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Tim Pool short story

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Jan 5th, 2012
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  1. Tim Pool of TheOther99 on today's events.
  2. ============================
  4. It all started at Liberty Park on day 5 when I met Henry James Ferry.
  5. Henry told me he had raised donations to fund independent journalists
  6. and that the "money wasn't his" it was "from everyone to help you."
  8. Some of this money helped me get a computer (which I have returned to TO99 before this incident)
  9. and a backpack.
  11. A few days later Henry asked me to join him Will McLeod and Jesse Lagreca in starting a media team
  12. I agreed.
  14. I started the first website and registered domains and server space for TheOther99.
  15. I mostly handled conventional filming in the beginning, until a need for livecasting became apparent.
  16. All the while sleeping on and off in the park. We traveled to DC and filmed.
  18. I created the Ustream channel TheOther99 and came to produce all of its video.
  19. For the entirety of the channel I was the only one maintaining it and producing content for it.
  20. As for the twitter and gmail accounts, the entire team had mutual access and I used the twitter frequently.
  22. After the raid, one of the most crucial moments for our team, everyone went on vacation for thanksgiving. Leaving me to work
  23. and push through. I was ok with this.
  25. However, my friend Geoff asked me to get back on the drone project we had worked on earlier this year and I agreed. I also though
  26. to create my own channel TimcastTV to showcase this as it was a project outside of TheOther99.
  28. Henry said that my creating a channel and getting a speaking agent was "going off on my own" and that I was "choosing to not be a part of the team" I disagreed and said "My personal business is none of yours"
  30. Henry began fighting with me over a meeting I had invited him to with Steve Ross of Abrams (Literary agent)
  31. Will met me privately to discuss the fighting with Henry and he ended with "Henry needs to go"
  33. When the TIME person of the year piece came out highlighting my work as well as the OccuCopter story broke, we had another pivotal moment for TheOther99, but he went on vacation for 2 weeks again.
  34. At this point I realized that donation money would not be well spent and that I could no longer produce content for those who do not produce themselves yet consume donations. So I began streaming on TimcastTV.
  36. My intentions were to do a live recap of events on TheOther99 ustream channel.
  37. But as I told Henry, he and Will must start producing content in order for us to move forward as TheOther99.
  38. Essentially, my workload would be equal to theirs.
  40. Jesse Lagreca had departed the team long ago and he talked to me about how we shouldn't be producing for a team that doesn't reciprocate. Jesse had helped with fundraising on DailyKos with Will, but Jesse wasn't seeing much of those donations either. (Sorry to bring Jesse into this but he was a part of the team too)
  42. My attitude is more along the lines of;
  43. Henry has spent $37,000 in donations (minus 3.5% wepay fee) since day 1 yet has produced almost no content, at least not enough to warrant how much money he has spent. He says that 10,000 went into the park, but I do not agree with that figure.
  45. I ran the Ustream channel on a shoestring budget, 150$ per month. I ate mostly OccupyKitchen food and spent my own savings.
  47. As a member of the team TheOther99 since day one and the creator of the Ustream channel as well as the person who started the website, TheOther99 is mutually owned by the 4 of us.
  49. Sometime on January 4th Henry logged into the Ustream channel and changed the password as well as the gmail account password (
  51. I called him and asked him why and he said Gina told him to (Gina joined about a month ago to help Henry get his finances in order)
  52. When I asked him to give me the password he said no.
  54. Currently the twitter is still mutually controlled and I am archiving all of the videos on Ustream.
  55. I do not have access to the Ustream channel.
  57. I called Ustream and was told to "let it go and do your own thing" and "I don't want to get in the middle of it"
  59. There are a lot more details but to sum it up;
  61. Im a bit offended that Henry says I am not part of the team when he is the one taking time off constantly for thanksgiving, Xmas, and halloween parties. Not to mention all the time he has spent watching college football.
  63. I know it may be a bit crass to call him out for these things, but I have been sleeping in a park and sometimes not sleeping at all to make something real and important, something that has changed the rules.
  65. Yet even though all of that, Henry is the one who took action against me.
  67. Call me if you want.
  68. 323.427.7412
  71. Theres a million things to be said on this matter that can't be crammed into a pastebin.
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