The lord's ways (silver spoon, christianAnon, comedy, lewd)

Oct 6th, 2018
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  1. >> (questionable human silver spoon doing stretches)
  2. >>Silver Spoon asks you to help her with stretching
  3. >>she asks you to push her for an oversplit
  4. >>your dick says yes, but your brain says "n-no"
  5. >>she makes a standing split where you can see all the perfect shapes usually hidden under the skirt
  6. >>the innocence of the way she's looking at you and assuring she is very flexible makes your dick almost explode
  8. >yet her stare and her pleading voice finally gets the better of you
  9. >mentally steeling yourself, you nod and voice your acceptance
  10. >her own response, featuring a hand clap, a small jump and an enthusiastic 'yay' is enough to send more doubts to your head
  11. >both your heads
  12. >pardon me padre for I am nothing but a man,
  13. >your eyes nearly gouge out of their sockets as you get closer to your prize--NOT THE PRIZE YOU DEGENERATE! the little girl you're supposed to be HELPING
  14. >these underwear, if they're even supposed to be used as such, leaves nothing to the imagination, and the new angle definitely makes things bette-WORSE! Definitely worse!
  15. >you mentally slap yourself hard enough to pry your gaze away from the barely concealed treasure and up, up, up they go
  16. >and the devil is strong with this one,
  17. >"Here! Take my left foot with your hand,"
  18. >the soft touch of her skin against yours nearly makes you jump, and before you realize it, she has your right hand in her hold and brings it up to her leg
  19. >yet the journey is long, way longer than it should be, and she forces you to caress the near entirety of her lower leg before finally reaching its destination
  20. >a part of your brain makes a mental note of how supple and warm her flesh is, while the rest is going defcon 2
  21. >"And you slowly pull it up! Like that!"
  22. >you do as you're told, wordlessly reciting some mantras you read on some mexican image hosting service to keep control
  23. >but she breaks them, as well as all the mental barriers and locks you've been putting in place for the last five minutes as you near directly feel it
  24. >pulling her foot up had the obvious response in the form of her body growing closer and closer to yours, and the fact that you had to bend your knees to pass your shoulder under her foot to help her in the first place had the
  26. >for a fraction of a second, you can feel your hips moving all by themselves and pushing forwards and your flesh pressing against hers
  28. >without thinking, you pull away and take a step to the side, making her lose her balance, giving a yelp as she starts going down
  29. >in your stupor, you don't even realize what's happening
  30. >before it's too late
  31. >your knees grow weak and you can't suppress a near guttural groan from escaping your throat, and a quick look down reveals the culprit, her left hand is now literally squeezing your cock while her right one rests somewhere around your knee
  32. >you can feel each individual slender fingers wrapped around you as you throb under her touch
  33. >time seems to stop for a moment, but just a couple seconds really, as you both need it to assess the situation
  34. >and your eyes find hers, expecting her to simply let go of your phallus, yet she doesn't, nor she even acknowledges your gaze, hers is stuck onto your lower half
  35. >a throb later, and she finally responds, by giving it another squeeze
  36. >"OwO what's this?"
  38. >Divine rage takes hold of you and you miraculously take back the reins of your brain as you violently push her back
  39. >she yelps in surprise yet again as she starts falling backwards, not that you pay any attention to her anymore as you make a run for it
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