TWEET - B380 changelog

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  1. [Recommended]
  2. Include the all new EMUI 3.0
  3. Added multi-page folders
  4. Added changeable widgets
  5. Added smart notification panel
  6. Added one-hand layout mode
  8. [System]
  9. New and improved suspend button
  10. A greater emphasis on design, utility and experience
  12. [All new UI]
  13. Dot, line and circle design
  14. Magazine-like visual experience, with translucent and burry effects, large vibrant images, spaces and contrast.
  15. Flattened UI elements and abstract, ergonomic design.
  17. [Home Screen]
  18. Vast collection of online themes; easier ways to interact with home screen elements; various other improvements.
  20. [Snapshot]
  21. Clear and simple camera interface with panorama and beauty modes and a wide variety of watermarks.
  22. Notes:
  23. Your home screen will be restored to its default layout after the update. Before the update, make sure your phone has not been rooted and that you have sufficient battery power and storage space. If you encounter any issues, please go to the Huawei maintenance and service website or a service center for help.
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