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  1. But the sensation soon faded. She was still bound in position. With no warning, the man pulled out of her, the motion making a wet sound. “Get on your knees.” He ordered with no hesitation and her body all but jumped to obey until her knees her on the cold, stone floor in front of a now, and now slick, erection.
  3. He reached down to Abby's heavy tits and squeezed. Hard. She gasped as he manhandled her roughly, testing the weight and feel of her breasts. She thought she knew what was coming next. She'd have to get her mouth around the thick cock in front of her.
  5. She was wrong. He bent his knees a little and postioned his tip at her nipple. She slowly realised what had changed. He pressed forwards and her newly altered nipple opened to let the cock slide into her new hole. She gasped in pain. It felt like losing her vigrinity again as her nipple was stretched around the enormous thing. It sunk in deeper, and deeper... then it pulled out slowly, inch by inch before making its way back in. It worked her slowly. In and out again.
  7. Then he simply walked away. The motion pulled his cock free of her entirely, leaving her kneeling on the floor, feeling sick.
  9. “Get up, and follow me.” He said tersely and led her from the almost medieval looking office. Little changed about that aesthetic as she was led through long stone halls, passing many doors. Most were closed. Some were open. She saw bondage dungeons, medical theatres, torture chambers, stables of strange monsters. The more she saw, the more she realised her life was over.
  11. As he walked, he gave her more commands. “Do not remove the collar. Do not let anyone else remove the collar. Do not try to harm yourself or others.” Then he opened the door to the destination.
  13. She found herself looking at a huge hall, with lots of comfortable furinture and rugs... much less hard then the rest of the place. There was a line of girls stood on the stage she had just stepped onto. A pretty blonde with a tattoo on her arm and classic 'girl next door' looks. Next to her was a short spindly girl with big tits... though she also sported a salient nose and underbite. She'd been shaved completely bald and her pale skin was covered in tattoos of anime girls being raped by monsters among advertisements for her holes. Another pale girl was next in line, who could only be decribed as thicc, with huge tits, brightly coloured hair and many facial piercings. Then another, thinner redhead who was probably the daintiest girl there.
  15. Last was a woman who stood in front of them, looking out to a crowd of around thirty naked men. She had exactly the right proportions in every sense and looked like a Photoshopped picture of a pornstar given life. A mane of wild blond hair ran down the creamy skin of her back as she spoke to the crowd.
  17. “Good evening gentlemen!” She said happily. “Welcome to our little club. For those of you that are joining us for the first time, I'll go over the rules. These five sex slaves are yours to use for the whole night. You can do anything you like to them, but they need to stay alive – for the moment at least. While you can have as much fun as you like, the goal is to get them pregnant. That's what you've paid for. You've all had the fertility drugs, and they've all been purged of birth control. If you're successful, we'll let you know in a few months. If not, you'll have free entry to the next meeting.” Abby felt ice start to form in her stomach.
  19. “Now, from our right,” the man said, stepping forward, gesturing at Abby, “We have – for your use – Abby, Brooke, Sam, Jasmine, and Ashley.” He looked at them with a mocking smile. “Walk into the middle of the crowd and do anything they ask you too.”
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