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  1. Happy: Hey Preah wh- oh what are you doing there?
  2. Preah: "glances deeply, grins; gets back to painting"
  3. Happy: That looks soooo cool! What is that? Who are those? Are those your characters?
  4. Preah: "ponders a bit, looking at her drawing" You could say that.
  5. Happy: They look great! Wanna make a game with me? What about something about drawing things? What do you say?
  6. Preah: "nods vividly, turns to look at her"
  7. Happy: Great! Then... how about... I know! I draw something. If you guess what it is, you win!
  8. Preah: "just stares at her with her little grin"
  9. Happy: "draws" Alright! Now guess what that is.
  10. Preah: A banana.
  11. Happy: No! You lose! It's an island as seen from above.
  12. Preah: Oooooooh.
  13. Happy: Um, em... you couldn't have known that, right? You can't fly.
  14. Preah: I can't.
  15. Happy: "draws" What about this?
  16. Preah: A snake eating an elephant.
  17. Happy: No! It's a hat! You lost again!
  18. Preah: Oooooh.
  19. "Preah stares at her drawing, and Happy follows her stare. They both look at !'%&'s big leather hat.
  20. Happy: "looking at her drawing" It doesn't look like that at all, though. Hmm...
  21. Preah: We could make it the other way around.
  22. Happy: Oh, how so? What do you mean?
  23. Preah: If I guess what you drew, you win.
  24. Happy: Hey great, that makes more sense! Then... "draws"
  25. Preah: A sad, sad man.
  26. Happy: It's me! I'm not sad!
  27. Preah: Oooooooh. "pauses" You lose.
  28. Happy: No! Look at it, this is my headband!
  29. Preah: I see. That's not a hat.
  30. Happy: That over there is my hair. It's not a hat. See?!
  31. Preah: I see.
  32. Happy: HMMMMmmmmm...!!
  33. "stays there melting her brains while Preah works on Deso's nose"
  34. Happy: How about... if... let's try this, I have ten seconds to draw, then you have ten seconds, and so on!
  35. Preah: What do we draw?
  36. Happy: Whatever we want, BUT! From where the other left.
  37. Preah: Oooooooooooh. Ok.
  38. Happy: OK?!
  39. Preah: "grins" Ok.
  40. "the result is an absolute monstrosity that's neither hat nor snake"
  42. Preah: I'm glad it's not alive.
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