Like Mother, Like Daughter [MLO]

Mar 27th, 2013
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  1. After a short day of trying to go hang out with my friends, I fluttered down to the ground, folding my wings back and opened the door. Walking in, I resisted the urge to shout out I was home. Mom tended to frown on loud noises, being quiet and all.
  3. Looking over to the bed by the door, I could see Angel was napping.
  4. Trotting up to him, I nudge him awake, giggling a little as he did his little stretching thing he does when waking up.
  6. “Hey little bro, where’s mom?” He just gave me an annoyed shrug, before pointing towards the back door. I gave him an apologetic look, before stroking him behind the ear.
  8. “Sorry Angel, I was just curious,” He just grinned, before thumping his leg on the floor as I continued to scratch behind his ear. “I’ll make it up later with a dandelion sandwich!” His grin got bigger, before waving me away. I took the signal, patting him on the head before I got up and started walking towards where he pointed me.
  10. “Ahh…Don’t be so rough…”
  12. I stopped, hearing my mom moaning out slightly. Did she have guest over today? I didn’t think she did, she usually made a big deal of it if one of my aunts was coming over. Maybe it was Aunt Pinkie, she has a tendency to show up randomly. I shrugged to myself, once again heading towards the back door.
  14. “Ahh! Right there!”
  16. I stopped again. This time, mom was much louder. She was almost never this loud. Was somep0ny hurting her? What the hay was going on?
  18. thapthapthapthap.“Uh..uh..uh..uh..hnaaaah…”
  20. As I turned the door knob and opened the door, a thought struck me. ‘If I didn’t know any better she was having…’ before the door swung open, and I was shocked by what I saw.
  22. Mom was lying face down on the grass; a grey wolf was bent over her with his legs wrapped tightly around her abdomen, roughly shoving into her. Mom was making moaning noises with her eyes closed, and I could hear the wet squelching as they met. She was moaning loudly enough that she didn’t even hear the door open.
  24. Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap. “Ahhhhnhhuhh…”
  26. I stood there for a minute, just watching them go at it. It was so wrong, so filthy…and it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. As the shock wore off, I felt my own arousal rise as my wings began to flare out while I watched the lewd act. Breaking my attention away, I shook my head.
  28. Thap Thap Thap Thap”Ahauhh-“
  30. “…Mom?” Mom looked up, mid moan, shocked by my presence. “ANON, DON’T LOOK, PLEASE!” She tried shaking the wolf off, blushing wildly, but he was having none of it. He let out a low growl, wrapping his legs tighter around her before thrusting into her with a loud slap.
  32. “Ahn.,,Mr. Wolf, please…ahhh! … Stop, please!” But it was too late, it was clear he was going to finish one way or the other, and Mom could tell. “I’m so sorry you had to see this Anon…” She began tearing up, trying to cover her face.
  34. ThapThapThapThap.”Ahhhnuahnuha…!”
  36. I couldn’t tear my eyes away a second time though. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, let alone how much it was turning me on. The sight of this animal hunched over my mom, the smell of musk and sweat in the air, and the soft sounds of the wolf slapping into her cheeks and the low moaning of my mom. I felt the blood rush to my face as well as my nethers.
  38. ThapThapThapThap.”Nuahahhaha..!”
  40. I kept watching, feeling myself begin to drip. I couldn’t help myself anymore, leaning forward while keeping my hips in the air, copying the pose Mom was in. Feeling the soft grass on my cheek, I slowly brushed myself across my stomach, flicking one of my nipples before finally settling my hoof at base of my slit. I closed my eyes and tried focusing on the slapping noises they made as I dragged my hoof across my lips, letting the electric sensation wash over me.
  42. THAPTHAPTHAPTHAP!”HAH-aaunaha.!”
  44. I ran the edge of my hoof faster and faster, feeling myself soak the fetlock with my juices. I could smell my own sweat and arousal mingle with Mom’s. With agonizing slowness, I slipped the edge of my hoof in, sliding it back and forth, before dragging it against my clit, feeling the jolt of pleasure course through me. I just laid there, running my hoof back and forth, pacing myself with the rhythm, before I heard them start to pick up speed, before the wolf finally slammed into her one more time.
  45. .
  48. Snapping my eyes open, I looked right at them, watching the wolf pumping his seed into her. Moms legs were shaking, clearly riding a powerful orgasm, as her own juices dripped off of her and down her legs. This image burned into my mind, as I began to pick up speed, jamming my hoof in farther, before finally flicking my nub one more time.
  49. Jamming my leg into my mouth, I bit into flesh hard and slammed my eyes shut, a muffled cry escaping my lips as lights exploded behind my eyeballs, a powerful climax ripped through me.
  51. Opening my eyes again, I felt myself coming off my high, feeling my arousal dripping off my hoof and privates as the wolf dismounted from Mom, before turning around, still filling her up. Shame filled me, as I realized I just got off to my own mom.
  53. I hopped up, running indoors and slamming the door behind me, hearing Mom cry out my name as I ripped past Angel, and up the stairs, before dashing into my room and slamming shut the door behind me.
  54. ~ ~ ~
  55. I don’t know how long I sat there, just looking at myself in the mirror, and at the very hoof I brought myself to a climax with while watching my mom getting fucked.
  57. I couldn’t believe what I had done, it was wrong on so many levels. Ponies weren’t supposed to be attracted to their parents, let alone turned on by them. It was just so wrong. And yet... It was the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had.
  59. It didn’t even bother me as much that she was doing it with a wolf; she’d always been closer to animals then ponies, and I wasn’t some naive little filly either. But still, I was shocked by what I did.
  61. I was so absorbed into my thoughts, I didn’t even hear the door open, but I finally realized mom was in my room when she sat down beside me, looking at her own reflection.
  63. I could feel the awkward silence filling the room, as each of us waited for the other to talk first. I waited several minutes, just beating myself up over my own thoughts, before I decided to break the silence.
  65. “So, uhm, how long have you been doing this?” Mom gasped, blushing as she turned her head.
  67. “Well..uhm..before I met your father…,” She shook her head before plowing on. “A lot of the animals get rather ornery when there’s no female around for them, so I just kinda started…uhm…well, you know.” I could tell she was going to cry again, as her eyes started to mist up.
  69. “I never wanted you to find out about this, it’s so wrong, the other ponies would hate me if they found out-“I held up a hoof to her mouth, shutting her up before she started freaking out.
  71. “It’s alright Mom, I’m not going to tell anyp0ny.” Mom nodded as she teared up a little more.
  73. “So..uh..why did you come home early?”
  74. “Well, Rumble had the Pony Pox, plus Pound and Pumpkin were hanging out with Bloom, Sweetie and Scoots.”
  75. “Oh…”
  77. Once again, a pregnant pause filled the air. I just couldn’t shake from my mind the thought of that wolf having Mom bent over, going at it. I wonder, could I do that with her? Would she even let me, let alone even think about it?
  79. “Uhm, I have a question Mom…” I could feel my cheeks redden. I couldn’t believe what I was getting ready to ask.
  81. “Hmm, what is it?”
  82. “Uhm..well…”
  83. “Yes?”
  85. I was struggling with the words, trying to form the thought that I wanted to voice so badly. Taking a deep breath, I slammed my hooves down onto the floor.
  89. “Eep!” I watched Mom jump back in surprise at my sudden outburst, surprising her as much as myself. After a few moments, Mom finally realized what I had asked, sitting down again. I watched her scrunch her face like she did whenever she was thinking hard. I could almost hear the gears turning.
  91. “I’m not some virgin filly Mom.” Once again, I could see Mom’s cheeks light up. This conversation was as uncomfortable for me as it was for her.
  93. “Oh my, who was it?”
  94. “Well, it was Rumble. We we’re hanging out at his house, and well, it just kinda happened.” This time, I saw Mom tap her hoof on her chin, before she turned to me.
  96. “Well…Harry the Bear does come out of hibernation next week, and he’s always such a hoof-full for me to handle alone,” She placed one of her hooves on mine, looking me in the eye. “Are you sure you want to do this? The other ponies would never understand if they found out.”
  98. She kept staring me down, reading me as I mulled it over, making sure I understood the importance of the situation. I understood, I could never tell another pony, they’d never understand, they mark me and Mom as some sort of sexual deviant, maybe even shun us.
  99. But I still couldn’t get rid of the image in my head of the look on Mom’s face as she was being bent over by that wolf.
  101. “I understand Mom.” She clapped her hooves together before hugging me closely.
  103. “Thank you Honey! I was so afraid you’d hate me after walking into that,” She nuzzled me before continuing. “Let alone ask to join me.”
  105. “Well, I’m just full of surprises” I pulled away from her, making a face at her, trying to lighten the mood. Mom just giggled, before getting up and walking out the door.
  107. I sat there for a bit, mulling over what I had promised, before I heard a loud thumping on the door. And then it struck me.
  109. ‘Oh crap! I forgot to make Angel that sandwich!’
  111. ~ ~ ~
  113. The next day rolled around, and I spent the better part of the day in bed since I hadn’t really made any plans for the day with my friends, so I just laid there in bed, pondering over what me and Mom were going to do today. I just couldn’t push the thought out of my head.
  115. Finally throwing the blanket off me, I sat up, stretching out, and spreading my wings, just feeling the delightful popping they made as my joints loosened up.
  117. Fluttering off the bed, I opened the door, making my way downstairs and stepping into the kitchen. Mom was busy making lunch for herself and some of the animals, pulling a stool out before sitting down.
  119. Mom apparently hadn’t heard me, humming to herself as she went about what she was doing. I watched her pick up a knife, rapidly chopping up bits of carrots and lettuce, shooing away some of the braver critters as she went.
  121. She was wearing a frilly and stylish apron, the one my aunt Rarity got her as a present a few years ago. I could see the little knot she tied in the strings, a kind of cross loop. She was swaying back and forth as she hummed, dancing to some invisible song in her head as she went, and I couldn’t help but feel my eyes drift down to her butt.
  123. She had wide hips, and a rather distinct rump. Watching it sway back and forth, I couldn’t help but admire how firm, yet bouncy it was. I kinda of admired how good Mom looked despite having me. I just sat there mesmerized, watching it bounce and jiggle lightly, her pink tail swaying back and forth as she worked. I was jealous of her, almost wanting to reach out and knead those cheeks, pull her tail, slapping her rear as she moaned out my name, or…
  125. I shook my head, trying to banish the thoughts from my head. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by the sight of my Mom again. These kinds of feelings were wrong, right?
  127. She finally put the plates of food on the ground for the animals, and a heaping salad for Angel, before finally turning around and noticing I was there. A grin broke out on her face, as she looked at me with a glint in her eyes.
  129. “So, you finally got out of bed lazy-bones!” I giggled, waving my hoof at her. “So, what do you want for lunch, honey?” I tapped a hoof on my chin, asking for a daisy sandwich, before she turned around and whipped the ingredients together.
  131. Before much longer, we were both eating, me a daisy sandwich, and Mom with a light salad with lemongrass. She sat there chewing thoughtfully, before swallowing and looking me in the eyes.
  133. “Are you sure you still want to do this today?” I nodded before replying.
  134. “Of course Mom, I was serious.”
  135. “Well, alright then. Don’t eat too much, we’re going out in an hour or so to wake him up.”
  137. Finishing up lunch, I decided to relax in the living room, spending some time with the animals, just petting them and letting them sleep on me. I’d never admit it, but I was just as good with animals as Mom, though I was a bit more forceful with them. Like mother, like daughter they say. Or more specifically, my aunts.
  139. After a short while, Mom walked in, a blush showing on her face, as she took a rather long strip of cloth from around her neck and handed it to me.
  141. “You might want to bind your tail, Harry tends to get a bit,…erm, enthusiastic.” I cocked an eyebrow, but didn’t delve into the subject, before grabbing the binding. I leaned down, grabbing my tail with a hoof, before trying to wrap it around the base of my tail. It kept slipping and sliding, refusing to stay in place as I went, before I turned to Mom, seeing how she was doing it. To my surprise, she had it on already, and was watching me struggle to put mine on.
  143. “Hear, let me help baby.” She trotted over to me, motioning me to leaning on the edge of the couch, before she grabbed my tail, and began expertly winding it tight. I could feel my embarrassment rise as Mom got a good view of my backside. With a final yank, she tied it off, giving it a once over and then turning me around.
  145. With a nod, she pointed towards the door, and we headed out, making our way towards the cave where the bear slept.
  147. ~ ~ ~
  149. After a short trot, we stood at the lip of the cave and I watched as Mom tapped loudly on the lip of the cave, before walking in.
  151. “It’s time to get up Harry!” I could hear a growl emit from the cave as Mom woke him up. I’d be lying if didn’t make me a little nervous. “Yes, it’s that time again, and I have a surprise for you this time.” I could hear Mom cooing to him, as she lured him out. Soon enough, I watched the brown bear lumber out of the cave, with Mom at his side. She quickly pointed to me, rubbing his side.
  152. He quickly plopped down, grumbling lightly, and Mom trotted over besides me, tapping me with a hoof.
  154. “So, uhm, where do I start?”
  155. “Just go up to him, introduce yourself, he’ll show you what he wants.”
  157. With a quick nod, I made my way over to Harry. Locking eyes with him, he snorted, before opening his legs. I lowered myself down to his crotch, just taking in the heady scent of his crotch. It smelled heavily of stale sweat and dirt, and the smell was intoxicating to me. I reached out, using my hoof to lift up his sac, feeling how heavy it was and letting it flow and move about. Reaching out, I took on of his balls into my mouth, lightly sucking on it.
  159. I could taste the sweat now, the saltiness of it, as I sucked, feeling the fur and skin swirl about in my mouth as I moved my tongue across it. Letting it pop out of my mouth, I took the other one in my mouth, giving the same treatment, listening to Harry grunt as I did so.
  161. I just laid there a while, fondling him, before I saw it begin to poke out. Tapered at the tip and red, I stopped massaging him, deciding to stroke his quickly growing shaft. Rapidly, it began to grow longer, becoming thicker at the base, before finally settling at the length of my forehoof, throbbing lightly as I rubbed it.
  163. I could feel my lips moisten, the scent of the bears musk hanging in the air, before I got tired of rubbing, deciding to take it to the next level. With a sudden stop, I ran my tongue along his shaft, reveling in the raw male taste. I slathered up and down his shaft, before kissing the tip and taking him into my mouth.
  165. Sucking hard, I began to take as much as I could into my mouth, feeling my cheeks stretch as I tried to force more and more into my mouth, only stopping when I felt him hit the back of my throat. Pulling back up to the tip, I popped it out, slathering him up as much as I could, taking him in again, sliding until I felt him hit my limit again. With a deep breath, I leaned forward further, feeling him slide down my throat.
  167. I felt him sliding deeper into my throat, gagging lightly as I went, deeper and deeper, until I felt fur tickling my nose. Opening my eyes, failing to remember when I closed them, I grunted out in triumph. I pulled back, feeling the odd sensation of his shaft leaving my throat, before pushing forward again, feeling my saliva and spit ease him down my throat.
  169. I couldn’t take it anymore. Taking a hoof off his balls, I reached back, rubbing myself lightly and letting my wings flare out as I felt him push in and out of my throat. I kept dragging my hoof, feeling myself begin to leak my own arousal on my hoof, fiddling myself as I went. I began to hear Harry grunt, and felt his paw settle over my head, pushing me further down as he thrusted forward lightly.
  171. “Oh my! He’s getting close.” I could feel him throbbing in my throat as he pushed me down. Taking both of my hooves, I reached down and started jerking him into my mouth, before pulling him out of my throat, sucking lightly, tasting the tart pre-cum in my mouth. With a loud grunt, He pushed forward, filling my mouth with his cum, surprising me with just how much. I kept swallowing as fast as I, over and over as it pooled into my mouth, before he let out a final few weak spurts into my mouth.
  173. Swilling it around, I turned to Mom, lust clouding my mind as I advanced on her. “Wha..what are you doing Anon!” Her wings flared out, clearly surprised by how fast I was advancing on her, before I tackled her to the ground and drew her into a kiss, swapping the cum into her mouth.
  175. Her shock wore off quickly, as she moaned into my mouth, letting the salty, bitter tasting mix flow around in her mouth. The slimy mixture slid down her throat and I stuck my tongue in, trying to lap up more for myself. We began to swap spit, trying to gather what little bit of cum remained in each other’s mouth
  177. Breaking away from her, I took a deep breath, feeling a strand of spit hang between us. I tried turning away as what I did began to register in my mind, before I felt hairy paws grab my flank. I cried out, surprised by the sudden re-appearance of Harry.
  179. Breathing heavily, Mom piped up. “I told you, he gets a little enthusiastic…” I couldn’t even pay attention, feeling him rubbing his rod against my slit, still as hard as he was earlier, before he pushed into me.
  181. “Uuuhnaaa!”
  183. I couldn’t help but moan as he thrusted into me hard and fast, bottoming out in me almost immediately. I could feel every inch as he slammed into me, how he tapered at the end, and how thick he was at the base, how his fur rubbed against my lips when he brought his hips into mine, and how his head tapped my womb when he went all the way in.
  185. I drew Mom into another kiss, moaning loudly into her mouth, feeling him mercilessly pound me. I could feel it that familiar tension building up, trying to hold onto the feeling as it washed over me, before the dam burst. With a loud cry, I let go of Mom’s lips as I felt myself climax, feeling my juices spurt out and drip onto her.
  187. With a loud grunt, I felt Harry slap my butt, feeling him bottoming out in me before he came. Coming down off the orgasm, I felt the hot feeling let loose in me, feeling his cum splash deep into me, filling me up as he kept spurting more and more, before it had nowhere else to go, leaking out and mixing with the juices running down my legs
  189. He finally pulled out, the mixture of his cum and my arousal gushing out, yet again pooling onto Mom messily. We were both breathing heavily as Harry took a break.
  191. “Uhm, I kinda made a mess there…” Mom’s cheeks burned red, as she looked away. Moving down, I brought a hoof to the mixture of cum and my own fluids, scooping a bit up and tasting it. It was pungent, the salty taste of his cum mixed with the sweetness of my own arousal. I leaned down, licking the musky mixture off of Mom as she began to moan, feeling myself edging closer and closer to her own sex. Closer, and closer, I could smell it, so inviting…
  193. Suddenly, I felt Harry grab me again, before he reached down and grabbed Mom too, picking me up and moving me to the side, and flipping Mom and dumping her onto the ground before she stood up. I shook my head, trying to figure out what was happening, before I looked over, and saw him already pushing into Mom.
  195. I felt my legs give way, as once again, I watched Mom go at it with an animal. This time, I got a clear view of the action, watching him slide in and out of her, slapping her with his sac every time he shoved all the way in. I could see Mom’s juices wetting his fur, and watched it as they dripped. I could feel myself soaking, just taking in this sight before me.
  197. I watched him slam into her harder and harder, hearing him begin to breathe heavily, signaling he was almost peaking. With a loud slap, he rammed into her hard enough that I heard Mom cry out, and I watched his balls contract as he filled her up.
  199. As he pulled out of her, I watched her rump jiggle and shake, her own arousal obvious. My fantasies from earlier returned once again, stronger, and harder. I trotted forwards, walking up to Mom, as she just stood there in a light daze, collecting herself. I saw Harry walk over to a patch of fresh grass and lay down, apparently done for the day. I could see her wetness, the bear’s seed and her juices dripping down as I approached her. Reaching out, I grabbed her flank, and pulled her closer to me, inhaling the scent of her musk, before running my tongue along her lips, hearing Mom gasp loudly.
  201. “Anon wha-aaaah!
  203. I savored the taste of the slurry of animal cum and her own juices, reaching as deep as I could, lapping at her core, trying to get as much as I could. I pulled my tongue out, running it along her lips, kneading her butt, before slapping a cheek, hearing her groan loudly, before I dived in again, letting her juices run freely around my muzzle, just washing her juices around my mouth.
  205. I pulled my snout out, letting the moistness drip off of me, before pulling Mom to the ground, lying her on her back, before bring my face to her sex again, giving it a long, slow lick, listening to her moan. I dived in again, trying to bring Mom to a peak she so desperately wanted.
  207. I kept poking deeper, swirling around and trying to drink in her arousal. Suddenly, I felt Mom grab me, and drag my rump down to her face, before she too started lapping at my lips, proving she was much better at this then me, as she dragged her tongue up and down my lips, and teased my nub. I started moaning into her, her ministrations quickly bring me to my own peak, but I wasn’t going to be outdone. I grasped her flank firmly, diving deep, hearing her cry out, my inexperience more than made up for with enthusiasm. I could feel her getting close as she jerked around, pulling my tongue out of her before running it along her lips, pulling her clit into my mouth and sucking gently. I felt her moan into my sex, before she herself grabbed my nub with her teeth, and began to roll it back and forth gently with her tongue.
  209. I could feel myself building up again, as she worked me, before she flicked her toungue against me just the right way. Light blew up behind my eyeballs, and incredibly strong and violent orgasm overtaking me, as raised my head from Mom’s slit, screaming out as the orgasm ripped through me.
  211. It wore off as fast as it came, before I realized I still hadn’t finished Mom off. I parted her lips, slowly dragging my tongue inside of her, before pulling her clit into my mouth and gently sucking. I felt her let go of me, and her legs tighten as her own climax took her, and felt her juices gush out, lapping it up as quickly as I could.
  213. I finally got up, moving over to Mom, and laying besides her. We both realized what we had done, and apparently neither of us cared how wrong it was. We loved each other, and we loved animals. I turned to Mom, looking her in the eyes and pulling her into a hug.
  215. “I love you Mom.” She returned the hug, pulling me close and nibbling my ear.
  216. “I love you too, Anon.”
  218. ~ ~ ~
  220. And that’s how Mom and I started a new phase of our relationship together. We’d help the animals with their “problems”, more often than not together. We were closer because of it, and I wouldn’t take it back for the world. Sure, I withdrew from other ponies, other than my aunts, but everyone kind of expected it consider who my Mom was.
  222. Just like they say: Like mother, Like daughter.
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