Sense of Motherhood (Pinkie Pie/Anon) (RGRE) (humor)

May 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. > Be Pinkie Pie, laying in bed, waiting for the other horseshoe to drop
  2. > You're forgetting something, and you never forget ANYTHING, not like... whatever you are forgetting
  3. > Worse, your Pinkie sense is caput, nada, in a word, quiet
  4. > Too quiet
  5. > You really ought to be zipping around town, making sure the world isn't ending or something, but Anonie Pie has his arms around you, and that cuddlebug ain't letting go
  6. > Which is weird, normally he gets up at the same time you do, and starts making breakfast while you shower
  7. > And when he does want to sleep in, he makes a breakfast for Cue Tea Pie the night before
  8. > But he didn't do that last night, he was too busy burying his face in your tuft so that he didn't wake your daughter when you gave him the ol' hinkie pinkie hanky panky
  9. > Is your daughter starving right now?
  10. > Just because your husband got so caught up in performing his husbandly duties on short notice?
  11. > Though it breaks your heart, you try to escape Anonie's cuddle fu grip
  12. > You wiggle, your butt accidentally brushing Anonie's baby batter buster
  13. > Your morning dew goes from light condensate to Neighagra Falls
  14. > Now's not the time, puss, you had plenty of that last night
  15. > Even though you could definitely go for another cream filling...
  16. > No!
  17. > Focus, your daughter needs you!
  18. "Let go, 'Nonie. Gotta make breaky fasty."
  19. > Your husband nuzzles against the back of your neck, which is just unfairly cutie patootie
  20. > "Not today, love. Just stay with me and it will all work out."
  21. > You scrunch
  22. "What about Cue Tea?"
  23. > "I've been teaching her. Trust me, it'll be fine."
  24. > You blink
  25. > Maybe there'll be another baker in the family?
  26. > That would be nice, something to share with your adorable little filly
  27. > Just then, your bedroom door creaks open
  28. > Cue Tea enters, carrying a serving tray in her mouth, piled high with lumpy pancakes covered in syrup and a big glass of orange juice
  29. > Anonie releases his hold on you, and you both sit up in bed
  30. > "Mornin' kiddo."
  31. > You smile as Cue sets the tray on your lap
  32. "All this for me?"
  33. > Your daughter beams
  34. > "Uh-huh! Happy Mother's day!"
  35. > You gasp, and all at once your pinkie sense returns, your ear twitchy-flopping, telling you what you already know
  36. > Cue Tea Pie is being a very good girl
  37. > You pat her head proudly
  38. "Thank you so much, Cue. This is very thoughtful of you."
  39. > She giggles happily
  40. > "You're welcome! Lemme go get the rest."
  41. > With that, she scampers off back towards the kitchen
  42. > You share a smile with Anonie and start to dig in
  43. > As expected from someone who learned from your talented and lovely husband, it's delicious and packed with fruit
  44. > Speaking of which, Cue Tea comes back with two more trays, one balanced precariously on her back
  45. > It seems she got her sense of balance from you, since she didn't drop a single thing
  46. > You thank her again, feeling all sorts of comfy with this family breakfast-in-bed
  47. > After that, you just sort of stay in bed, in a big happy cuddle pile
  48. > It's the perfect opportunity to take a late morning nap
  50. > You wake up about an hour later, with Anonie sleepily grinding on your rump
  51. > Neighagra Falls has officially upgraded to Diluvian II, No Survivors
  52. > At the foot of the bed, Cue Tea wakes up, her mane going from bed-head to straight as an arrow, pointing at the bedroom door
  53. > "Huh? Gotta go, Mom. Cutie Sense is acting up."
  54. > Your blood runs cold
  55. "Take care, sweetie."
  56. > After all these years, you finally figured out what the mane-compass pinkie sign meant
  57. > Anonie yawns behind you
  58. > "Oh, did Cue leave? Perfect timing."
  59. > Under the covers, one of his hands goes to your teat and gives it a good squeeze
  60. > "Why don't we try to give her a brother?"
  61. > Your dawning horror is promptly derailed into kinky lust, and you turn to give him such a smooch, with lots of tongue
  62. > By the end, he's flustered and panting, aching with need
  63. > Just how you like him
  64. "Do you have a mother's day present for your Mommy, Colt?"
  65. > He licks his lips
  66. > "I didn't have time to wrap it, but I think you'll like the special surprise inside."
  67. > You push him onto his back, straddling his waist
  68. "I loooooove surprises. Give it to me."
  69. > It is good to be a mom
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