Deceased Allies & Enemies

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  1. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  2. ALLIES:
  4. None.
  6. Yet.
  8. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  12. ENEMIES:
  14. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  15. Bigmaw, Minotaur Gunner: 600HP, 5DR. Age: unknown.
  17. (Brutish, Coarse, Minotaur, Night Vision, Veteran: Melee)
  19. APPEARANCE: a 10 foot tall, 700 pound Minotaur Elder in the late prime of his life.
  21. BIOGRAPHY: heavily armored and muscled, Bigmaw was a well known combat hardened veteran, a mercenary whom didn't care what he kills or how. The little that is known of his history shows he is not a Stalliongrad native, nor do the minotaurs of Gozka know of him, unfortunately rendering Bigmaw's appearance a puzzle. Though long considered to be one of the best in the open mercenary business due to his savage, unrelenting nature, Bigmaw was also brutish and coarse, a true professional unafraid of danger. Accepting a contract to test out an advanced (to Equestrian technology, that is) prototype weapon built off re-engineered schematics from a captured Operator weapon, and refined for his muscle bulk and stature, he met five Operators and Roust in one of the two largest buildings in the Industrial District, a known playground for experiments and weaponry. Causing considering damage to the bulky minotaur's armor, Razorback's forces were thoroughly scourged and humiliated by a series of increasingly disturbing and savage 'attacks'. Thankfully, the Operators, along with a small amount of aid from Roust, were able to destroy his armor, allowing them to bring down the minotaur after a long battle, the building becoming utterly trashed by the time they were done. Brought to his knees by Dante unleashing several bursts from his machine gun into Bigmaw's crotch, thoroughly severing his dick, and using it as a 'weapon' to further humiliate the already battered Changeling, Bigmaw eventually surrendered. Afterwards, Dante pushed the Ganet Croix into position for his execution, leaving the kill to Roust. While he should have quite a threat to Razorback upon meeting him, Bigmaw seemed to have some sympathy for those he was hired to oppose. Roust has speculated, long after his death, that he had somehow limited his strength to only be able counter the Operators and the Vanguard. Whether this was due to pride, or simply seeking a great challenge before the end of his life, is poorly understood.
  23. STATUS: brought down by Hollow, Jeff, Thrill, Kraut, Dante, and Roust after an intense battle. Killed by Roust, aided by Dante, using the Ganet Crox. The weapon was then eaten over the course of three days by the Changeling, partly to repair her armor, partly from outrage at Bigmaw's actions.
  25. UNIQUE ITEM: Ganet Crox. A heavy, powerful, somewhat crude 25MM spike-cannon weapon, built in secret by Las Pegasus' rival marketeers of Stalliongrad's Industrial District. While this prototype weapon just barely functioned, it was still tremendously powerful, owing to a charge of an unknown condensed energy-mass flux, capable of launching a 25MM spike at roughly 1,000FPS, easily puncturing even heavy Royal Guard armor using a [1d6+20] <Spike roll. The weapon also carried a large axe and spike under the massive barrel that, when combined with his strength, gave Bigmaw the ability to crush those stupid enough to think they can withstand his strength at close range, adding +2 to all Melee rolls.
  27. ABILITIES: Basic Perception+2 (NVG enchantment), Expert Earth Smash+2, Expert Intimidate+5, Master Melee+4 (Weakened)
  29. SPECIAL ABILITY: Fearless, cannot be Intimidated normally
  31. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  32. Kroza, Deathseeker: 100HP, 1DR. Age: 29.
  34. (Aggressive, Intellectual, Masochist, Natural Caster, Quick)
  36. APPEARANCE: a young, midnight black unicorn stallion with a bright yellow mane. Always smiling in an unnerving fashion, as he was a Deathseeker, Kroza's body held no scars that could be seen, and had no other noteworthy features despite seeming oddly 'normal'.
  38. BIOGRAPHY: one of two sons from a prominent unicorn smith, Kroza was unruly from the time he could speak, often tormenting his younger brother, Krinza, to the point of Krinza ferociously retaliating. Discovering that pain inflicted on him felt wonderful from the same age, he became steadily more rowdy, falling into a band of would-be bandits, and subsequently addicted to a number of substances. Using his abilities as a natural caster and the genetic quirk, or quirks, from his father, Kroza quickly found himself earning money by taking on jobs as an Enforcer for local thugs, degenerating into performing assassinations later on for higher pay. A very quick and annoying to deal with opponent, Kroza would often shield himself after launching two or more attacks in sequence, which led to becoming a vulnerability against massed fire as he had never fought against multiple opponents, especially those with ranged weapons. After killing one Operator, Kroza was brought down shortly afterwards by a combined fusillade of firearms and Roust trampling him, ending the fight. His most severe wounds were treated, granting Razorback a nominal amount of time to interrogate him for information, though being a severe masochist, Kroza enjoyed being tortured to the point of collapse, as pain inflicted on him was literally the height of pleasure which Hollow quickly discovered. Kroza admitted that he was paid by an unknown female party to 'kill someone whom killed them', said party afterwards assuring him that the target was definitely on their train. The Operators have no idea what to make of this, as the only persons that could possibly have matched such a description were either sleeping, not in combat, or dead. None of the Operators, the ponies aboard, nor former comrades were the answer, as it seemed to be a false lead. During the middle of the night, a trail of blood was found, suggesting the unicorn had simply loosened the zip ties on his legs and left, falling off the train from the door closest to the flatbed in a suicidal manner, though nothing more was known. Later, Jeff admitted to executing Kroza, realizing that he would quickly become a liability if kept with Razorback for any length of time. Krinza then  subtly admitted to Jeff that he made the right decision in killing his brother, off hoofedly commenting: 'he was more monster.. than pony'.
  40. CUTIE MARK: a set of 3 rings, the smallest ring a rainbow colored ring which fluctuated, the middle ring being an outside black and inside white, the outer one barely visible.
  42. STATUS: EXECUTED by Jeff and thrown off the Razorback train on the way to Crystal Waypoint Station.
  44. ABILITIES: Basic Shield+2, Expert Intimidate, Expert Negotiation, Expert Casting+2, Expert Teleport+2
  47. -Mana Bomb: similar to casting, Kroza's ability to collect arcane energies for the sole purpose of an area of effect detonation was highly unlike the physical form of a real manabomb, though similar in power to the small type, utilizing 3x [1d6+2] rolls. While he was unable to complete the creation due to Roust's intervention, crushing his chest with a well timed stomp, the Vanguard has been unable to find a single pony capable of replicating the effect, and theorizes that it may have been a extension of his masochistic tendencies.
  49. -Tracking Poison Skull Lance: a peculiar, and unnerving, ability similar to casting, Kroza was capable of deploying what appeared to be a dark purple pony's skull wreathed in poison, able to easily track it's opponent with a [1d6+4] roll. While impressively fast and lethal, it could be destroyed with even a single bullet. Once more, Roust has found no pony capable of replicating this specific effect, and has no theories on how it was created.
  51. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  52. Marrowgrin, Minotaur Slaver: 500HP, 2DR. Age: unknown.
  54. (Cunning, Efficient, Polite, Slaver, Veteran: Combat)
  56. APPEARANCE: an 11 foot tall, shaggy brown furred minotaur with black hooves and a bronze nose ring in his snout.
  58. BIOGRAPHY: relying on his innate physical strength, and an extremely powerful regeneration enchantment to see him through open conflict, Marrowgrin was a soft spoken, for minotaurs, slaver that temporarily worked for 'Horizon', an alter-ego of the Solar Tyrant. After capturing or buying Sweet as a slave at an unknown date, along with aid from the Councilierge's Slaver's Guild he used her as his personal problem solver, taking up a position as her handler and using the Juggernaut, as she came to be known, for contracts and assassinations. Funded by Councilierge member Stream Lark, Marrowgrin forced Sweet through her first 10 Enchains, filing her teeth down and sharpening them afterwards, thus ensuring that the Juggernaut would starve to death without his assistance. While forcing her to continue with a minimum of 15 more, it isn't known if she was subjected to the maximum of 25 Enchains early on, nor how many were given to her after her long-term insanities developed. A deceptive manipulator with considerable resources drawn from the Slaver's Guild, Marrowgrin was fully responsible for her mental degeneration and several of her psychosis, though the short, medium, and long-term effects aren't clear. While an avowed slaver, he allowed Sweet to go with the Operators while in Anfang, possibly from the resulting guilt and shame of traumatizing a peaceful, young pegasus beyond all rational limits. Overjoyed at discovering his well kept location in Stalliongrad, Shanis sent a formal request for his execution to Razorback. The request, unfortunately, was intercepted by Roust, her curiousity towards the mercenary captain's well being piqued. Becoming enraged by the information present, especially since most beings of Tallus have nothing but hatred for slavers, the Vanguard immediately sent out a call to the Operators with four responding to the offer. Upon arriving at his residence, Roust immediately decreed that Marrowgrin would die that night, regardless of what was said. Entering combat with the hardened slaver, the Operators quickly found Marrowgrin in possession of an impressive regeneration enchantment, one that was capable of negating nearly all harm inflicted upon him. Attempting to overwork his regeneration ability, Roust entered melee with the purpose of exploiting what she thought was a weakness, using her natural talent at creating psionically charged Changeling acid weaponry, similar to those created via casting, though Roust's theory was only partially correct as the enchantment only functioned at full capacity when engaged in proper combat. Becoming completely enraged at the Changeling hampering him from killing the Operators, Marrowgrin utilized the Ruiner's Fist enchantment from his mace, savaging Roust's armor and leaving her momentarily stunned. At the same time, Kraut launched an explosive package into the melee between the minotaur and Vanguard, knocking Roust fully unconscious from the resulting detonation, while also finally stunning the slaver, allowing Jeff to follow up with an Impact Seal strike to his testicles, obliterating both and knocking him unconscious. Jeff then took the opportunity to execute Marrowgrin before he could wake up, followed by Hollow cutting off his dick for a trophy, then taking a horn for proof of his death for Shanis. Information later acquired by Jeff on the subject of Marrowgrin's relationship with Sweet has shown Roust's thoughts on his possible guilt to be false while Belltower now seeks information as to why the Councilierge were no longer interested in using Sweet.
  60. STATUS: brought down by Thrill, Hollow, Kraut, and Jeff, with Roust taking the brunt of his fury. EXECUTED by Jeff in Stalliongrad's newer Industrial Square.
  62. ABILITIES: Block+10, Regenerate+30, Basic Demoralize+3, Basic Earth Smash+5, Expert Negotiation+2, Master Melee+15
  64. UNIQUE ITEM: Tomb Bringer: a 5' tall, round headed steel mace with an extraordinarily malicious semi-sentient, capable of causing a painful armor-bypassing effect, as well as creating an immense stone fist to crush enemies with. Granted a [1d6+10] <Agony Strike every turn, or a [1d6+100] <Ruiner's Fist blow, once per day.
  66. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  67. Sevrit, Warlord: 1,500HP, 10DR (Runebound). Age: unknown.
  69. (Arrogant, Cannibal, Charmer, Cunning, Dishonorable, Elite: Combat, Runebound, Natural Speaker)
  71. APPEARANCE: a flawless dusky silver gryphon, considerably larger than most, though nowhere near the size of the Overking.
  73. BIOGRAPHY: the former warlord of Gryphon Vale. An increasingly tyrannical gryphon, he had begun demanding higher donations to feed a relentless craving for pony and gryphon flesh, eventually giving into his addictive madness and ordering executions of hunters and warriors that could not pay his exorbitant tolls, finally resorting to stealing gryphon eggs and eventually live young. Sevrit paid for his body to be Runebound several times to provide a cheap, easy way of increasing his resilience against physical harm instead of suffering the many degrading side effects of Enchaining, as well as giving him the ability to see some of the world's Airstreams, a complete opposite from his mate Sha'Ro's ideals of combat.
  75. STATUS: executed by Spiral, along with the aid of Pikeman, Clemency, Cu'Nir, and Swe.
  77. ABILITIES: Basic Raptor's Eye+10, Master Melee+15, Master Evasion+20
  79. UNIQUE ABILITY: Master Permafrost Enrage:+25. Utilizing the Permafrost Hooks, Sivret is able to cause lethal harm in a blinding cone of ice and snow to ALL enemies in melee range every fourth turn.
  81. UNIQUE ITEMS: Permafrost Hooks: a pair of lightened tungsten hooked blades, inscribed with gryphon runes of permafrost and cold. Added 2x [1d6+20] <Permafrost attacks only when used by him.
  83. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  84. Sha'Ro, Gryphon Enforcer: 1,000HP, 20DR. Age: unknown.
  86. (Cannibal, Cunning, Elite: Combat, Ruthless, Sadist)
  88. APPEARANCE: a flawless, flat white gryphon huntress, undersized in comparison to most gryphonesses.
  90. BIOGRAPHY: little is known except that Sha'Ro was Sevrit's lover, undergoing the Enchaining process 20 times to strengthen her body, muscles, and increase her flight speed beyond that of any other known huntress. A cannibalistic gryphon, fearful of little except losing her wings.
  92. STATUS: executed by Natalia and Cu'Nir in Warlord Sivret's private arena.
  94. ABILITIES: Taunt+8, Basic Raptor's Eye+10, Basic Furious Strikes+15, Expert Evasion+10, Master Bluesteel Wings+25
  96. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  97. The Solar Tyrant: 2,000HP, 20DR. Age: Unknown.
  99. BIOGRAPHY: the 'body' of Princess Celestia that the Operators knew was a host for the Solar Tyrant, a separate abstract thought given power, formed solely from the desire to be worshipped as the ultimate ruler of the day. In truth, the Tyrant's power was waning, it's slow realization that being worshipped meant and gave nothing to those that it had given light to for well over twenty-five thousand years. Had Celestia not become embittered by her guilt when ordering Sharonel to return to Old Canterlot, and the Operators not opening that ancient scar, it is quite possible the Tyrant would have passed on quietly, giving it's power to Celestia and leaving. Remaining as little more than a fragment after the destruction of it's body, the Tyrant decided to intervene to Filth in the Moors, giving him a small test to see whether or not he feared death. Repowering the Sunstone, the Tyrant decided to pass on what little it could, unmaking itself from reality immediately afterwards through sheer force of will. The first present was the Infhima Grimoire, a collection of esoteric knowledge from all across Tallus capable of granting a single, permanent wish, the second a logbook of all the personal ties the Tyrant had made during it's existence, including those pertaining to the Councilierge.
  101. Status: worn down and eventually destroyed by the combined efforts of the Arcane Blades, commanded by Captain Shanis, and Tartarus Mercenary Air Corps, commanded by Commander Zigri, and the former Juggernaut, Sweet. Captain Shanis landed the final blow, severing the Tyrant's crystallized head and claiming it as a personal trophy.
  103. Abilities: Speed+8, Basic Resist Damage+20, Basic Regenerate+20, Grandmaster Casting+25, Grandmaster Melee+25
  106. -Grandmaster Plasma Rift: as befitting her half-control of the true Sun, the Solar Tyrant was capable of delivering withering volleys of plasma in the form of weaponry, spheres, or forming pillars from the same, using 4x [1d6+25] rolls.
  108. -Power Surge: a [1d6+100] roll that collects the essences of flame and light on the first turn, where the result is added to a 1d6+X <Nova roll, scorching and devastating a massive area. Can also be split into 10x [1d6+10] rolls each turn to target single opponents.
  110. -Solar Siphon: from the sunglobes accompanying her, the Solar Tyrant feeds off from and is regenerated by the solar energies contained within, gaining +10HP/turn for each sunglobe present, up to a maximum of +60HP/turn.
  112. -Tyrant's Command: despite her half-existence, the Tyrant was still easily capable of dominating other beings with her voice, granting a [1d6+10] roll capable of being used as Leadership, Intimidation, or Speech.
  114. -Tyrant's Judgement: with her half-control of the true Sun, the Tyrant was able to rephase plasma into powerful electrical impulses with a [1d6+40] roll, expelling them in a manner much faster than any caster could counter or defend against.
  117. -SOLAR ECLIPSE: a [1d6+6] roll that creates a Solar Eclipse for that number of turns, forcing the shadows of the world to recede into the Void spectrums. The Tyrant slowly siphons Luna's power as long as the Solar Eclipse is active, gaining +5 to all Casting and Melee rolls that stacks with the previous turns. At the end of the Solar Eclipse, the Equinox spawns, forcing the Void from Tallus entirely for a short duration.
  119. -LAST EQUINOX: a [1d6] roll that severs the Void spectrums' link to Tallus for the resulting number of turns. At the last turn of Equinox, the Tyrant will coalesce it's energy using 8x [1d6+100] <Last Equinox rolls, devastating a massive area with jets of plasma pulled directly from the true Sun.
  121. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  122. Vapid Call, Nightblade: 350HP, 4DR. Age: unknown.
  124. (Traits Unknown)
  126. APPEARANCE: a heavy set and muscular light grey coated fruit-eater batpony with blue diamond-slitted eyes, the rest being a pure white. Occasionally, his eyes would flash a bright silver in combat. Wore a pair of massive armored wingclaw extensions, both to supplement his unnatural strength and protect his real wingclaws from damage.
  128. BIOGRAPHY: an expert in large scale tactics and single unit manipulation during his time in the Night & Lunar Guards, Vapid Call picked up command and planning aspects with exceptional ease. Twisted Wing, his former superior, was often at odds with his eclectic abilities and his propensity to fillyfool, becoming disgusted with his mannerisms and breaking into arguments easily. After Twisted Wing left Canterlot, Vapid Call sunk his time into pure tactics and planning, becoming steadily more capable as the years went on. After spotting Twisted Wing in Canterlot during the Solar Tyrant's resurgence, he was torn between his duty to the Guards and his duty to Equestria. It's unknown as to when, why, or how he joined the Watch Guard under the eyes of the Councilierge. Becoming one of their Master-Commanders, he swiftly became enamored by the belief that all ponies came from the earth, and those that were unnatural did not deserve to live on Tallus. Vapid Call carefully orchestrated the use and attempted disposal of Stalliongrad's five legendary assassins, then went on to direct the Watch Guard campaign against Razorback Fortress. After Broken Hoof, a Tower Guard Captain, turned traitor against the Councilierge, she relayed information via embedded anti-loyalist Support Strikers to Spiral on the off chance that he'd respond positively, giving him Vapid Call's location. Filth, Hollow, Lont, and Dante, and led with Twisted Wing were translocated by the Void elemental Spiral to his tent site. Having expected a betrayal, he ordered six 'deserters' to be mind-wiped and implanted with scorching manabombs several days before, intending to use them as another bargaining chip in his arsenal. Breaking into light combat with Twisted, Vapid Call anticipated a majority melee heavy response, though found it incredibly difficult to deal with Hollow's revolver and Filth's Sunstone abilities, as he was effectively locked down in close combat. He gave little to no information before his death, though he accused Razorback of malfeasance for not hunting down the Solar Tyrant or the sunglobes, and chose to detonate his own manabomb rather than surrender, further triggering the six implanted into the deserters.
  130. STATUS: worn down by Filth, Hollow, Lont, and Dante in an encampment roughly 20 miles south of the Fortress. After killing Lont with his armored wingclaws, Vapid Call chose to destroy himself with a dispersal manabomb favored by the Starborn, leaving only ashes as proof of his existence. His ashes, once in Filth's possession, were taken by Sharonel's Revenant in the Underground Arena of Old Canterlot, presumably buried in a place that reflected his true nature.
  132. ABILITIES: Blood Drain+10, Expert Speed+3, Expert Demoralize, Expert Evade+15, Master Negotiation+4, Master Counter+25, Master Melee+25
  136. -Armor Piercing: Vapid Call's unreasonable strength combined with exceptionally tough fangs and wingclaw armoring allowed him to pierce 5DR per attack, though his real wingclaws were quite fragile.
  138. UNIQUE ABILITY: ?????
  140. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  141. NEUTRAL:
  143. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  144. Bellepheron, Master Imperial Singer: 600 Armor, 200HP. Age: unknown.
  146. (Dislike: Females, Homosexual Masochist, Intellectual, Natural Singer, Passive-Aggressive, Polite)
  148. APPEARANCE: a somewhat androgynous voiced Crystal pony stallion, covered in an armored suit comprised of small tungsten basilisk scales. Portions of his armor could be detonated, sending out small clouds of lethal shrapnel.
  150. BIOGRAPHY: formerly a famed singer, he discovered that his performances were more enticing when the 'audience' was trapped, unable to escape from his symphonies of discordant, anarchic tones. An avowed stallion-lover, Bellepheron's distaste and eventual hatred of mares began during a performance where a duet of his ended with him being dumbstruck by the mare's wonderful solo. He left, never finishing his own. While travelling away from the Empire, he became enamored of strong stallions, entrancing them into dominating him for days on end, doing as they wished and pleased. Afterwards, he would leave a kind note and flowers. It is unknown as to how, when, and especially why why, he became an assassin for hire.
  152. STATUS: EXECUTED by Clemency with aid from Lont and Dante in Stalliongrad's Upper Residential District.
  154. ABILITIES: Reverb+4, Entrancing Gaze+6, Auto-Cover Shield+10/20, Basic Mezzo Fortissimo+6 (Tremor), Grandmaster Crystal Runes+10/14: Cover Shield, Sleepy Lullaby, ?????
  158. UNIQUE ABILITY: Grandmaster Distorted Melody. At the height of a performance, Bellepheron's voice becomes a stunning solo, entrancing those that hear him to listen to the unknown and lost joys of life with 4x [1d6+20] rolls, the highest result being number of minutes all listeners are stunned. Once finished with his ballad, Bellepheron will leave immediately for another city.
  160. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  161. Harlon, The Traveling Researcher
  163. (Clingy, Curious, Easily Unnerved, Perfectionist, Weakness: Bad Under Pressure)
  165. APPEARANCE: a long deceased unicorn researcher, larger than the average unicorn, with a larger horn to go with it. Dark brown coat, sandy colored mane and tail, his eyes were an extremely light green. His mane was messy, long and never styled, going all over the place and often seen in pictures blowing hair out of his face. Had a barely noticeable accent that sounded vaguely mid-Western.
  167. BIOGRAPHY: born in a small unmarked village in the Equestrian plains, Harlon was filled with wanderlust from birth, and quickly took to traveling once he was old enough. Working odd jobs eventually resulted in his discovering his love of magical science, which attracted the attention of a retired unicorn researcher who had been living out his days in Old Canterlot. Harlon learned a great deal from the retired unicorn while staying with him in Old Canterlot, however the elderly unicorn died a few months after they had become acquainted. Left Old Canterlot after the funeral, promising to keep in contact with a number of friends he had made during his stay. Eventually found his way to the Crystal Kingdom, where he met his first herdmate, Rhoda, after attending a conference on Crystal Runes. Harlon stayed in the Kingdom for 3 months, entering into a relationship with Rhoda, after which she began traveling with him. Harlon and Rhoda went to the Gryphon Vale directly after leaving the Crystal Kingdom to observe gryphon glyph works. Harlon met Siusan almost immediately after entering the Vale at a forge, the three taking an immediate shine to each other due to similar interests, with Siusan taking the two on a small tour of the Vale. Siusan joined the pair's herd after they spent another 3 months in the Vale. The trio spent a number of years traveling together before they were invited to Old Canterlot to establish a research lab, which was highly successful and stayed in operation for a year and a half before the accident.
  169. CUTIE MARK: a simple scroll covered in vague runic scribblings.
  171. STATUS: deceased, and passed on in his Mansion.
  173. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  174. Jinoza, Vasel Wraith: 80HP, 0DR
  176. APPEARANCE: a vaguely humanoid Wraith. The arms, hands, and claws are capable of being resized and reshaped at will, seemingly without a loss of material interaction to Tallus, while the legs appeared to be little more than barely perceptible appendages.
  178. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. One of of Khahlani Island's territorial based arena competitors in opposition to Dul the Siren and an unknown minotaur.
  181. -Disease Spike: a specialized Wraith ability that draws on a local area's natural decay, allowing Jinoza to expel it in the form of a material spike, harming a living being and possibly transmitting diseases with a [1d6+5] roll.
  183. -Ephemeral Claws: a standard ability that allows Wraiths to breach Tallus's reality to harm living beings without subjecting themselves to it's naturally antagonistic energies with 3x [1d6+8] rolls, bypassing DR entirely.
  185. -Poison Bloom: a highly specialized Wraith ability that draws on a local area's natural toxins and poisons, subjecting them to a breach in reality and allowing Jinoza to expel it with a [1d6+12] roll in the form of a contained cloud, the area beginning at 3M in diameter, harming living beings instantly.
  187. STATUS: with it's material form destroyed, Jinoza is incapable of accessing Tallus for an unknown length of time.
  189. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  190. Planar Mechano-Spheroid Construct, Scout/Sentry Hybrid Model: 500HP, 0DR (Variable +1-6DR from Planar Infusion)
  192. (Adaptive, Advanced, Construct, Hyper-Efficient, Immovable, Planar, Proto-Sentient, Purposeful, Variable Focus, Weapon Platform)
  194. APPEARANCE: a 6' diameter metallic orange sphere, constantly hovering 1' above any solid or semi-solid material, always appearing in pairs. This particular construct has a short, two-pronged downward sloping head jutting from the center of the body with two optical units at the slope of each prong, generally brighter than the rest of it's body, capable of adapting to an opponent's specific combat parameters within seconds of a successful analyzation. A pair of spindly limbs project from the upper portion of it's body, able to form precise copies of shields and weaponry, including claws and the like, instantaneously.
  196. BIOGRAPHY: while the capabilities of a single unit are extremely formidable, allowing it to easily outmatch and counter a single target in under minute, when paired this type of construct's danger potentials reach truly astronomical proportions. While planar constructs are known of, albeit extremely rare in Equestria and even more so in the rest of Tallus, this highly advanced self-repairing Mechano-Spheroid version is completely new, only having been encountered in Skykeep, Skybrook's formerly attached armory that split off, crashing an unknown number of years ago. After gaining access to the keep, Mercy, Jeff, Dante, and Pareidolia engaged the twin units, Mercy ambushing the western-facing construct, the three Operators attacking the eastern unit immediately afterwards. With Pareidolia's excellent ranged support, Jeff and Dante were able to destroy the marked unit with relative ease, in the process creating a host of problems for the proto-sentient construct from their intimidation, Jeff using an impossibly confusing illogic/logic cycle of "THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE!". Unknown to Mercy and the Operators, the eastern unit transferred it's proto-sentience to the western unit after it's body was destroyed by Jeff and Dante, having been severed by Jeff, and the head, destroyed by Pareidolia, improving it's paired unit's offensive and defensive capabilities massively. Immediately after, Jeff, Dante, and Pareidolia assaulted the newly strengthened western unit, relieving Mercy from it's newly overpowering capabilities. The combined proto-sentience found it's chance of survival extremely low during a review of information it had gathered during combat. Deforming it's weapons and approximating a minotaur honor duel surrender gesture immediately after Jeff's utilized Spellslinger Revolver sent a Void bolt severely damaging it's fluid internal components, illogically changing it's guard matrix target to Dante's incoming attack away from Mercy parrying it's lance, and Pareidolia damaging it's head, the construct offered no further resistance. Dumping an incredible amount of information to Jeff's tacpad, it then dephased itself from reality, leaving the tower safe and allowing the Operators to collect everything contained within. Mercy has speculated that Skullcracker, the former General of the Lunar Guardians, left the pair of planar constructs as a test to any Spirit Walker seeking to retrieve part of their unfinished history, though is highly apprehensive about meeting any more of the metallic proto-sentients.
  198. ABILITIES: Analyze+2, Speed+4, Expert Melee+20, ?????
  201. -Adaptive Offensive Protocol: an unknown bio-mechanical based capability that allows a construct to replicate immaterial effects, excepting mystical enchantments, with a [1d6+10] roll. Was subsequently used to great effect against Mercy, copying the spiritual energies of her blades and reversing them into an entropic form, but seemed to have a number of limitations.
  203. -Auto-Defense Mechanism: an unknown bio-mechanical based, internally mounted ranged weapon that allows a construct to discharge a small orange sphere covered in numerous particle whips with a [1d6+10] roll. Strangely, the projectile itself is only calibrated to damage living tissue, bypassing armor entirely without lasting harm.
  205. -Auto-Self Repair: while all Rift constructs are capable of some form of automated self repair when in combat, this one is certainly no exception, and could easily restore a single main function once damaged with a [1d6+20] roll by drawing on it's internal, apparently regenerating stores of bio-metal.
  207. -Barrier Field/Reversed Barrier Field: this particular Rift construct was capable of deploying a large, internally powered spherical shield capable of absorbing immense amounts of ranged fire and damage from standard weaponry with 3x [1d6+20] rolls. While it had the capacity to invert the shield's frequency to cause harm to a large area, this shielding mode did not allow it to protect it's body, functioning as an offensive-only field.
  209. -Guard Matrix: when one of it's appendages is formed into a shield, this model of construct could easily protect itself from multiple opponents with a [1d6+10] roll, and was capable of transferring it's attention from attacker to attacker with the precision that only the sum of archaic refined biotechnology can.
  211. -Self Destruct: when damaged to the point where a construct's paired unit cannot be salvaged or reclaimed, certain parts of it's body may be detonated after a short period of time with either a [1d6+15] explosion for the head, or a [1d6+20] for the body. While the blast radius is unknown, it is likely to be close ranged and instant, due to the technological prowess the Rift constructs were created with.
  213. UNIQUE ABILITY: Planar Infusion. After a paired unit is destroyed it may roll [1d6], the result increases ALL rolls and DR of the opposite unit.
  215. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  216. Rhoda, Crystal Pony Rune Master
  218. (Born Follower, Graceful, Minorly Submissive, Petite, Polite, Quiet, Weakness: Physical Body)
  220. APPEARANCE: a long deceased Crystal pony with a light pink, almost white coat, an extremely long white mane and light red eyes, a perfectly straight mane and tail, both left long and normally brushing the ground unless tied up. Has only a touch of Imperial accent, and is unnoticeably smaller than most Crystal pony mares.
  222. BIOGRAPHY: born in the Crystal Kingdom to a large family of Rune Masters, Rhoda learned from fillyhood everything there was to know about runes. Working in and eventually becoming an integral part of the family business, performing rune work all across the Kingdom and Equestria as a whole, Rhoda met Harlon at a conference her family was holding on crystal runes. Afterwards, she took him on a tour of the city, the two becoming fast friends over the course of a few months, and eventually entering into a relationship. She began traveling with Harlon with the blessings of her family, though one of her hooves was broken at some point during their travels. Rhoda the one who suggested their trip to the Vale, as she believed it would be an excellent place to conduct research. Along with Harlon, Rhoda met Suisan after they entered the Vale proper, and the trio took to speaking. When they realized that they all shared interests in new research and the possibility of combining their talents, Harlon and Rhoda accepted Siusan into the herd rather easily, and took to having long conversations with her about literally everything. Rhoda had a bad habit of rolling over in the face of peer pressure, following along with things that she probably shouldn't have. Despite the rumors that Harlon had pressured her into their relationship, the two were well and truly in love with each other, and treated Siusan as their perfect equal.
  224. CUTIE MARK: A pair of brilliant cut red gems with the tips touching from top to bottom, the top one slightly fractured
  226. STATUS: deceased, and passed on in Harlon's Mansion.
  228. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  229. Sharonel the Lancer, General: 250HP, 2DR. Age: 1,083.
  231. (Ancient: Armor, Elite: Combat, Ferocious, Honorable, Purposeful, Quick)
  233. APPEARANCE: a long dead, white maned and tan coated earth pony mare, formerly in perfect physical condition. Numerous scars covered her entire body, most noticeably a large wound in her front chest, her hooves cracked in several locations. While Sharonel could be considered a Naghtmare, the age of her body limited her capabilities and once vastly formidable strength, and since she was unable to regenerate she could not withstand as much harm as a typical earth pony. During the centuries, her armor aged poorly without maintenance, to the point that it offered her very little protection and was beginning to decay.
  235. BIOGRAPHY: Sharonel was the former General of Princess Celestia's elite Solar Guardians, as well as the creator and master of the Royal and Honor Guards, Celestia's veterans and elite of the Guard created shortly before the Lunar-Solar War ended. Her nickname when she was alive was Hwyn`Fer, or 'Our Mother', for her matronly attitude to all warriors and non-warriors, whether they were met on the battlefield or not. A masterful and strong willed earth pony when she was alive, Sharonel lived for a total of 1,083 years until being put to rest. During her life, her experience, skill, and physical condition granted her incredibly swift and precise long-ranged lance attacks while her combat philosophy rendered her brutal and unforgiving in combat, yet kind and serene when her armor wasn't worn. Honorable to a fault, she could be easily enraged by mentioning Celestia wrongfully. Close to the end of the Lunar-Solar War, Sharonel guided her army of 5,000 Solar Guardians into destroying a force of 25,000 conscripts under Nightmare Moon's war against Celestia, then the Solar Tyrant's puppet. In the ensuing counter-attack by the enraged Nightmare, the entirety of her warriors were slaughtered, Sharonel receiving a death blow from the Nightmare's personal lance. Ordered to remain at Old Canterlot by the Solar Tyrant, Sharonel despaired slowly over the course of the millenia without dying, her will unable to counter both the Solar Tyrant's command and to allow the spectres of her army to roam about murderously, Sharonel was unwilling to succumb to death. Distrustful of venturing to Tartarus, she willed herself to continue existing as a Naghtmare, though carried the stigma of her warrior children becoming barely controlled spectres, and long after their voices were silenced through madness she still gave her orders to prevent Equestria from suffering further revenge. A great companion of Chrysalis when she was a Princess, now-Queen Chrysalis bet that Sharonel would be freed without violence. One of Empress Silver's many children, Sharonel preferred not to use her psionic capabilities, as minor as they were, on the battlefield or off, more out of respect for her opponents than necessity or pride. After losing his bet, Anon has silently attributed her exceptional willpower not to the Empress's formidable legacy, but to her pride as a mother herself.
  237. CUTIE MARK: three lances facing upwards: one white facing NW, one black facing NE, the central lance, a bright red, facing upwards, much larger than the other two.
  239. STATUS: deceased. Convinced by Filth to leave Tallus peacefully, Sharonel took the spectral remains of her army with her to the Oceanlands, returning now and then to watch the progress of those she has taught. After meeting her mother, Empress Silver, Sharonel has chosen to return to the Oceanlands and rest, freed from her former loyalties.
  242. -Magnus, the First Marquis: an 8' long, heavily enchanted silver lance with a burning pony skull effigy for the head. Adds +2 to all Melee attacks, grants an additional 2x [1d6+2] Melee attacks, and provides various Fire elemental strikes. DESTROYED!
  244. -Ancient Armored Silver Saddle: provides 1DR due to it's age and deterioration. DESTROYED!
  246. -Ancient Solar Guardian Armor, Ornate: provides 1DR due to it's age and deterioration. DESTROYED!
  248. ABILITIES: Basic Intimidate+2, Expert Melee+2 (can split between 4 targets, attacking those close by)
  250. UNIQUE ABILITY: STORM VOLLEY. When Enraged, Sharonel taps into her psionic abilities slightly, granting her 6x [1d6+3] <Lance of Magnus strikes on up to 3 targets every 4th turn.
  252. FINAL WISH: to have her name carved in the center of the Grand Foyer, Old Canterlot's Underground Arena memorial for the Solar Guardians, alleviating her spectral kin and allowing her to join them. FULFILLED!
  255. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  256. Smooth Claw: 280HP, 3DR. Age: 45. Month of birth: August.
  258. APPEARANCE: a bright white and jet black pinstriped gryphon, oddly his real coloration, with a bland, rather neutral countenance, having neither more avian nor feline traits.
  260. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. A former resident of Gryphon Vale, Smooth Claw's gambling troubles led to him being ostracized, yet not to the point where he could have been outcast.
  262. STATUS: Killed In Action during the Second Las Pegasus-Stalliongrad Conflict.
  264. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  265. Water Elemental, Corrupted (Blood Tainted): 500HP, 5DR.
  267. BIOGRAPHY: this water elemental was discovered by a group of Operators sent out to find Ripthorn. The plant in question was found to be surrounding the lake of the inhabiting dormant elemental. Later on, another group was sent out to destroy it. However, the group came upon a herd of Pred-elk Alphas duking it out for the mating rights of spring. After the herd was killed off, it seemed the being was still in a dormant state. It was later found that the blood from the killed Pred-elk spilled into the lake and was absorbed, thus corrupting it with a blood thirst. The same group was led back to the lake by Spiral, much later on. This time, the Marquis irritated it enough that the now corrupted water elemental revealed itself and fought the Operators and unicorn, taking the form of a pseudo-humanoid, it's bottom half disappearing into the lake while ice and smooth black granite shards formed both it's skeletal structure and skin. To Spiral's dismay, he discovered a trapped soul within the elemental, though far too late to attempt contact with it. What happened to it's ka is as of yet unknown. Four shards of it's skeleton were collected afterwards.
  269. ABILITIES: Hydro-Strike+5, Ice Shards+5, Water Tendrils+5, Large Ice Shards+10, Basic Ice Needles+10
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