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Jun 17th, 2018
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  1. Hey everybody,
  3. I'm experiencing problems with CARP after upgrading to 6.3, it was working
  4. fine between my two servers in 6.2 but after upgrading (first backup and
  5. then master) I have a ping package loss on about 20%.
  7. It seem like the backup server tries to take the master, cause it's the
  8. only one changing the states. When it changes state the symptoms is:
  9. one package is dropped (ping), and it switches back to backup. I haven't
  10. changed anything, carp-config or PF, except the upgrade to 6.3.
  12. It works if i shutdown the master, then Backup takes over fine and gives
  13. back to master when it gets up, but when it's just running in backup, it
  14. switches back and fourth.
  16. I have tried tcpdumping and looking at my pfsync0 but I can't find the
  17. problem. I have tried to write my CARP settings again in hostname.carp*
  18. on both servers, check if pfsync0 is on the same interface and IP-range
  19. on both servers, checked my PF and everything, but can't find the problem...
  21. It does it across all 6 CARP's, so it looks like it's missing a hardbeat
  22. or something once in a while.
  24. I also tried switching from multicast to unicast, in case my ISP (running
  25. Juniper equipment) have activated something on the WAN side, but it didn't
  26. change my experience - but since it also happens on my LAN I didn't really
  27. expect this to be the problem.
  29. # Server 1
  30. My /etc/hostname.* for CARP's and pfsync + host adaptor:
  32. My /etc/pf.conf:
  34. # Server 2
  35. My /etc/hostname.* for CARP's and pfsync + host adaptor:
  37. My /etc/pf.conf:
  39. Any help or pointers would be fantastic.
  40. I have struggled with this for a week now and I'm running out of idears -
  41. the only solution I have right now is turning off the backup server.
  43. $ uname -a
  44. OpenBSD 6.3 GENERIC.MP#107 amd64
  46. Both servers is running on a KVM host running Debian Stretch with ZFS-for-
  47. Linux and they haven't been touched either since it got installed, neither
  48. before, under or after the problems started.
  50. em0 is passed through the host and running all the VLAN and CARP things,
  51. while em1 (pfsync0) is a crossed connection between the two host servers
  52. not connected to the outside world or switch.
  54. If you need any other information on anything in the setup, please feel
  55. free to ask, I'm really annoyed by this, since it has worked and now it
  56. don't, and I can't figure out why or what I have missed.
  58. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to install a couple of new server
  59. and reproduce the problem.
  61. Sorry for a really long post!
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