Blog Jan 27th 2019

Jan 27th, 2019
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  1. This is what i do, i do other stuff when i have the time, but most of my time is spent on this or thinking about this. Thankfully there is you, to do what you do to help, and you have your work cut out for you. With enough of us, and there are, we should do pretty well. However you need to stay motivated and always continuing, the motivation is helping others who are being harmed which amounts to all of us, and continuing because we cannot stop til we are on the other side of our goal, there is no middle ground or well that's as best as we can do, we must succeed or we lose everything we've achieved after being at this for so, so long. In our society with so many distractions it might be kind of easy to lose focus, to get onto something else interesting, but we cannot, we as a global people have one common enemy, Zion, what they have been and currently are doing is nothing less than an attempt to control the world and have us as slaves, working to give them their piece of what we make, in America through the Federal Reserve and through the same type of means for other nations. We have many motivations that fuel the purpose, cause and effect, there is what they are doing, and what we must do in response
  2. So here you are, i hope you are thinking about and wondering what you can do to help, well there are as many answers to that as there are people, keep thinking about it and put yourself to good use. Play videogames once in a while, watch a movie or tv show, hopefully only ones of ours of course as the others amount to brainwashing, attempted brainwashing, which they succeed in if you watch/read/play their sources. So do fun stuff if you want, but put as much time and effort into your anti-Zion actions as you do your time off. What you do is something for you to think about, once you know what that is you think about the best way to do it, finally you do it, as much as you can, and repeat. Be smart about it for sure, however cautious you want to be, you are able to do a lot though so don't be too scared, there is so much to do and we have the numbers of people to do all of it, include yourself
  3. One of the main tools in our disposal is that of collaboration, talk to others, we are all on the same team. Contact any of us that you can, it's up to you what to talk about, it will come to you, lend your hand and let others lend theirs. The opposition wants to conspire against us? Well we can plan and take action ourselves. Be vocal, you can contact pretty much anyone in the world, do so. Be resourceful, you have a world of programs waiting for you to make use of. And be smart, you don't have to be foolhardy to join in, be cautious if you want, you are able to and can still make an impact if you would rather do it that way. Spend a good amount of time each day helping us in one way or another, you will be happy with your achievements and are making a real difference in peoples lives
  4. i am one person, although i have made some strides there is much more for me to do, i hope you feel the same with what you do in your help of us, that you keep going and going until we can all look back and see what we survived. In the Matrix there is a character named Cypher who ends up making a deal with the Agents where he agrees to go against his compatriots in a swap for a cushy life inside said matrix. He compares it to eating a steak, and how wonderful the steak is even though he knows it's not real. We must not eat the steak, instead see the world for how it really is and make needed changes accordingly. What we are doing is not easy, in fact it is probably the biggest challenge we as a society have ever faced, it is not something to give up. Even if i am not around to help, you all are, take over as a group and work together, do not say, oh well that's over, because it's not, they will not rest until world domination, they no longer have any alternative, it's take all or lose all for them, and we must make it the latter. All in all you matter much more in this than you might think, in fact you are a pinnacle of what we are doing, it will take every one of us to topple the tower of Zion, so if you haven't thought about your part then think about it now, about how you can help and how to go about doing so. You matter, you are needed, always do the best you can, for all of us
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