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  1. Hatsukoi Zombie - Final Chapter 167
  4. We continue from the beach-side confession.
  6. Tarou: "Will you come home with me? Eve is waiting for me to bring you back."
  8. Ririsu: "Yeah."
  10. And thus, Tarou and Ririsu return to where Eve awaits. However, they can't seem to find her. She is neither at Tarou's house or at Ibusuki's family's manor. Tarou thinks back to when Eve assured him that should anything happen, she shouldn't disappear.
  12. Just then, he notices something shining on the shelf.  Ririsu recognizes it as the photo album Suzuko made. This gives them the idea to go back to the English classroom where they first fell in love all those years before. They enter the building, and Tarou is overjoyed to see Eve 'alive and well,' glowing brightly there.
  14. Eve says, "Welcome back, Tarou!" with a bright smile. Tarou smiles back and calls out to her.
  16. However, Ririsu seems puzzled. She asks "Eve? But, where..."  Tarou responds, "She's right in front of you. But, you won't be able to see her anymore. The reason you were able to see First Love Zombies was because the Broken Heart version of Eve cursed you. Right now, the Eve that exists here is no longer a Broken Heart Zombie, which means that the curse has been lifted."
  18. Ririsu is a bit dejected, when Eve comes down and cradles her face gently in her hands. She says to Ririsu, "Welcome home, 'Eve.' I'm sorry for everything up until now." After Tarou tells Ririsu what Eve is saying, Ririsu responds "Eve... I'm so glad to be home."
  20. Eve continues to glow brightly as she turns to Tarou and tells him that she's finally turned back into a real first-love zombie. She finally knows where she wants to go. Tarou acknowledges her, and asks her if she will return back to him, or more specifically, back 'inside' him, as he can faintly feel her desire. "I can't convey this wonderful feeling to her all by myself," he says.
  22. Eve responds to Tarou: "I didn't understand what I was, and so I thought that when a first Love is requited, first love zombies were erased. However, I was wrong. Instead, we just return home. I am a reflection of your first love. When your love was realized, I was released from that Hatsukoi Zombie form cloaked in lies and covetous desire. I was able to return back to you. I was able to become the joy you feel when you love someone... to embody the belief that should you ever be hurt, you'll be able to get back on your feet someday! Tarou... please accept me!"
  24. Eve flies into Tarou's chest while shining brightly and smiling ear to ear. She embraces him, and warmly tells him "I'm so glad that I have a heart of my own. Now, I can understand just how joyful it feels to finally be able to become one with you."
  26. Tarou nods in approval. They embrace one another as if lovers. Eve tells him "Tarou, you better not become a dull-looking guy, because I will always be with you and watching you, okay? So, you just can't let it happen!"
  28. Eve melts away in his arms as Tarou euphorically smiles with his eyes closed, accepting her into his heart. "I'm happy to be home..." Her final words, as Taoru stoically replies "Welcome home."
  30. As her light fades from the world, Tarou's arms collapse into himself. He seems saddened by her bitter-sweet passing. However, he is not alone for long. Ririsu runs to him and hugs him tightly from behind.
  32. They sit on the ground, after some time has apparently passed. They hold hands as Ririsu asks "Hey... say it again."  
  34. Tarou says, in English: "I love you, Ririsu."
  36. Some time later, Tarou is in his classroom. The students are all wearing summer uniforms, implying that several months have passed. Tarou runs into Ebino. She asks him if he planned on going to see Ririsu again. Tarou asks how she could tell. His friends Ami and Ryu tell him that it's written all over his face.
  38. Tarou changes the subject, and asks Ebino to remind him when their study group is meeting. She says to tell Ririsu they'll decide by tomorrow. Also, Noa shows up with her big man BF and she tells him to also tell Ririsu to practice for the dance at Marina (Her cousin from the beach)'s wedding.
  40. Tarou says, "Well then, I better get going, huh?"  Ebino sees him off with a bitter-sweet smile on her face.  
  42. As he leaves, Ibusuki's fan club shows up and are a bit jealous of Tarou, seemingly still fans even though they know she's a girl. Misao, the wealthy flower enthusiast, shows up and says that she has no interest in Ririsu now she knows she's a girl, but her student council opponent calls her out, claiming she cried.
  44. Tarou leaves the school, and as he walks out he stops and calls out to a guy named Kashii. He says "Hey, if it's alright, I need to talk to you about something tomorrow..." And Kashii says "Huh? Well, I guess that's okay."  Tarou bids him farewell as he sees a Broken Heart Zombie floating above his head.
  46. As Tarou runs off, he sees a more mature-looking Suzuko. She asks him what's his rush. She tells him that she invited her to go to the Cafe today, but she had no choice but to decline. She tells him to hurry on his way, as to not keep Ririsu waiting.
  48. He continues on and he sees Ririsu, now fully embracing that she's a girl. Her school uniform is different than Tarou's school, which implies she is going to a different school. She calls out to Tarou warmly.
  50. Tarou: "I'm sorry I made you wait, Ririsu!"
  52. Ririsu: "It's okay, I just got here, myself."  She covers her mouth, embarrassed that she accidentally used the pronoun 'boku' that is associated with male speech. A force of habit after years of pretending to be a male.
  54. Tarou: "You don't need to push yourself so hard. You'll get used to it eventually... and it's not like I mind it much."
  56. Ririsu is charmed by his statement. She takes his hand in her's, and she says "Alright, let's get going, Tarou!"
  58. They walk off, hand in hand.  As they go, a faint image of Eve sits upon a tree. Sparkling as bright as ever, she smiles as she joyfully watches them go forward on their own.
  60. The End.
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