Apr 23rd, 2018
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  1. The Royals and their minions have always been more concerned with using the various Arts in Secret Service to their Silent Scheme of running the artificial & Commercial World from behind the scenes or ‘underground’ like mythic Celtic Faerie Folk. Theater and costume design and all sorts of cultural content creation and manipulation is the real medium for mass behavioral control.
  3. "The Royal Navy Submarine Service is the submarine element of the Royal Navy. It is sometimes known as the Silent Service, as the submarines are generally required to operate undetected."
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  11. "The Schutzstaffel (SS; also stylized as with Armanen runes; German pronunciation: [ˈʃʊtsˌʃtafəl] ( listen); literally "Protection Squadron") was a major paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitlerand the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP; Nazi Party) in Nazi Germany. It began with a small guard unit known as the Saal-Schutz (Hall-Protection) made up of NSDAP volunteers to provide security for party meetings in Munich. In 1925, Heinrich Himmler joined the unit, which had by then been reformed and given its final name. Under his direction (1929–45), it grew from a small paramilitary formation to one of the most powerful organizations in Nazi Germany. From 1929 until the regime's collapse in 1945, the SS was the foremost agency of surveillance and terror within Germany and German-occupied Europe.
  12. The two main constituent groups were the Allgemeine SS (General SS) and Waffen-SS (Armed SS). The Allgemeine SS was responsible for enforcing the racial policy of Nazi Germany and general policing, whereas the Waffen-SS consisted of combat units of troops within Nazi Germany's military. A third component of the SS, the SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS-TV), ran the concentration campsand extermination camps. Additional subdivisions of the SS included the Gestapo and the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) organizations. They were tasked with the detection of actual or potential enemies of the Nazi state, the neutralization of any opposition, policing the German people for their commitment to Nazi ideology, and providing domestic and foreign intelligence.
  14. The famous "SS" stand for so many things. The evil Nazis come to mind, As does Social Security and Secret Services and all sorts of other "Saucers Full of Secrets". SS also stands for Submarine Services. The Nazi SS and the association of the British Royalty with the Nazis is now explained. The Nazis would seem to have worked for the British Royals. In fact as it turns out the Union Jack Flag and The Pirate Flag, The Jolly Roger, are essentially one and the same! The Skull And Bonesmen "Pirates" work for the Royals.
  16. "By 1923, the Nazi Party (NSDAP) had created a small volunteer guard unit known as the Saal-Schutz (Hall-Protection) to provide security at their meetings in Munich.[2] That same year, party leader Adolf Hitler ordered the formation of a small bodyguard unit dedicated to his personal service. He wished it to be separate from the "suspect mass" of the party, including the paramilitary Sturmabteilung ("Storm Battalion"; SA), which he did not trust.[3] The new formation was designated the Stabswache (Staff Guard).[4] Originally the unit was composed of eight men, commanded by Julius Schreck and Joseph Berchtold, and was modeled after the Erhardt Naval Brigade, a Freikorps of the time. The unit was renamed Stoßtrupp (Shock Troops) in May 1923.
  18. The SS Serve The Royals - A "Silent Service"
  19. "The Royal Navy Submarine Service is the submarine element of the Royal Navy. It is sometimes known as the Silent Service, as the submarines are generally required to operate undetected."
  21. “The Jolly Roger and the Submarine Service
  23. Main article: Use of the Jolly Roger by submarines
  24. Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur Wilson VC, the Controller of the Royal Navy, summed up the opinion of many in the Admiralty at the time when he said in 1901 “[Submarines are] underhand, unfair, and damned un-English. ... treat all submarines as pirates in wartime ... and hang all crews.”[23][24] In response, Lieutenant Commander (later Admiral Sir) Max Horton first flew the Jolly Roger on return to port after sinking the German cruiser SMS Hela and the destroyer SMS S-116 in 1914 while in command of the E class submarine HMS E9.[25]
  26. In World War II it became common practice for the submarines of the Royal Navy to fly the Jolly Roger on completion of a successful combat mission where some action had taken place, but as an indicator of bravado and stealth rather than of lawlessness. For example in 1982 returning from the Falklands conflict HMS Conqueror flew the Jolly Roger depicting one dagger for the SBS deployment to South Georgia and one torpedo for her sinking of the Argentinian Cruiser Belgrano. The Jolly Roger is now the emblem of the Royal Navy Submarine Service”
  28. Skull & Bones Means Masons: A Secret Society That Used To Work For The British Empire, before the days of mass electric communication.
  30. "While a multitude of uniforms existed for the SS, often depending on the theatre of war where they were stationed, the all black SS uniform is the most well known. Black was seen as sombre and authoritative. The black-white-red colour scheme was characteristic of the German Empire, and was later adopted by the Nazi Party. Further, black was popular with fascist movements: a black uniform was introduced by the blackshirts in Italy before the creation of the SS.
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  36. "Men in dark suits" rule the US - Putin on Deep State
  38. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP3D1sUSuzg
  40. The Nazi SS Use The Same Skull & Bones Symbol as The British Navy SS
  42. "The Jolly Roger is a symbol that has been used by submarines, primarily those of the Royal Navy Submarine Service and its predecessors."
  44. During the Second World War, he was at first stationed with the British Military Mission to France but, after private accusations that he held Nazi sympathies, he was appointed Governor of the Bahamas. After the war, Edward spent the rest of his life in retirement in France."
  46. It's About Communications - Secret Societies were replaced with Technology.
  48. The Silent Service is an Undersea cable - a 'submarine creature' of sorts "underground network aka anonymous"
  50. SS MEANS BRITISH EMPIRE: USA $ecret $ervices Really Work For The Royals - They Control This Criminal Game With 'Currency'
  52. current, see?
  54. current sea?
  56. "With a reported one third of the currency in circulation being counterfeit at the time,[9] the Secret Service was created on July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C., to suppress counterfeit currency. Chief William P. Wood was sworn in by Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch. It was commissioned in Washington, D.C. as the "Secret Service Division" of the Department of the Treasury with the mission of suppressing counterfeiting. The legislation creating the agency was on Abraham Lincoln's desk the night he was assassinated.[10] At the time, the only other federal law enforcement agencies were the United States Park Police, the U.S. Post Office Department's Office of Instructions and Mail Depredations (now known as the United States Postal Inspection Service), and the U.S. Marshals Service. The Marshals did not have the manpower to investigate all crime under federal jurisdiction, so the Secret Service began to investigate everything from murder to bank robbery to illegal gambling. After the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, Congress informally requested that the Secret Service provide presidential protection. A year later, the Secret Service assumed full-time responsibility for presidential protection. In 1902, William Craig became the first Secret Service agent to die while serving, in a road accident while riding in the presidential carriage.
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  62. The Secret Service was the first U.S. domestic intelligence and counterintelligence agency. Domestic intelligence collection and counterintelligence responsibilities were vested in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) upon the FBI's creation in 1908.
  64. The Secret Service assisted in arresting Japanese American leaders and in the Japanese American internment during World War II"
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  69. The concept of Royalty is by definition the clear crime of protection racketeering. That's the meaning of the pirate flag and the Vampire Lords who grow fat and immortal feasting off the blood of their unwitting livestock.
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  91. The Masons ran things for the British Empire before the days of mass communication and the telegraph.
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