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The Kayd Series

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Apr 22nd, 2011
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  1. Kayd 1: kayd an teh orcacrhd
  2. kayd had runnin threw all tres in orckard to get way from fone call an eulogy. “sumthing come for me!” he say and run. before run tho he get his fone and bike and gun then leves fone an bike an taik gun. he runly thru fores orkacrd shoting bullts at all the zmbies in orcharkd thet wanting to eat his brain.
  3. finally he find miltary bunker full of wepons and guns aslo explosions. he taiks all the splosions and threws them et the zombies and there matser BEH. BeH taki the explodes and retuerns they to ryukaucki who bes sad becaus not living
  4. BEh lafters with laughter and say “i now heve kil you now” and left the orcahcrd wit his armies of the undad.
  6. kayd 2: retrun of the kayd!
  7. kayd hendricks who was not dead come back from the dead to kill all the moonchilds. he taking lots of guns like rambo except not like rambo more like teh treminator to kill the father. he arive and the fathers nuclear rocket missile base lab and drope in by miltrary helicopper and crew he stole from bunker.
  8. “with the nukes we will kill things to all!” the father announced with glees to BEH and kelbris. BEH and kelrbs cheered with cheerly and were excited. juts then through the door come kayd with all his missle guns shotin uverthing until the room empty and kelrbsi and BEH dead on floor escept BEH already was ded so he was fine. “now i kill fer real” he say but kayd use phoenix down on him to make him live then shot him.
  9. “it is only u also i now.” the father sed as he presed button to fire nuks. “no!” kayd yell but too late. “i will scarfice myself!” so he summoned his own soul and made huge boomn that kill the father and blowing up the base so all nukes are dead forver.
  10. kayd is dad but a statu in his honor is buult over new york to honor his soul.
  12. kayd 3: kayds in space!
  13. one day kayd had bored so he build rocket an flying to spaces. he saw all the ity bity stars and destided to keep one so he put in poket. he keep fly peaceful bekase after figt the father he dint actually die because his soul was layered with sweet love and joy.
  14. while flying he remember suddenly “oh cock fuck klebris was also ded so alredy still aliving!” “that rite boy” say kelbris as he flying behind kayd. kayd swerving to dodge but kelbrsi so fast he punch bullet in stars! “ow!” said kayd in angry paining as star bled onto the fabric of his life.
  15. kayd now came good plan and tkae nucke he stole nd fire it at klebris. “hey kelbaris!” he say and fire the rocket missile nuke.
  16. “nnoooooo” kelrsbi say then “NNNOOOO BOOOMMM” as he die in nuckelear. kayd was rejoice but got call from home where he live alone with with wife and kids say “ur wife an kids are dead” “NNOOOO” he yell, too busy morning to wonder who was phone.
  18. Kayd 4: kayd’s avenging
  19. it took kayd short time to figer out that fone was asually captain morgan. he wnt to captin morgans boat with uzi rifle and was “hey bitch die today’ and shooting bullts but the morgan did matrixs to dodge and scape, and throwig barrels and tables and prostitiutes. kayd had lotso guns to shoot with an; eventuelly it turn out thet morgan was BEH ALL ALONG FUCK ASS!
  20. “but BEh you dead!” kayd ylling “I kever die! u die now as i!” he jump et kayd but kayd pull out katana and cut oof his leg. “you cn’t fite witout ur body!” kayd yelling and swingin swords et BEH until BEH is only torso sayin “FUCK YOU KAYD IM NOT FIGHTING YOU!” and kayd was winner and kick BEH into river ocean to be raped by fish and turtles.
  21. finly kayds jornys coming to an end, he returns to house wer ded wife and kids once were but not now becuz ded so he crying but get over it and going to bar to get new wif an kids. beucz lif goes on.
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