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  1. -Wolfdogs plans to sneak into cargo of an airship, and then take over the airship for themselves
  2. -The airship they plan to steal is the Lamb's Keeper!
  3. -However, as they plan to depart, they are met with a sudden radio interception from Kalbach Tux.
  4. -He wants Wolfdogs to be his "Servants" for his grand scheme. (Of course, he packages this in a very chunnibyou manner)
  5. -Trainer, saying that they are the wolves and will not abide by someone's order ever again, declines and does not see any reason to rescue Kalbach.
  6. -Kalbach, however, being the person who made the chokers on Wolfdogs, turns Trainer's choker on to see that they are under his control.
  7. -Reluctantly, Trainer agrees to rescue Kalbach. However, he strongly reminds the Wolfdogs that this obeying will only be temporary.
  8. -In the Prison facility, they are met with few other groups of terrorists that had also been looking for Kalbach, as they feared his ability. However, Wolfdogs break through the terrorists and rescue Kalbach, who tells them that his "protege" also awaits them.
  9. -His protege was Yu Hana, from Area 3 Story of Black Lambs. You know, that Empress Coccoon person.
  10. -Apparently she is head over heels for Kalbach.
  12. -They arrive at airport, where Black Lambs are stationed elsewhere. Yu Hana reminds that they Wolfdogs are under her control, turning on their chokers with a Remote that she received from Kalbach. Lobby becomes taken over by them.
  13. -Wolfdogs are told to capture terrorists and bring them t Yu Hana- where she takes the bombs that were planted within the terrorist's body and purifies them of Dimensional Taint with the ability she received from Kalbach.
  14. _Although this seems like a purely goodly act, it was in fact a plan to make the terrorists follow Hana and Kalbach for saving their lives. Kalbach was planning to create an army.
  15. -Ivanov, the Brigade Commander for the Verita Brigade, was leading the leftover of the terrorists, ever loyal to the leader, Irina.
  16. -Seeing that matters are needed to be taken care of, Kalbach arrives at the Airport and fights with Ivanov, who was stil unchanging with his attitude.
  17. -However, with his fore-seeing powers, Kalbach shows a fragment of the future that Irina wanted to create to Ivanov. Ivanov screams at the terror of the future of the world.
  18. -Ivanov, swearing that he will shoot Kalbach first when the future that he showed him was false, joins Kalbach's faction along with the remainder of the Verita Brigade. Kalbach happily says that he will put up his forehead with the bandages taken off to the barrel if it is so.
  19. -Meanwhile, Trainer keeps on reminding the Wolfdogs that they are not puppets. During the fight, he orders Wolfdogs to fight with Black Lambs(which was an order from Hana anyway), pretending to fight for some time before explaining the situation that they were in. In order for Wolfdogs to act free, they needed to retrieve two remote controllers- one from Kalbach and one from Hana.
  20. -Black Lambs succeed in fighting Kalbach and retrieving the remote controller, while Wolfdogs plan to steal controller from Hana.
  21. -However, due to a wild terrorist member throwing their body for Hana, they get the shock treatment. However, the Vultures merchant, Doyeun, saves them.
  22. -Now Hana and Kalbach no longer had control over Wolfdogs- and Hana was taken hostage.
  23. -However, Kalbach only viewed Hana as a tool, therefore leaving her to the Wolfdogs.
  24. -Wolfdogs plans to go on a joint operation with Black Lambs to defeat him.
  25. -Black Lamb's Manager? Yujeong comes to the base of operations. She had thrown herself alone to the terrorists when she came to test whether the Wolfdogs were truly trustable or not.
  26. -However, sharp from their earlier betrayal, Yujeong still couldn't come to trust Wolfdogs completely. She had kept the remote controller from Kalbach, and half-threatens Wolfdogs to comply with Black Lamb's way of operations, telling them that they will be placed in arrest under Black Lambs(on the cover), and will be helping them while response comes.
  27. -Remember, Black Lambs still know Wolfdogs as a team that was placed bounty on. They don't know the affair that happened.
  28. -A Black Lambs member and a Wolfdog member eventually goes out to fight Kalbach. Kalbach laughs at the funny scene of a Lamb and a Wolf fighting together. Due to a distrust within the two members, they fail to coordinate and Kalbach escapes, telling them that he had re-built the Android Manufacture Plant, being able to create countless Phase Androids for his use. Problem has turned worse.
  29. -With Kalbach having rebuilt the Android Manufactory, Wolfdogs and Black Lambs are in a pinch. All they can do for now is reduce the number of androids until they know what's going on...
  30. -Although Yoo Hana breaks out of her capture and manages to escape to Kalbach, Kalbach denies her, and says that he no longer needs her. She had only been a tool from the start...
  31. -The scientist, Jung Doyeun, asks Wolfdogs to recover the remnants of the Android's data chips so she can analyze the androids.
  32. -It is found that the version of the AI data was varying from 2nd Version to 10th Version. Either Kalbach was randomly cycling through different AI data since he was short on them or...
  33. -...He was using an older data from the start and slowly had the AI data chips learn by themselves and advance themselves to the next version.
  34. -Artificial Intelligence versions meant how smart the AI were- and so far, the 12th Version was the most recent one. Scientists didn't dare to try upgrading it to the 13th Version- as if they did so, the AI would turn into something that's more human- and perhaps turn against them.
  35. -However, to know more, we needed information from Trainer, who went to scout the Android Plant. When Wolfdogs get him on connection with the machine, they find out that the reason he had been offline for so long was because he was captured by Kalbach, and was put on a Phase Power Inhibiting Handcuff.
  36. -...But he somehow broke out by knocking out his guards bare-handed. (Keep in mind: these soldiers that turned to Kalbach are also Phase Power users!)
  37. -However, he was still rendered weak and he couldn't fight for a little bit. He did confirm that Kalbach was using old AI to eventually get them upgraded to a better version of AI- and eventually reach the 13th version of AI.
  38. -Reason being? Lamb's Keeper was shut down after David's incident with Black Lambs- and it didn't have any uses, as the AI for it was destroyed. Only AI available for Lamb's Keeper was the 13th version, and Kalbach
  39. wanted to take over Lamb's Keeper...
  40. -With more Symbiotics and Androids spewing out, Doyeun tried to develop her own 13th Version of AI while Wolfdogs go out and fight Kalbach's Army.
  41. -Meanwhile, Yoo Hana becomes really depressed and she wants to wipe her memories with the Memory Wipe machine. When Wolfdogs spot her, they instantly take the machine away from her. When Hana says that there is nobody left to remember her and she was good for nothing, Wolfdog says that they have her on their memory.
  42. -However, when Doyeun just couldn't develop one, Kalbach hijacks their radio and tells her that there was one vital part missing from her AI: Fear.
  43. -By fear, every human had the instinct to survive. By sending Androids out to die with Wolfdogs, he had been able to develop an AI born with fear- he had developed the 13th version of AI.
  44. -Since Kalbach had completed his AI, he was bound to come to Lamb's Keeper. With Trainer guarding Lamb's Keeper, Wolfdog goes out and fights more of Kalbach's Army to stop their progress.
  45. -Meanwhile, on Lamb's Keeper, Trainer and Kalbach meets each other. Trainer says that Kalbach can't defeat him on a 1v1 fight, and Kalbach agrees. However, saying that there weren't any "gospel" from the start that he only had one controller for Wolfdog's choker, he pulls out another one, suppresses Trainer, and then installs his own version of 13th AI on to Lamb's Keeper.
  46. -With the defense of Lamb's Keeper having failed, it was only a matter of time until the AI took control of Lamb's Keeper's system.
  47. -In order to stop the AI, they needed Kalbach's fingerprints.
  48. -Yujeong decides that Wolfdogs, now under control of Kalbach's controller again, would be a danger to Black Lamb's completion of their mission, and therefore excludes Wolfdogs from the mission and places them under official arrest. UNION agents were coming to the Airport.
  49. -Ready to sacrifice his life in order to get the controller back, Trainer decides to go fight Kalbach alone- when Hana comes along.
  50. -She proposes to get close to Kalbach Tux, disguising as if she had come there to see him again. And then she will steal the controller from him. When Trainer asks why she would do it for them, she just quickly muls over it.
  51. -While Wolfdogs provide distraction, she manages to get close to Kalbach. However, when she returns, she seems to have a confused face...
  52. -She had succeeded in retrieving the controller, but she said that Kalbach had simply handed it to her, and knew that she would be coming for the controller.
  53. -Now that the controller was retrieved, Wolfdogs and Black Lambs could work together again. Together, they go to area where Kalbach was hiding.
  54. -Although they were creaky at the start, they settle their differences and deal a critical blow to Kalbach. Kalbach commends them for finally being able to work together. Saying that his next gospel will be his last, he retreats once more.
  55. -Wolfdog goes to fight Kalbach for last time to finish this once and for all and to recover Lamb's Keeper.
  56. -Kalbach says it is useless trying to defeat him, saying that AI has already taken over Lamb's Keeper.
  57. -However, Wolfdogs still planned to arrest and defeat Kalbach. Either to revenge for what he has done, or to prove that the beast indeed has a human's heart...
  58. -Kalbach says that once they defeat him, he will finally give them the wings they deserve.
  59. -After being defeated, Kalbach commends Wolfdog again for their power.
  60. -With that power, Kalbach says that they will be able to stop the "Disaster" that is ahead of them.
  61. -"As promised,  I shall gift thine with the wings...Go backeth to your trainer. Thou will then finally gain thy wings...With those wings,  stop that disaster with the Black Lambs..."
  62. -He escapes, saying that he had prepared an airplane for him to escape with his army. Wolfdogs and Black Lambs didn't realize this, as they were too focused on protecting the Lamb's Keeper.
  63. -"...Thou hath thought that I would take the "ark" for myself. But the "ark" chooses its own owner... My role was only to give it its soul. I hath no more reason to stay here anymore."
  64. -"The time has come! Open thine eyes and look well! For the ark who has regained its soul will finally begin its great flight...!"
  65. -"Khuhuhu... Thou dost need not worry. We shall meet again. In the close future, I will prepare a new gospel, and find thou."
  66. -"Until then, struggle and survive, Wolves...!"
  67. -When Wolfdogs come back, the Lamb's Keeper has already been turned online from the AI. When Wolfdogs go and talk to the AI, they are pleasantly surprised...
  68. -Talking with the AI, they find out that it is afraid to die- and was looking for an owner that will help the ship prolong itself. Since UNION will try to get rid of Lamb's Keeper as they would be afraid of its 13th version AI, Black Lambs as not an option. Therefore, it decides to pledge itself with Wolfdogs- who was a perfect candidate to protect the ship.
  69. -Yujeong, convinced that Wolfdogs were in cahoots with Kalbach for this very thing, attempts to activate the choker with their switch...
  70. -Which is when Trainer comes and says that he has turned the cannons of Lamb's Keeper toward the airport, threatning that he will fire the cannons should Yujeong activate the switch.
  71. -With Lamb's Keeper in Wolfdog's hand, and the switch in Black Lamb's hands, Wolfdogs finally stand in equal ground with Black Lambs. Trainer asks for the request of removal of their bounty both officially and unofficially, and if Black Lambs comply, he will let them on the ship and they will do their missions together.
  72. -Also, on the response to Yujeong saying that Wolfdogs will still have to follow her orders, Trainer says: "We won't obey to your orders. But I will consider a polite request."
  73. -Trainer himself is confused with the series of developments, but he is glad that he now had one card that lets them stand on equal ground. They only know that Kalbach wanted Wolfdogs and Black Lambs stand in equal ground and helped them do so. They still didn't know what was going on behind his head, but at least they no longer had a murky future.
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