBS's that are long distance either. The more you upload your
  80. new, edited file, the better! If you belong to a computer club,
  81. take about 20 or 25 minutes and stand up and explain it to
  82. everyone else after you've read it and studiet the plan
  83. yourself. Help other people get started on it. Remember, the
  84. more the better! You'll soon see why!
  88. Let's say you start off small, just to see how it goes, and
  89. we'll assume you and all those invilved only upload this file to
  90. 10 BBS's. Let's also assume that only ONE person on each BBS
  91. responds to it. (Usually there will be several people though.)
  92. Also, many people will upload to more than 20 BBS's. But,
  93. continuing with this example, you upload file only 10 times to
  94. 10 different BBS's. Each of the 10 people who respond to this
  95. file(1 per BBS) will move your name to position number two on
  96. the list and also get 10 responses. So far, that's a total of
  97. 100 orders for you! Those 100 also get 10 responses each, that's
  98. a total of 1,000 orders for YOU!(at $5.00 each!) Then finally,
  99. once again each of those people get 10 people to respond. That's
  100. a total of 10,000 orders when your name reaches the #4 position!
  101. Each order will bring you $5.00 cash in U.S. funds. (no CHECKS,
  102. no VISA!!!) Add it all up and you have a grand total of $55,550!
  103. Remember, this is assuming that you and everyone else ONLY gets
  104. 10 people to respond.
  105. Dare to think for a moment what would happen if everyone got 20
  106. people to respond! Believe me, many people will do just that...
  107. and more!
  111. [Report #1 How to make $250.000 thru multi-level sales]
  112. (This report will give you needed information to help you in
  113. this plan. It will show you how you really can make a quarter
  114. million dollars in less than a year)
  116. Jonne Valtonen
  117. Pyh\84nkatariinantie 14 a 18
  118. 20780 Kaarina
  119. Finland
  121. [Report #2 Major corporations and multi-level sales]
  123. Philip Choi
  124. 10050 Petit Avenue
  125. North Hills, CA 91343
  126. U.S.A.
  128. [Report #3 Sources for the best mailing lists]
  129. (How to get a mailing list if you want to sent this plan out in
  130. the mail)
  132. Ken Adler
  133. P.O. box 5561
  134. Mission Hills, CA 91395
  135. U.S.A.
  137. [Report #4 Evaluating multi-level sales plans]
  138. (Find out which ones work and which ones don't and why.)
  140. Sof Califo
  141. 10553 Montgomery Avenue
  142. Granada Hills, CA 91344
  143. U.S.A.
  145. Don't forget to order all four reports and include a self
  146. addressed stamped envelope with your order.
  147. NOTE! After you get the four financial reports and you start
  148. getting orders, always provide SAME-DAY SERVICE!
  151. "This is the only realistic money making offer I've ever
  152. received. I Participated because this plan truly makes sense! I
  153. only spoke of it at two different clubs and uploaded it to a few
  154. BBS's. I was surprised when the $5.00 bills started to fill my
  155. mailbox. By the time it tapered off, I had received over 8,000
  156. orders with a $40.000 in cash!! Dozens of people sent warm
  157. personal notes too, sharing news of their good fortunes. It's
  158. a great way to put your computer and modem to really good use!"
  159. Carl Winslow
  160. Tulsa, Oklaholma
  162. "Before you throw this away like I almost did, take little time
  163. to read it, re-read it, and really think about it. Get a pencil
  164. and figure out what could happen if you participate! Figure the
  165. worst possible response, and no matter how you calculate it, You
  166. still make a bundle. About all that could go wrong would be if
  167. you forgot to upload your edited file with your name on it to
  168. other people. I even checked the U.S. post office to verify
  169. that this plan was legal. It definitely is (Refer to title 18,
  170. sections 1302 and 1341 of the postal and lottery code). I just
  171. want to pass along my best wishes and encouragement to you. Any
  172. doubts you have will vanish when you first orders come in. It
  173. WORKS!"
  174. Paul Johnson
  175. Raleigh, N.C.
  177. "DO NOT TURN THIS PLAN DOWN because of your age!!! I'm only 12
  178. years old, but this plan works great for me! Heck, I make as
  179. much money as my parents! I first participated in this plan so
  180. that I may buy a bass guitar and amplifier for a school project.
  181. In few weeks, I bought the bass guitar and amplifier, and I got
  182. and "A" on my project. After this, I still had cash flowing
  183. flowing into my mailbox! Now I have around $50.000, even though
  184. I've spent much of the money I earned! Don't be stupid like me
  185. in the beginning and do nothing. Work your butt of and have a
  186. nice time with YOUR thousand + dollars!"
  187. Philip Choi
  188. North Hills, California, U.S.A.
  190. This method is simple. You sell hundreds, even thousands, of
  191. reports for $5.00 each that cost you a few pennies to print.
  192. Everyone involved in the program makes money for everyone else
  193. in the program. If enyone makes money, everyone makes money.
  194. As you have learned from the above, the product you sell is a
  195. series of your financial and business reports. The information
  196. contained in the series will not only help you in making your
  197. participation in this plan more rewardin, but it will be useful
  198. to your other business decisions you make in the years ahead.
  199. You are also bying the rights to reprint all of the reports,
  200. which will be ordered from you by those to whom you choose to
  201. sent this file to, as well as the people they send it to and
  202. the people they send it to and so on.. Concise one and two page
  203. reports you'll be buying can easily be reproduced, at the local
  204. copy center, for a cost of approximately three cents each, in
  205. small quantities of 1.000 or more. Of course you want to print
  206. just a small quantity untill the money comes rolling in. You
  207. can always call in your printer with another order. Your total
  208. cost is $20.00 so that you can order each of the four reports.
  209. These reports are only 1 and 2 pages long, so if you like, you
  210. can simply type them on your computer. Then, when you get
  211. orders, print it out on your printer. This will work for a
  212. short period of time, but by the time your name reaches the #2
  213. position, the orders will be too many, and you'll have to go to
  214. the local printer then. By then, you'll have plenty of money to
  215. pay for it too!! Good lock and happy computing! By the way, do
  216. you subscribe to Compuserve, The Source, Genie or some similar
  217. system with large amounts of users? If so, upload the file to
  218. that system. The exposure there would be incredible and you
  219. could make LOTS of money. If you subscribe to a system like
  220. this, take advantage of that opportunity. It will give you a
  221. BIG advantage over everyone else.
  222. - Edward L. Green Edward L. Green
  224. REMEMBER: "He who dares nothing, need hope for anything."xtra\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\80\00\00@\00\00\00\00\00\00\00LIST2\00\00\00INFOINAM
  225. \00\00\00money.txt\00ISFT\00\00\00OpenMPT\00\00
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