Nov 10th, 2013
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  1. Thanks for your choice, David, J.R. and everyone, I am truly honored. I'm already honored just working with you guys, this vote of trust tops it.
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  4. FYI - I am a founding member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association, and with Bitblu out of the picture I plan to use some of that time to push that forward as well, not just Mastercoin. My primary focus will be Mastercoin though.
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  7. For the time being, I am not expecting any specific form of compensation. I am already a big investor in Mastercoin, and this seems like the natural way for me to push this forward. I was very enthusiastic about the project since July, and the icing on the cake was discovering the CFD feature which guarantees we can implement fully decentralized assets, and realizing I can even implement Bitblu's original vision on top of Mastercoin one day.
  9. This means I can consolidate two of my largest passions in the last months into one, which is a tremendous benefit for me.
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  12. I would love to hear your opinions and expectations about of this role and of me.
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  15. Just for the record, David approached me about this role some time ago, and recently again this week. This week I replied at first that I'd dive into Mastercoin anyway, but I'm not sure I need the title at this point.
  17. However, after actively working on it for just a few days, and after seeing the roadmap ahead, I really think this is something I'd like to do. More correctly, I think I will be doing this role anyway, title or no title, and the title of Executive Director is just the best fit we found to describe what I'm already doing.
  19. The final clincher today was connecting with someone on LinkedIn ... I had to choose a position for "how I know this person" ... and realized it still says "Bitblu CEO" as my title. That title is simply irrelevant and outdated now, and I feel I should need to have some Mastercoin-related title as my active role.
  21. If for any reason you feel hesitant or feel this is too soon, please say so. This is a big decision for all of us, and we would like to get it right.
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