Booty Calls Table Old Updates

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  1. Update 1:
  2. - Added "Girls Are Always Available" script.
  3. - Added "Infinite Phone Storage" script.
  4. - Added "Get Selected Girl" script.
  6. Update 2:
  7. - Added "No Girl Fatigue" script.
  8. - Added "Free Date Extra Moves" script.
  9. - Added "Free Energy Refill" script.
  10. - Added "Free Multi Gacha" script.
  11. - Added "100x Multi Gacha" script.
  12. - Added "Get Current Girl" script.
  13. - Added "Get Quests" script.
  14. - Changed script "Unlock Locations" to "Unlock Some Requirements", as it's more precise. New accounts might suddenly unlock every single image.
  15. - Removed "Infinite Date Moves" script, as it wasn't working. You should be fine using the "Free Date Extra Moves" script.
  17. Update 3:
  18. - Added 'Get Location' script.
  19. - Added 4 more quests to the 'Get Quests' to a total of 10. It will probably stay at 10.
  20. - Added every type of reward to the 'Reward Type' section as a dropdown.
  21. - Removed 'Get Selected Girl' script. You can still do the same thing using 'Get Location'
  23. Update 4:
  24. (November 14th 2019)
  25. - Fixed 'Get Quests' script not working on the new update.
  26. - Changed 'Unlock Some Requirements' script to 'Unlock Locations'. It has been fully fixed and it won't be changed again.
  27. - Added 'Auto Complete Event and Daily Quests' script.
  28. - Added 'Complete Daily Quests Infinitely' script.
  29. - Fixed size problem that the table had. Now it's way smaller.
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