Study Group [One-Shot, NSFW]

May 25th, 2018 (edited)
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  4. "Mister Star Weaver, please, you can't be serious."
  5. >"I am quite serious, Anonymous," the portly, middle-aged unicorn began. "The date for this final assignment is non-negotiable."
  6. "But you threw that extra theory into the mix, right at the very end!" you cry. "How do you expect me to both understand it, and factor that into my work, in just two weeks?!"
  7. >"Everypony who has passed this course has completed this same assignment," he drones. "If you are experiencing difficulties with it, I suggest you seek out some assistance."
  8. "Assistance? Professor, I don't have the time to be looking around for some other pony, who may or may not even help me!"
  9. >"You will find the time. And you will be thankful that you did."
  10. >All you can manage is a few exasperated sputters, before your shoulders slump in resignation.
  11. "I don't have a choice, do I?"
  12. >"You always have a choice."
  13. >Ugh.
  14. "Fine."
  15. >This isn't over.
  16. "Thank you for your time, professor."
  17. >Not by a long shot.
  18. >"Please send the next pony in, when you leave."
  19. >You wait until your back is turned to him, before you roll your eyes.
  20. >If you have to hear one more of his damn platitudes, you might just punch something.
  21. >You reach for the door handle, pushing it down and pulling the door back--
  22. >SLAM
  23. "Whoa!" you exclaim, not expecting the door to swing out like that, and nearly hit you.
  24. >"Star Weaver!" calls a very displeased, yet somewhat familiar voice.
  25. >The voice belongs to a certain classmate of yours.
  26. >Orange coat, two-tone red and light gold mane, cyan eyes, and that little lock of hair, almost curling around her horn.
  27. >Sunset Shimmer, she's called.
  28. >And she looks as unhappy as you feel.
  29. >"Ah, Sunset," the old pony starts, "How nice it is to--"
  30. >"Don't 'nice to see you' me! You want to explain to me what this is all about?!"
  31. >Only she's a touch more vocal in her expression than you are.
  32. >In any case, you let her storm on in, before closing the door behind you.
  33. >You take a moment to sit out in the hallway, opposite to the select few students waiting in line to see professor Star Weaver.
  34. >You just sit there, contemplating this.
  35. >Damn it, Anon.
  36. >You couldn't have just picked something simple to study at home, like your mother wanted, couldn't you?
  37. >No, you had to go out and study abroad, leave the Terran Dominion, and come to Equestria as an exchange student.
  38. >But how could you resist?
  39. >No human has ever studied magic before!
  40. >How could you turn down the opportunity?
  41. >And besides, you'll never forget that look of pride, on your father's face, when you told your family about what you were going to do!
  42. >And you had no intention of letting them down!
  43. >Bah, you don't need this!
  44. >Forget that elitist teacher's nonsense!
  45. >You'll just forego some of your routine for the next two weeks, you suppose, and power through this--
  46. >SLAM
  47. >The door flung back open again, getting you to jump.
  48. >"This isn't over, professor!" cried Sunset, storming out of the office. "I'll take this to Celestia, if I have to!"
  49. >"And you will get the same response, miss Sunset," said the professor.
  50. >She groans, closes the door behind her with another loud SLAM, and walks off down the hallway, the other students becoming visibly afraid of her as she passed by.
  51. >"Lousy assignment," she mutters. "Who does he think he is?"
  52. >Wait a minute.
  53. >Assignment?
  54. >Was she arguing about the same thing you were?
  55. >This might be worth pursuing!
  56. >You stand back up, and start following her.
  57. "Pardon me," you call, "Sunset Shimmer, was it?"
  58. >"What?!" she all but yells back at you.
  59. >Well, that was rather rude of her.
  60. "You just finished talking with the professor, right?"
  61. >"Huh? Yeah, about--"
  62. "That assignment, right?"
  63. >"Yeah! How'd you know that?"
  64. "I just finished talking to him about it, too, right before you went in to see him."
  65. >"No kidding? Tch, what does that old bag know?"
  66. >You chuckle a little at her show of gumption.
  67. >"Hey, you're that exchange student, right? From the Dominion?"
  68. "Yes. Anonymous."
  69. >"Name's Sunset. Listen, you had to see the princess, to get accepted in here, right?"
  70. "That's correct, why?"
  71. >"I have a lot of pull with the princess. I'm thinking that we could both see her at once, get her to change this dumb assignment to something more reasonable. Or at least extend the deadline a little!"
  72. "Interesting," you hum, stroking your chin in thought. "A sound plan. You're sure it would work?"
  73. >"Positive," she assures you, confidence almost dripping from her tone. "We'll get this changed, get our work done, and move on with life. Sound good to you?"
  74. "That does sound good. All right, I'll help you."
  75. >"Perfect. Just follow me."
  76. >And follow her, you do.
  77. >"Trust me, there's no way she'll turn us down."
  78. ...
  79. >"What do you mean, you won't make him change it?!" Sunset all but screams at the princess, looking down from her throne with that signature smile of hers.
  80. >"The good professor is right, Sunset," the princess replies in her usual, even tone. "Everypony that passed that class has had to take that same assignment, and you're no different."
  81. >You're not sure what flabbergasts you more: the fact that she really rejected your joint petition, or that she maintains her calm, in the midst of Sunset losing her temper!
  82. >"But I--"
  83. >"I suggest you take his advice, and find somepony else to help you through this."
  84. >"Aaagh, who else is there?! Nopony is free enough to help me!"
  85. >"Then perhaps I should rephrase that. Perhaps you should find somehuman else to help you."
  86. >"W-wait, what?"
  87. "Excuse me?"
  88. >"After all," the princess smiles coyly, "You were able to have him help you petition me, weren't you?"
  89. >"Yeah, but--"
  90. >"Then you already have somepo-- ahem, somehuman free enough to help you."
  92. "Princess, with all due respect, my people value independent progress very highly."
  93. >"And since you're here in Equestria, mister Anonymous, you should have the opportunity to learn more about cooperative progress, to better expand your horizons."
  94. "But--" you sputter, unable to believe what you're hearing. "Your highness, please--"
  95. >"I am sorry, but I'm afraid this is all I have time for, today. The court can only be suspended for so long."
  96. >"Princess, please--"
  97. >"There's no need to worry," Celestia says with a small wink. "You'll both be done with your assignment, before you even know it. You may even learn a thing or two, in the process."
  98. >You would have continued your complaints, asking her what the hell she thinks she's playing at, but she waved you both off with that one line, the guards moving to escort you out of her throne room.
  99. >It takes the pair of you a few moments to register the world again, once you've been escorted out.
  100. >"Oh, this is just what I needed," Sunset mutters to herself.
  101. "Damned Equestrian collectivists," you mutter under your breath.
  102. >"Well," she sighs, frustration seeping out of her tone, "I guess we'd better... get this over with."
  103. "Yeah," you sign back, similarly frustrated. "I'll just... get my things, first."
  104. >"I've got to get my own things, too. Ugh, tell you what. Why don't you meet me outside of the main doors?"
  105. "Of course, but what for?"
  106. >"So I can bring you over to my place?"
  107. >Wait, what?
  108. "Your place? Why would we go there?"
  109. >"Because it's got a great study room, one that I use all the time, and the library is only a block away," she says with pride, before it melts into frustration. "I can't believe I'm actually sharing it now, though."
  110. "Does it? Well, that already sounds better than my place."
  111. >"It's settled, then. See you there."
  112. >She starts trotting off.
  113. "Yeah, see you then." you call back, in motion soon after she started.
  114. ...
  115. "Wow," you exhale, taking in the sight. "I didn't expect this, of all things!"
  116. >"It is pretty cool, huh?"
  117. "Sunset, all I have to work with is a single desk! And here you are, with a small library, and a big worktable!"
  118. >You knew she was supported by the princess, but you thought it was like the support of the emperor back home: a pittance title of land and money.
  119. >You didn't realize that Equestrian royal support was quite this...
  120. >Lavish!
  121. >"Glad you like it. Now," she says, curt as can be, "I believe we have work to do."
  122. "A-ah, yes, our work. Where should I...?"
  123. >"On that side of the table."
  124. "Right, right."
  125. >You start unpacking your books, and she does the same, both of you on opposite sides of the big table.
  126. >And without further ado, the two of you get down to work.
  127. ...
  128. >"Huuuugh...! Why does this have to be so hard?!"
  129. "Tell me about it," you moan. "Nothing in the curriculum even remotely prepared us for something like this."
  130. >"Right?! Like, magic theory isn't that difficult! It's like they figured that out halfway through writing the material, and just said 'buck it, let's throw those students a curveball, hahahahah!'."
  131. >Her groan is accompanied by her rubbing her eyes, before her head comes down on the desktop.
  132. >"Tailholes."
  133. >She's not wrong.
  134. >Five days into this damned assignment, and it's been one hell of a slog for the pair of you!
  135. >Not that it's going badly, far from it: you're both on track to finish in time.
  136. >But the sheer amount of time and effort you needed, just to keep on that track?
  137. >Absolutely ridiculous!
  138. >You've both been running on barely five hours of sleep each day, just trying to knuckle down on this material!
  139. >The dark rings under both of your eyes are a testament to that.
  140. >To say you were stressed would be an understatement, and you're positive she feels the same way.
  141. >"Ugh, what time is it?"
  142. >You both look over at the clock, and...
  143. >It's eight at night.
  144. >No, that's quite enough for you, tonight.
  145. >If you have to stay up until midnight again, you're going to go insane.
  146. "Sunset, I think I'll call it here for tonight," you say, standing up from your chair.
  147. >"W-wait hold on, what?! I--"
  148. "I can't keep this up. Every day I stay up that late, I keep making stupid mistakes, or slipping up. I need some actual rest."
  149. >"I..." she begins, clearly intending at first to protest, but quickly veering towards sympathetic, "Th-that actually sounds... like a good plan."
  150. >Her huge yawn punctuates that little need.
  151. >Soon, she joins you in sitting up.
  152. >"You're right. I need some actual sleep. We both do."
  153. "Well, I... guess I'll leave my things here for the night, and see you tomorrow."
  154. >"Huh? You're making it sound like you're leaving."
  155. "I..." you begin, a bit confused. "I am leaving, to my home."
  156. >"Well, why can't you just stay in the guest room, again?"
  157. "Sunset, please, I've imposed enough. I couldn't--"
  158. >"Uh-uh. It's dark out there, you said yourself that you're really tired, and frankly, I don't mind you taking the lazy route, like that."
  159. "I..."
  160. >One look at her expression was all it took to deter you.
  161. >Damn it, this girl is pushy...!
  162. "Fine."
  163. >"There you go. Now come on, let's get out of this damn room."
  164. >No arguments here.
  165. ...
  166. >You can't sleep.
  167. >It's almost ten at night, and you can't fall asleep.
  168. >Damn it...!
  169. >Against your better judgment, you sit up out of the bed, groaning a little.
  170. >Your hands are slightly shaky.
  171. >You can't believe how stressed you are.
  172. >With your whole future riding on this one stupid assignment, how couldn't you be stressed?
  173. >You need something to drink.
  174. >You stand up and head to the kitchen to do just that, downing a few glasses of water in short order.
  175. >It only helped a little.
  177. >Sighing, you head back through the hallway, towards your--
  178. >Wait.
  179. >Did you hear something?
  180. >It...
  181. >Yes, you did!
  182. >You stop in your tracks, listening for any--
  183. >"mmmhh..."
  184. >What is that?
  185. >Is that a... groan?
  186. >"ooh..."
  187. >It... sounds like it.
  188. >Is that Sunset?
  189. >"huugh..."
  190. >You start slowly following the sounds, trying your best to stay quiet.
  191. >"ugh... c-come on...!"
  192. >Your destination is a slightly ajar door, dim orange candlelight flickering from within.
  193. >Against your better judgment, you peer inside.
  194. >Inside, unsurprisingly, is Sunset herself, laid in bed on her side, facing in your general direction.
  195. >A book was being levitated in that bright, opal glow of hers.
  196. >Her face was kind of flushed, and there was definite irritation in her expression.
  197. >"C-come on...! Why isn't this working?"
  198. >What is she--?
  199. >A quiet yelp leaves her, her lip bite stifling most of it.
  200. >You were considering going and asking her what was wrong, but that sound stopped you dead in your tracks.
  201. >Something about it sounded... wrong.
  202. >Not wrong wrong, but--
  203. >She groans anew with much more frustration, then sits up, choosing instead to lie on her back.
  204. >"Stupid book," she grumbles. "Can't believe I paid money for this!"
  205. >You could see the book's contents from this angle.
  206. >They looked like diagrams, but it was too far to really make out.
  207. >A quiet sigh left her again, redirecting your attention to--
  208. >Why are her hindlegs splaying out?
  209. >"I swear, this better work this time!"
  210. >She takes a breath, and then moves one of her forelegs down her body, the hoof reaching towards--
  211. >Holy sh--!
  212. >It's your turn to choke back some noise, your turn to start flushing red.
  213. >The scent hits you at the same time as her renewed groans, the mixture of cinnamon, honey, and something distinctly feminine fuelling your own blush.
  214. >S-she's...!
  215. >No, you shouldn't be looking at this!
  216. >Yet despite your mind's protests, you can't move, still fixed on the sight in front of you.
  217. >The sight of Sunset pleasuring herself.
  218. >"Hrmmm... come on!"
  219. >O-or at least, trying to.
  220. >You couldn't see her actual... parts from this angle, but the way her hoof was... digging into her crotch was fast, jerky, and...
  221. >Well, it didn't really look all that pleasurable.
  222. >It looked kind of painful, to be perfectly honest.
  223. >Maybe if--
  224. >No!
  225. >Damn it, Anon, get out of here!
  226. >Just go, leave her alo--
  227. >"Aaaagh, damn it!" she exclaims, hurling the book towards the door. "This isn't helping at all!"
  228. >Whoa, she's really angry, now!
  229. >"I swear," she begins, climbing off of the bed, and walking towards the book.
  230. >Towards you.
  231. >She picks up the book with her magic, her eyes following it's ascent.
  232. >"When I find that mare, I'm going to--"
  233. >Allowing her to see you.
  234. >Deathly silence falls over everything, only interrupted by the book falling to the ground again.
  235. >She's frozen in place, shocked.
  236. >The same could be said of you.
  237. >It's only when her brow furrows, and she grits her teeth, that the shock is replaced with panic.
  238. >"You?!" she all but screams, throwing the door open.
  239. >The sudden force knocks you down, but you don't get to hit the floor, as you're enveloped in her magic, and floated over towards her.
  240. >Her bright, crackling horn matched the angry expression she now wore.
  241. >"What do you think you're doing?!"
  242. >You can't speak, all your attempts to explain and apologize coming out as a series of splutters.
  243. >She levitates you very close by, her snout pushing up against your nose, her eyes boring into your own.
  244. >"What did you see?"
  245. "I-I--"
  246. >"What did you see?!"
  247. "Nothing!"
  248. >"Horseapples, you didn't!"
  249. "B-but I didn't!" you stammer out at last. "I-I heard noises f-from the hallway, a-and I went t-to see what was making them!"
  250. >"And I bet you loved what you found, didn't you?!"
  251. "Wh-what? No!"
  252. >"Oh right, like that's not the biggest load I've heard all year!"
  253. "I couldn't even see anything from this angle!" you blurt.
  254. >Uh-oh.
  255. >"You... what?"
  256. >Anon, stop.
  257. "A-and what you were doing looked really painful!"
  258. >Anon, stop!
  259. >Oh, no, you've done it, now!
  260. >She's...
  261. >Uh...
  262. >Wait.
  263. >She doesn't look as angry?
  264. >"Painful?" she finally asks, more confused than anything else.
  265. "Yes, painful!"
  266. >She blinks.
  267. >"And... how would you know that?"
  268. >Don't answer that.
  269. "I-I had a good education."
  270. >God damn it, stop!
  271. >You don't even know how to identify the look on her face, right now.
  272. >But she does stop using her magic, dropping you to the ground.
  273. >"Anon."
  274. >She pulls your head up by the chin, her eyes promising bloody murder.
  275. >"You tell a soul about what you saw here, and I'll send you back home in pieces. Clear?"
  276. >You nod vigorously.
  277. >"Get out of my room."
  278. >She doesn't have to tell you twice.
  279. >You scramble your way out, the door slamming shut behind you.
  280. >Your stumbling continues all the way to your bedroom, where you collapse on top of your bed.
  281. >This time, sleep finds you easily.
  282. ...
  283. >Another night, another failed attempt at sleeping.
  284. >Neither one of you slept well, not after... yesterday.
  285. >Neither one of you wanted to talk all that much, either.
  286. >A slow day's worth of progress was the end result, though both of you did decide to end it off earlier that night, again.
  287. >And here you are, still awake at nine-thirty.
  288. >You sigh.
  289. >This was a bad idea.
  290. >Maybe you should--
  291. >The door to your room opening breaks you from your thoughts, and on the other side was none other than Sunset, herself.
  292. >"Anon."
  293. >Wait, Sunset?
  294. >Wh-what does she want?
  295. >She looks...
  296. >Wait.
  297. >She looks nervous?
  298. >Why does she--
  299. >"Anon!" she yells, now equal parts frustrated and nervous.
  300. "Yes!" you blurt. "I-I mean, y-yes, Sunset?"
  301. >"Come with me."
  303. "Huh?"
  304. >She doesn't even wait for your reply, instead turning tail and walking down the hallway.
  305. >"Now."
  306. >Something in her tone pushed you to scramble out of bed, and you did indeed end up following her down the hallway.
  307. >Following her into her room.
  308. >Her room?
  309. >Why did she--?
  310. >The door closes behind you, and she turns back around to face you, again.
  311. >The candlelight really illustrated how tired she really looked.
  312. >"I've never been this stressed in my life," she groans, an almost desperate edge to her voice. "This stupid assignment's been keeping me up all night."
  313. >She begins pacing around.
  314. >"I know I have to do this, that we have to do this, but..."
  315. >Did she just sniffle?
  316. >"I don't know if we can."
  317. >She looks back over to you, her eyes beginning to mist over.
  318. >"I can't work like this. It's too much. But nothing I do to try and take a load off is working!
  319. >"I can't fail this, Anon! I've worked too hard, I've got too many things riding on my success! But, I..."
  320. >Her head falls.
  321. >"I don't know what to do," she sighs, her voice cracking.
  322. >A few beats of silence pass, before you decide to speak up.
  323. "I thought I was the only one."
  324. >"Huh?" she replies, her head coming back up. "Y-you mean, you...?"
  325. "Constantly. I'm the only human who's good enough to take on Equestrian magic studies. Do you know how many people want to see me succeed?"
  326. >"N-no, I... I don't."
  327. "Let's just say that some of the emperor's confidants have a stake in this. Then, there's my family. And let's not forget all the financial backing by the imperial universities."
  328. >"O-oh, gosh! A-and I thought getting picked by Celestia was bad enough!"
  329. "It's definitely not easy."
  330. >Your own head falls.
  331. "I fail this, and I let them all down. And believe me, you don't want to let down anyone connected to the emperor."
  332. >You sit yourself down on the floor.
  333. "So yeah, I know how you feel. Never been this stressed in my life before, either."
  334. >Her gaping, surprised look lasted for a while, before it was broken up by some nervous laughter, with an equally nervous expression.
  335. >"H-heheh... wow, uh... now I feel kinda bad, for wanting to ask you about, uh..."
  336. "What?" you respond, quite confused. "What did you want to ask?"
  337. >"W-well, uh, heheh... it might kind of sorta be about... well, last night."
  338. "Last ni--?"
  339. >Oh, God!
  340. "Oh! Th-that?"
  341. >"Y-yeah, that."
  342. "I-- L-look, I told you, I didn't mean to--"
  343. >"N-no, nonono, it's not that! It's, well... uh... ohh boy."
  344. >She swallows dry, her eyes darting back and forth, before proceeding:
  345. >"Y-you said that what I was doing was, uh... p-painful?"
  346. "Yes?"
  347. >"I uh... I don't really know what else to do."
  348. >You stare blankly at her for a few moments, her words sinking in.
  349. "Sunset," you begin, "Please tell me that Equestria has sexual education classes."
  350. >"Wh-what?! O-of course it does! Why wouldn't it?!"
  351. "Because I'm... not really sure how it's possible, that you don't know, well what to do. Unless..."
  352. >Your brow furrows, as another realization sets in.
  353. "Please don't tell me they only teach you about their function."
  354. >She begins embarrassed, but quickly flips to confused.
  355. >"Hold on, what? Why would they teach you more than that?"
  356. >Your pinch the bridge of your nose.
  357. "Never thought I'd have to explain this," you groan, before standing up. "All right, I suppose you deserve an explanation."
  358. >You make your way over to a nearby table, where--
  359. >"A-actually, could we... sit over here, on the bed?"
  360. >The bed?
  361. "Uh, all right...?"
  362. >"Sorry, just... I've had enough of hard chairs for one day."
  363. "Fair enough."
  364. >You sit cross-legged on the end of the bed, Sunset climbing up and laying down up at the front.
  365. >"S-so, uh... maybe you should tell me about how, well, you guys teach it."
  366. "Right," you begin. "Well, our sexual education is very... comprehensive. We aren't just taught what the various... components do, but what to do with them."
  367. >"Wh-what to... do with them?" she asks, her face beginning to redden.
  368. "Diagrams, positions, erogenous zone overviews, all of it. They teach all this at a different institution, you know. One meant only for this lesson plan. And then, of course, there's the family planning classes afterwards, but..."
  369. >"Hold on, what?!" she yelps, face red as a tomato. "They teach you that?!"
  370. "They do. Part of 'The Grand Expansion', something the emperor instituted sixteen years ago. One of it's goals was to combat falling birth rates, as well as climbing divorce rates."
  371. >"Oh," she gasps, the colour partly draining from her face. "A-and, it... works?"
  372. "It does. You'd be amazed at how many couples stay together, when both partners know how to... please one another."
  373. >Your head tilts slightly, as you regard her.
  374. "I didn't think this would be very contentious for you."
  375. >"Are you kidding?" she gesticulates, her blush back to full strength, and her limbs shaking slightly. "I-I mean, it's weird, sure, but that at least sounds way more useful than--"
  376. >She bites back what she's about to say.
  377. >"W-well, it... it doesn't matter. I-interesting, how you guys do it."
  378. "Now, will you tell me why you called me here?"
  379. >Just like that, she gets nervous again.
  380. "You didn't call me here just to explain Dominion sex-ed, I presume."
  381. >"N-no, I, ahahah... I didn't. W-well, uh, y-you know that book I had?"
  382. "You had a book, but I didn't catch what it was."
  383. >She gives you an owlish look, before she buries her head in her forelegs, her face somehow becoming even redder.
  384. >She levitates a book towards you, while she does this.
  385. >'51 Ways to Please Yourself: A Complete Guide on Managing Stress'
  387. >Oh.
  388. >That's what she was reading.
  389. >Now the pieces are coming together.
  390. "You... tried to relieve your stress that way?"
  391. >"Mmhm."
  392. >You take the book, and flick through it really quickly.
  393. >It was... well-illustrated, you'll give it that, and you'd be lying if it wasn't ever-so-slightly arousing to read.
  394. >But the arousal evaporated in the face of the problems within it, with the prescribed amount of force needed, noticing the limitations a hoof imposes, and other things of that nature.
  395. "Tch, small wonder it didn't work," you snort, throwing the book over your shoulder. "Very little of that would actually feel good. Too much force."
  396. >"R-really...?"
  397. "Really. Honestly, it's a wonder that author hasn't been sued for promoting self-harm!"
  398. >Never thought that Equestria would be this lost, in this regard!
  399. >"W-well, uh... I guess in that case..."
  400. >She peeks out from her legs, her tail flicking side to side.
  401. >"W-would you mind, uh... correcting the record?"
  402. >What?
  403. "What?"
  404. >She springs up, waving her forelegs in a placating fashion.
  405. >"N-nothing too big, of course! I-I'm not asking you for a roll in the hay!"
  406. >That doesn't help to stop your own blush from creeping in.
  407. >"I just... nothing I usually do works! I'm too wound up for it! I-if you could, you know, show me what I'm doing wrong, then..."
  408. >Your sigh this time is shaky, as you process what she's asking.
  409. >"I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have--"
  410. "No, no, i-it's fine." you reassure, more for yourself than her. "This is a... fairly common stress outlet."
  411. >"S-so, you'll...?"
  412. "I suppose so," you say, rubbing the back of your head. "To be honest, I haven't had much of an... outlet myself, lately."
  413. >"W-wait, you haven't been...?" she asks, disbelief in her look.
  414. "No, of course not! Never at a guest's house!"
  415. >"Oh. That's..."
  416. >A realization crosses her face, and her look to you becomes a bit more confident.
  417. >"Okay. H-how about a deal?"
  418. "A deal?"
  419. >"Y-you help me with my... problem," she says, trembling slightly as she sits upright, "A-and I'll help you get some... relief of your own. That fair?"
  420. >Oh, God...!
  421. >She's actually...?
  422. "I..."
  423. >"Anon, a-are you okay?"
  424. "F-fine, why?"
  425. >"You're shaking."
  426. >You look down at your hand, to find it is indeed shaking.
  427. >The deep breath you take is just as shaky.
  428. >"I-is something wrong? Oh, damn it, did I say something wrong?"
  429. "N-no, no, you didn't say anything wrong," you placate. "Just... you're sure about this?"
  430. >"A-Anon, come on, don't ask me that, now!"
  431. "Right, sorry, I said that wrong. It's just that... I'm not so sure about the whole... species difference."
  432. >Now you're getting the feeling you must've said something wrong, if her surprised look was anything to go by.
  433. >"The... species difference? You mean, you prefer other humans?"
  434. "I-It's not so much 'prefer', please understand. I just... like to know what I'm getting into, and, well, I'm not all that knowledgeable on pony... anatomy, if... you know what I mean?"
  435. >She just gives you a blank look.
  436. >Oh, marvellous.
  437. >Now you've definitely gone and--
  438. >"Snrk..."
  439. >Wait a minute, is she smiling?
  440. >No, trying not to laugh?
  441. >"Heh... ohmygosh, you..."
  442. >She can't hold it in any longer, giggling to herself for several moments.
  443. "Hey, what's so funny?"
  444. >"Heehahahah! O-ohh my gosh, you're such a dork!"
  445. "Hey!"
  446. >She stands up, walking towards you with an wide, swinging gait.
  447. >"But I'm not going to lie, I kind of like that."
  448. >Her snout almost presses against your nose by the time she stops, and her eyes are beginning to lid.
  449. >"All right, then," she croons, "I guess we'll have to... coach each other, then. Now, do we have a deal?"
  450. >You swallow dry.
  451. >You're still nervous about... charting new territory, like this.
  452. >But, it's not as if there's any other option, considering the alternative.
  453. "Y-yeah," you finally say. "Deal."
  454. >Her smile grows at your words, though only briefly.
  455. >She moves in to kiss you, almost as if sealing the deal.
  456. >You don't waste time in reciprocating, finding this to not be as alien as you expected.
  457. >Still, it only lasts for a few seconds, before she draws back, tracing a hoof down your cheat.
  458. >"I never got why you humans wear clothes all the time," she asks, her horn glowing.
  459. >You can feel your shirt unbuttoning in the wake of her hoof, no doubt from her magic.
  460. >"Heh, not like it'll matter much, in a moment..."
  461. >The instant your shirt is fully unbuttoned, she pulls it off, tossing it over to the side.
  462. >S-she's definitely more forward than you are...!
  463. >"Well, don't just sit there," she hums, already working on unfastening your pants. "You're allowed to touch me, you know."
  464. "R-right...!"
  465. >Your hands come up a little quickly, rubbing alongside her barrel.
  466. >Was she always this soft?
  467. >She sits down, when she feels your hands begin to reach further backwards, allowing your hands to easily trace down towards her rear.
  468. >Meanwhile, she succeeds in undoing your pants, and you shift around to let her pull them off.
  469. >"Really?" she says with bemusement. "Another pair, underneath those?"
  470. >Your attempt to explain underwear was cut off by her gently pressing a hoof into your crotch, roping a groan out of you.
  471. >Grinning at your response, she moves her head down towards the same spot, her teeth closing around the waistband.
  472. >It's hard not to tense up, as she pulls them off with her mouth, your half-stiffened member springing out in the process.
  473. >She lets out a fascinated hum when she sees it, and quickly discards the underwear to get a better look at it.
  475. >"Oh wow, that's different!" she hums, stroking a fetlock up and down along the underside. "Wonder what this little guy can do, hmm?"
  476. "Ugh...!"
  477. >You can't help but hiss at the sensation.
  478. >Good God, that's nice...!
  479. >She looks back up at you, taking her hoof off and standing back upright with an increasingly hungry smile.
  480. >"But we'll get to that little guy in a moment. Now, about that coaching..."
  481. >With one last grin, she turns around completely, her rear end now dominating your view.
  482. >Her tail flicks aside a few times, before her stance widens, and her tail lifts proper, allowing you a full view of her nethers.
  483. >It's amazing, how much that tail of theirs covers up, but now that you're seeing what they were hiding...
  484. >Well, you'd be lying, if you said it wasn't altogether fascinating and arousing.
  485. >Swallowing dry again, you move in, placing your hands on her rear, and gently squeezing.
  486. >Huh, so it was mostly muscle, making up the shape.
  487. >Sunset, on her part, groans a little.
  488. >"C-come on, don't play around!"
  489. >Impatient, isn't she?
  490. >Regardless, you do move a hand to begin a... more thorough examination of her mare parts.
  491. >Just touching the large, outer lips of her opening has her tensing up, a small grunt escaping from her.
  492. >Well, that's encouraging.
  493. >Trying to keep your hands from shaking, you begin rubbing her opening, slowly at first.
  494. >You can't believe how much heat is coming off of her!
  495. >I-imagine what it must feel like...!
  496. >No, stay focused!
  497. >You keep at this for a while, taking Sunset's moans as a sign you're doing well.
  498. >"Ooh... N-not bad..."
  499. >A-all right, let's see if the next step works, here...
  500. >You gently pull her folds apart, exposing the pink, inner flesh to the open air, and allowing you to get a good look at what you're dealing with.
  501. >"Aah...!"
  502. >The first thing that strikes you, is her clitoris.
  503. >Not just it's size, or it's little heart shape, but it's tendency to pop out by itself!
  504. >That's very different, but...
  505. >It's definitely a good kind of different.
  506. >Alright, enough gawking.
  507. >You press a finger against the sizable nub, getting a shudder for your trouble.
  508. >"A-aah! Ohh gosh, that's nice..."
  509. >You almost don't need to rub it, it's frequency of popping out increasing, but you'd rather not play the rules too loosely.
  510. >She begins to pant, her back legs widening, and beginning to shake.
  511. >"O-ohmygosh..."
  512. >Time to move on, you think.
  513. "Sunset?"
  514. >"Wh-what?"
  515. "Would you be fine with me... using my fingers?"
  516. >"Y-you mean, p-putting them... inside"
  517. "Yes. I... didn't know if--"
  518. >"Do it," she groans, looking back with a far hungrier expression.
  519. >You don't waste any time, inserting your pointer finger.
  520. >She gasps as it slides in with barely any effort.
  521. >But the sheer amount of fluid wasn't the first thing to strike you, about her insides.
  522. >The temperature was the first thing, followed by her inner muscles, clamping down and almost milking the digit with a surprising amount of force.
  523. >If you weren't fully erect before, you certainly were now!
  524. >You add your middle finger into the mix, and begin to slowly pump the pair in and out.
  525. >"Haaaah! D-don't you stooooooop!"
  526. >You don't know if it was pony sensitivity, or simply her being on edge, but she was nearing her climax, already.
  527. >When she began pushing her hips against your fingers, you increased the amount of force you used on her, in turn.
  528. >"Aah! A-Anon, I...! I'm...!"
  529. >Timing it carefully, you plunge your fingers into her hard, holding them in place.
  530. >That sends her over the edge.
  531. >Sunset cries out, her front half flattening out against the bed.
  532. >Her marehood clamps hard around your fingers, locking them in place and rippling around them with even more force, trying to draw out whatever it could.
  533. >What really surprised you, was that it did that for a little over ten seconds.
  534. >But once it finished, her whole body collapsed on top of the bed, while she pants.
  535. >You had to admit, you were panting a little, too.
  536. >That scent of hers, that cinnamon and honey mixture, becoming a lot stronger, and a lot more feminine, had a fair bit to do with that.
  537. >You pull your fingers free, a slight whimper escaping her as you do so.
  538. >Wow.
  539. >That was...
  540. >Exotic.
  541. >"Oh, wooooow..."
  542. >When she turns to look at you, her face holds equal parts bliss and hunger.
  543. >"H-hey, Anon?"
  544. "Y-yes?"
  545. >"M-my turn to ask you for something."
  546. >You swallow dry again, as she pulls herself back up, turning to face you.
  547. >"You know how I said I'd help you get a little... relief of your own?"
  548. "Wh-what about it?"
  549. >Several things happen, at once.
  550. >First, she plants her hooves on your shoulders, pushing you onto your back.
  551. >Then, she moves up along your whole body, her hindlegs straddling your waist.
  552. >"How'd you like it..."
  553. >She all but drops her crotch on top of your own, flattening your member against your belly with her marehood.
  554. >You're entirely unsuccessful at holding back your gasp, the incredible, moist heat almost sending you over the edge, right then and there.
  555. >And judging from her look, she knew it.
  556. >"If we actually did have a little roll in the hay?" she purrs into your ear.
  557. "W-wait, you what?"
  558. >"You heard me."
  559. >Oh God, she's started rubbing herself against you!
  560. "I-- aah! Y-you're sure about-- nngh!"
  561. >"Anon," she hums, a grin spreading across her face as she looks down at you. "If I wasn't sure about wanting you to rut me, would I do this?"
  562. >She presses harder against your member, slowly dragging her marehood down your shaft from tip to base, while never once breaking eye contact.
  563. "Gaah...!"
  564. >"Or this?"
  565. >She reverses direction, dragging her opening back up to the tip.
  566. >You bite back your own moan, trying so hard not to blow.
  568. "S-Sunset..." you groan, almost like a plea.
  569. >"Well? What's your answer?"
  570. >S-she's serious.
  571. >She wants to take this all the way.
  572. >And so do you.
  573. >You're so fortunate that she's just sitting there, letting you recover enough to speak:
  574. "Y-yes."
  575. >"'Yes', what?"
  576. "S-Sunset, please, don't make me--"
  577. >"I'm making you," she chuckles, leaning in and licking your ear. "Say it."
  578. "I..." you stammer, "I'd l-love to have that... r-roll in the hay, with you."
  579. >"Oh, you would?"
  580. "Yes...!"
  581. >She giggles, pulling her head back, grinning even wider.
  582. >Then, she starts raising her hips back up, her marehood and your member maintaining contact as you rise to meet her.
  583. >She stops right as the tip begins to prod at her opening.
  584. >You try to grab hold of said hips, but a flash of her magic pushes your hands back onto the bed.
  585. >"Uh-uh. You just sit back and enjoy yourself."
  586. >Leaving you to watch, as she begins to take you inside of her.
  587. >She begins slowly, pausing a few times to let you get used to how her insides feel, before she drops down on your member in one fell swoop.
  588. >You cry out, once again fighting to keep yourself from finishing too quickly.
  589. >The sensation is beyond incredible, and you writhe around on the bed, gritting your teeth and gripping the sheets, as you try to get used to the feeling.
  590. >The gentle, sucking motions her muscles were making around you weren't helping in that department.
  591. >Sunset, on her part, lets a quiet little sigh out, and mercifully, doesn't move.
  592. >"Oh, wow," she starts, "Didn't think you'd last through that, Anon..."
  593. >Despite getting more and more used to her, all you offer in response is a groan.
  594. >A second, louder groan follows, as she picks that moment to start rocking her hips back and forth, as if grinding against you.
  595. >"S-so, I'd say all that coaching's worked out pretty well, h-huh?"
  596. "S-Sunset...!"
  597. >You try again to reach for her hips, only to have your hands pushed away once again.
  598. >"Ah-ah-aaaah, what did I say?" she leers down at you, fully aware of what she's doing.
  599. "P-please," you choke out, "I-I'm--!"
  600. >"So, so close?"
  601. >She begins to pull herself off of you, the contrast of the cool air to her insides making your gasp that much louder.
  602. >"Heheh, you should see the faces you're making right now..."
  603. >Right before she pulls off completely, she slides right back down to the base, your toes curling from the sensation.
  604. >"Trying so hard to not... fire off early."
  605. >She lifts her hips up again.
  606. >"Haah... it's really sweet."
  607. >When she comes back down, you almost finish right then and there, the tingling waves of pleasure heralding your climax coming, but never quite reaching that critical point, leaving an almost painful build-up for you, instead.
  608. >You make another fruitless attempt to grab her, being met with the same results.
  609. >"T-though I've gotta say, that one looked pretty painful..."
  610. "I-I can't...!"
  611. >You've never been this pent up before, never had anyone do this!
  612. >"Aww, of course you can! I really want to see how long you can go for!"
  613. >Words completely fail you, as she starts pulling off of you again.
  614. >"I'm sure you won't disappoint."
  615. >With that final moan, she hilts you again, almost bringing you to your climax again.
  616. >She continues doing this, over and over, keeping you right on the edge, but never letting you go over.
  617. >Always adjusting how fast she goes, always watching you to see how close you are.
  618. >You, however, can't speak.
  619. >You can barely even move.
  620. >All you can do is lie there, edged for God knows how long, your moans and occasional whimpers hinting at just how badly you wanted to finish.
  621. >It was too much for any man to bear.
  622. >Through the chaos of your own nerves, you feel her beginning to speed up, her movements becoming more erratic.
  623. >Refocusing on her gets you the sight of her flushed, sweating face, her tongue lolling out and her moans much throatier than before.
  624. >She's getting close, you realize.
  625. >"Aah... O-oh gosh, you're something else...! Aah...!"
  626. >In that instant, you notice her horn had stopped glowing.
  627. >You hatch a desperate plan, right then and there.
  628. >"A-Anon... I-I'm..."
  629. >She pulls off of you, biting her lip to stifle a moan.
  630. >Time seems to slow, as you make your move.
  631. >Your hands launch out once she's at her peak, finding purchase on her hips.
  632. >By the time she realizes what's happening, it's too late.
  633. >You slam her back down on top of you, her cry eclipsed completely by the protracted, guttural yell that just escaped you.
  634. >Stars explode across your vision as you finally find your release, each throb of your member setting your nerves alight with agony and ecstasy alike.
  635. >The only things you hear, is the audible spurting your climax generates, synchronized with her loud squeals of delight.
  636. >You have no idea how long this goes on for, and you're in absolutely no position to care.
  637. >But by the time it finally tapers out, you taper out along with it, your vision and hearing becoming a blur.
  638. >Something orange and red hovers over you, whispering something, and you think you feel something wet press itself against your cheek.
  639. >After that, everything faded to black.
  640. ...
  641. >"Woohoo!" Sunset cheers, jumping into the air.
  642. "Did we pass?"
  643. >"Better than that!" she exclaims, floating the grading paper over to you.
  644. >Your eyes bulge at the sight.
  645. >A 100% grade.
  646. "Holy shit," you mutter.
  647. >Sunset's the first to rear up and hug you, still riding high from the news.
  648. >It doesn't take long for you to join her, the two of you dancing around in place for a few moments, cheering.
  649. >"Ohhhhmygosh, I am so glad that's bucking over and done with!"
  650. "You're telling me!"
  651. >The dancing stops, the pair of you grinning at each other with lidded eyes.
  652. >"Got any celebration ideas, Anon?"
  653. "I've got some Dominion wine back at my place."
  654. >"It's a date."
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