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  1.  Preliminary patchnotes for 0.12 patch. There will be full wipe.
  5. Added
  7.     The project is transferred to the Unity engine version 2018.4
  8.     Redesigned, optimized and added new third-person animations.
  11. New game feature - Hideout
  13.     The big feature that includes building and upgrading of various zones in the hideout, each with its bonuses
  14.     Ability to produce different items
  15.     Improving the basic stats of the character (off-raid treatment rate, acceleration of skills leveling, etc.)
  16.     Ability to increase the size of your stash (if you do not have the EoD version of the game with the maximum stash size)
  19. New functionality - off-raid treatment
  21.     Now the character retains health status after raid
  22.     Health, energy, and hydration now regenerate when out of raid
  23.     You can use food, water, and first aid kits to instantly restore the character's condition when out of raid
  24.     After death, character's health is restored to 30% and begins to regenerate at a rate determined by the various improvements in the hideout
  27. New functionality - Weapon presets
  29.     Ability to create weapon presets from any parts that are known to your character
  30.     Ability to quickly find and purchase missing parts for assembly of the custom preset
  33. New location - RosReserve Military base (Rezerv)
  35.     The largest map in terms of indoor area and exploration potential
  36.     New exfiltration mechanics
  37.     Stationary 12.7 mm heavy machine gun NSV " Utes"
  38.     Stationary 30 mm automatic grenade launcher AGS-30 with PAG-17 sight
  39.     New constraints on the locations: snipers and minefields
  40.     Unique loot
  41.     Scav boss Glukhar with his special tactics
  43. Trader service "Tactical clothing"
  45.     Available from the Ragman
  46.     5 unique sets of lower and upper clothes for USEC and BEAR
  47.     It will be available under different conditions (the level of the character, loyalty level with the Ragman, and money price)
  49. New trader Jaeger
  51.     He will be locked at the start of the game, and you will have to complete a quest to unlock him He will have his own branch of quests
  52.     His range of products will have a large number of unique items
  53.     He will also have a minimum margin on the goods price
  55. New boss Glukhar
  57.     His area of action is located on Military base
  58.     He believes this territory is his property and he will protect it by taking defensive positions in one of many fortified locations
  59.     He has 6-men team, each member has his own role. Guards are always close to the boss, stormtroopers can move forward to attack the enemy at another point, the head watch are the first to notice the enemy and impose a fight on them
  60.     Boss and his team strive not to leave protected positions, they will attack from windows and other fortified places, they use advanced tactics of fighting indoors and have a special model of behavior on more open terrain
  61.     They can use stationary weapons, they may attack or retreat to protect the boss and hold their ground. As the train approaches, the boss and his team will try to occupy the landing platform
  62.     They use all available weapons, often wear heavy body armor and helmets
  64. New boss Shturman
  66.     He operates in the area of a sawmill on Woods
  67.     He has a “common funded stash” with the valuables. He usually keeps the key to himself
  68.     He prefers covert tactics, tries to attack from a distance, from cover, outplays the opponents by taking a better environment, lets players get closer into the distance of effective fire
  69.     He has a team of two guards
  70.     Boss and his guards use long range weapons
  72. Added over 160 weapon parts and modules
  74.     An assortment of new 12 and 20 caliber shotgun cartridges
  75.     Assortment of new cartridges 4.6x30 and 5.7x28
  76.     New equipment
  77.     New mechanics of treatment of blacked body parts with surgical kits
  78.     Thermal imaging device T-7
  79.     New barter items
  80.     New consumable items type - alcohol
  81.     New fracture sound effects
  82.     New weapons: AsH-12, FN P90, M9A3, FN Five-Seven, TX-15, MP5 Kurz
  84. New quests for old traders (+reworked some old ones)
  86. New Graphics Additions/Fixes and Animations
  88.     New TAA (temporal anti-aliasing) full-screen antialiasing post effect
  89.     New HBAO shading post effect
  90.     Terrain now casts shadows and has self-shadowing
  91.     Texture streaming to reduce RAM consumption
  92.     New grass with a long-distance rendering + grass shadows option
  93.     New explosion effects
  94.     Added variable animations of first aid kit treatment
  95.     Added auto sorting of goods by groups in merchants menu
  96.     Added "transfer all" button for items transfer screen
  97.     Added context menu for first aid kits "cure all" when out of raid
  98.     Added the context menu for weapons “disassemble”
  99.     Added "Presets" button to bottom panel for quick transition to presets mode
  100.     Added auto-fill items checkbox when selecting merchants offers
  101.     Added stimulant properties to some of the food and beverages
  102.     Added display of health status before raid on the character selection screen
  103.     Added new sounds for different surfaces when crawling
  105. Optimizations:
  107.     Optimization of rendering and display of grass
  108.     Optimization of animation system
  109.     Optimized spawn of loot items on location
  110.     Optimized icon generation
  111.     Optimized the Ambient Occlusion effect
  112.     Optimization of Volumetric Light
  113.     Added “use only physical CPU cores" option (it is recommended for everyone to enable this option)
  114.     Various optimizations of the load on the CPU
  115.     Added optimized contact SSAO effect algorithm
  116.     Some optimizations of optical sights
  117.     Additional optimization of the locations
  118.     Optimized physics in offline mode
  119.     Optimized ragdoll
  120.     Optimized physics of thrown loot and grenades
  121.     Fixed a large number of causes of freezes and stuttering related to rendering, physics, animations, inventory, combat logic, etc.
  125. Bot improvements and fixes:
  127.     Improvement of the AI behaviour when out of combat:
  128.     Bots rotate their heads to increase the field of view
  129.     Bots can greet each other, show gestures and transmit information
  130.     At the request of the player-scav, AI in case of negative reaction will respond to him negatively or show a gesture
  131.     Bots can come close to loot containers
  132.     At the points of " idle " bots look around, crouch
  136. Improvement of the AI combat behavior
  138.     Improved grenade throwing algorithm
  139.     Improved algorithm for calculating the rotation to the target at different distances
  140.     AI fixes
  141.     Fixed a number of bugs when bots did not react to taking shots from a long distance or when using a silencer
  142.     Fixed some bugs in shooting through some fences, bushes and trees
  143.     Fixed a bug of selecting an incorrect target when the bot ignored the nearest threat
  144.     Fixed a number of bugs with bots getting stuck
  145.     Fixed a bug where the bot could not aim if you crouch close to him
  146.     Fixed a bug where bots shouted threatening voice lines phrases to player-scavs
  147.     Fixed a number of bugs on interaction with doors
  149. Fixed
  151.     Bug in which it was possible to install the PSO and thermal sight and the PSO lens worked as a thermal sight
  152.     The bug with disappearing weapons when you move the object in the stash after folding stock (bugged cells)
  153.     The items didn't disappear from the stash if you click "put the goods on the flea market" during the sending of the previous queue commands
  154.     Error 228 after transferring items and completing the quest
  155.     Error 228 when placing weapons on the flea market, if the flashlight was installed in different slots of the weapon
  156.     The interface allowed you to put the same product on the flea market several times. As a consequence of error 228
  157.     Error 228 when trying to make split into one cell twice
  158.     Error 228 when selling two samples of weapons on the flea market
  159.     Error 228 when moving money and then using it to repair weapons
  160.     Error 228 when deleting item from sender in incoming messages
  161.     Fixed disappearing of messages after re-login
  162.     Fixed a bug on the flea Market when the durability filter did not take into account the total wear of the item
  163.     Fixed a bug where a party member saw a "bad backend matching" error while loading into a raid
  164.     Fixed a bug where a new loyalty level was not opened, although all conditions were met
  165.     Fixed a bug where the "pick up all" button displayed not all items that were returned by insurance
  166.     Fixed a bug where some bots could not spawn on location
  167.     Fixed bug showing killer in the session end screen if the death was from a barbed wire or fire
  168.     Fixed UI shaking at non-standard resolution
  169.     Fixed a bug that stacked up the effects of painkillers
  170.     Bug in which the time of the effect of painkillers increased when reopening the inventory
  171.     Bug, in which the sound of heavy breathing of the character from the third person did not stop
  172.     A bug when, upon killing your own character, you could see PMC kill in kill list
  173.     Bug in which the character in the menu twisted the left hand
  174.     Bugs related to incorrect processing of picking up items
  175.     Bug when broken lamps would light up again if you step away and approach them again
  176.     Bug in which the interruption of the application of the item occurred without animations
  177.     Bug when interaction didn't work after throwing out equipped melee weapons
  178.     Bug in which the pain and tremor did not disappear after removing the fracture
  179.     Fixed delay in applying negative effects
  180.     Fixed a bug which happened when you turn your head and hits in the head could be counted incorrectly
  181.     Fixed a bug with the sound of a shot cutting off when changing weapons
  182.     Fixed a bug not displaying a cartridge in the chamber at the start of the raid
  183.     Fixed a visual bug displaying glasses lenses visible through fog, smoke, etc.
  184.     Fixed too bright reflections in the lenses of sights, or lack of reflections on them in general
  185.     Fixed cropping of merchants assortment if there are too many goods
  186.     Fixed error spamming bug when throwing smoke grenades
  187.     Fixed various bugs with matchmaking
  188.     Fixed bugs related to old quests
  189.     Fixed various bugs and glitches that lead to crashes of the game
  190.     Fixed various bugs on locations and culling issues (over 300 different fixes)
  191.     Fixed background sounds of locations when loading on it
  192.     Fixed various interface issues and bugs
  193.     Fixed some bugs leading to incorrect post-raid statistics
  194.     Various network fixes and improvements related to the transition to Unity 2018.4
  195.     Various localization fixes in the texts
  196.     Fixed various issues with clipping equipment
  197.     Other minor bugfixes
  199. Changed:
  201.     Now all body armor cannot be worn with plate carriers
  202.     You can no longer put certain containers, weapons, rigs and backpacks in secured containers
  203.     Now some keys have a number of uses. As soon as the key resource ends, it is removed from the inventory
  204.     In traders menu, when redeeming items, they are marked as "out of stock"
  205.     For locations Customs and Shoreline fixed position and trajectory of the sun
  206.     Now you can completely delete the conversations in the chat
  207.     Added the option to fold the stock when transferring items from the Scav to your inventory
  208.     Rebalanced 9x18 cartridges
  209.     Rebalanced some of the stocks, magazines and other weapon parts
  210.     Updated equipment pool that bots and player-scav can have
  211.     Changed cell configuration for Blackrock and AVS vests (now AVS has armor plates)
  212.     Added dropdown with filters "All offers", "only from traders", "only from players" for flea Market
  213.     When you receive an item by mail same items are now combined into stacks
  214.     Weapons on locations now spawn with small number of ammo in magazine
  215.     Modified occlusion system for the sound on locations
  216.     Improved the recoil system and the impact of skills on the recoil
  217.     Reduced bonus to the speed of running from the strength skill
  218.     The sound of movement while prone is now more quiet
  219.     Reworked and changed loot tables of containers
  220.     Redesigned and added new loot points on locations
  221.     The variety of goods of all traders was reworked
  222.     Changed lighting in item inspector window
  223.     Improved font readability in interfaces
  224.     Overall quality changes were made to the spawn system
  225.     Removed the option to set the priority lot at the flea Market
  226.     Increased chance of fracture and damage when falling from a big height
  227.     Other minor QoL changes
  230. We all (and personally I) want to say sorry for the delay. Amount of changes is huge and right now we are fighting with bugs. Every single time when we approve a patch release date some critical bug happens and we are forced to shift the date and fix it, cause we don't want you guys experience what needs to be fixed and polished. Give us little more time - I don't want to say it will be super soon soonish soon to scare away luck!
  232. Thank you for your patience!
  234. BSG Dev team
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