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  3. 23 hours ago
  4. @ Because Israel attacked it to start a war, purposefully, then they lied and covered it up, even the survivors of the USS liberty say the same thing , but they were slandered in the media and the whole thing got swept under the rug.
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  7. 23 hours ago
  8. @ Wild assumptions? EVERY SINGLE survivor of the USS liberty say the EXACT same thing, that Israel PURPOSEFULLY sank the ship. There are THOUSANDS of videos of testimonials from survivors of the USS liberty. Do you self a favor and research it, or do you like being spoon fed information from corporate media?
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  11. 22 hours ago
  12. @ 00 I actually did just look it up to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out Israel and some Arab countries were in the middle of the Six Day War and a U.S ship went into Isreal's territory during this war. So because Israel attacked an unidentified ship in their territory while they were at war that means Jews are evil masterminds trying to take over the world or something? You guys are really grasping at straws to try to spread your nazi propaganda. This happened in 1967 btw.
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  15. 22 hours ago
  16. @ ugh no do nazis have to do with ANYTHING? I am talking about the survivors testimonies. Look them up.
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  19. 22 hours ago
  20. @ Just watch the interview with the survivors. And stoop calling people nazis, it makes you look pathetic.
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  23. 22 hours ago
  24. @ 00 Oh yeah, look up what the survivors have to say. The people that were literally shot at would not be biased at all. Also you completely ignored the fact that this U.S ship was in their territory when they were in the middle of a fucking war. Are you really going to blame a country for attacking an unidentified ship in its territory when it was in the middle of a war?! I obviously don't like the fact this ship was attacked, but if anyone is to blame it should be the U.S ship for being so careless as to go into Israel's territory unannounced when they were in the middle of a fucking war. Also calling you a nazi is absolutely justified here. You are spreading an anti-semitic Jewish conspiracy theory from over 50 years ago to try to get people to hate Jews. It doesn't get much more nazi like than that. This isn't some sjw calling someone who thinks there are two genders on twitter a nazi. What you are spreading here is 100% actual nazi propaganda. Go back to /pol/ and Nick Fuentes's channel you nazi larper.
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  28. 19 hours ago
  29. @M3phistos Cafe So let make get this straight, you prefer to get your information from a liberal journalist as opposed to the people that were actually there? LOL, I am done talking to you, you are clearly not ready to accept the truth. GOODBYE...
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  32. 19 hours ago
  33. @ You people are OBSESSED with nazis, lol it is insane.
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  36. 19 hours ago
  37. @ I actually just read a wiki article on the history of the incident. It's pretty telling how you just automatically assume that anyone who disagrees with  you is only getting their information from a "liberal journalist". I like how you also completely ignored the historical context behind what happened that I told you about. Answer this very simple and  straightforward question that you completely ignored from my last comment. Is it justified for a country to attack an unidentified ship in its territory while it is in the middle of a war? You will never answer this question because you know either way it will completely destroy your point. If you say yes, then Israel was justified in attacking the ship. If you answer no then you are a fucking idiot. Well you already are, but you will be even  more of one. Also by all means tell me what you think makes someone a nazi if spreading 50+ year old anti-semitic conspiracy theories with the intent of trying to make people hate Jews doesn't.
  39. 18 hours ago
  40. @ I see you still have not watched the interview with the survivors. Watch that, that is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. They were in contact with Israel, they KNEW the ship was there, lol. You people are insane, you do not even know how to research something properly. WATCH THE INTERVIEW, period......
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  43. 18 hours ago
  44. @ I have been researching this for years, you read one wiki article and think you are an expert LOL. And I am not against the jews, but I am against zionism, by the way, I AM JEWISH, lol....You people are so insane, you call me a nazi and my grandparents were executed in a camp in Germany by nazis. The world is not black and white, you need to realize this. By the way, quite a bit of jewish people are against Zionism, maybe you should look it up? How much do you know about the Weimar Republic? My guess is not a lot...
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  47. 18 hours ago
  48. @ Fun fact: wikipedia is run by LIBERAL JOURNALISTS. lololol
  49. I swear the jokes write themselves with you people, GOODBYE, you have wasted enough of my time.
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  52. 18 hours ago
  53. @evoljellyfish 00 Ah yes, "ALL WE NEED TO KNOW" is information that supports your narrative. Got it! Upon further research I discovered that  there were several investigations conducted into the incident by the U.S. Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the U.S. House and Senate, the NSA, and the Israeli government. All investigations into the matter similarly blamed lack of communications and found no reason for anyone involved to face criminal charges. I think I'll believe the conclusion of the combined efforts of all of these professional organizations over some random nazi larpers on the internet. Get out of here with your absurd nazi conspiracy theories.
  55. 17 hours ago
  56. @ Why are you so afraid to watch a video? It is strange that you refuse to watch a video of people that WERE ACTUALLY THERE. Don't you find that strange?
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  59. 17 hours ago
  60. @ Again, you are calling a jewish man a nazi who had family murdered in death camps....You leftists really are EVIL, you are pure projectionists, completely void of a moral compass... I am done arguing with you, it is pointless, you refuse to watch the one bit of ACTUAL evidence of the event in question. That is insane man. that is like saying you rather let billion dollar corporations do your investigating for you rather then do it yourself.  Seriously, don't message me again, you are already lost. I have better things to do then educate children who just want to argue and call jews nazis. GOODBYE
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  63. 16 hours ago
  64. @ 00 Lmao, even if all the eyewitnesses repeated everything you said it still wouldn't prove your point. Eyewitness testimony is generally one of the LEAST reliable forms of evidence. You also don't think the eyewitnesses would be pretty biased against the people that literally shot at them and would be more prone to agree to anything that makes them look bad? Do you also not think the U.S. Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the U.S. House and Senate, and the NSA all listened to these eyewitness testimonies? Obviously they did and still came to the conclusion that no criminal charges should be pressed. Their testimonies clearly didn't prove anything. Do you honestly expect me to believe that some Nazi propagandists 52 years later magically found some overlooked evidence that the U.S. Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the U.S. House and Senate, and the NSA all missed?! Your conspiracy theories are a joke.
  66. Also being Jewish yourself does not magically make the blatant nazi propaganda you are spreading cease to be nazi propaganda. If anything it should make you more ashamed to spread it. I'm sure your family that was murdered in death camps would be so proud (don't accuse me of attacking below the belt you brought them into this). People can absolutely be of a certain race or religion and still help those that are against their own best interest. There were black people AGAINST civil rights in the U.S ffs. You being Jewish does not give you a pass to spread anti-semitic conspiracy theories without being called out. If you keep spreading dumbfuck nazi conspiracy theories I will keep debunking them. Not because I expect to change your mind. You are probably too far gone to be reasoned with. I'm doing this so any people reading through this that are on the fence don't become convinced by your nazi propaganda and fall down that rabbit  hole themselves.
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