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Mar 5th, 2016
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  1. Chris Sheridan 2/24/12
  3. “Okay folks. You may have already guessed it by the title but today you are going to design the very best ever piece of literature. You must follow the government guidelines. Remember you can’t insert any political, personal, emotional, or any statement that can encourage thought. If you do, you’ll be jailed and fined. You can only use the government mandated vocabulary, and you must not go over 250 words. You must be done by yesterday or last week. Good luck, and may god be with you.” The flyer exclaimed. Charlie felt a moist, watery substance run against his neck. Charlie started to get a feeling of being anxious as he couldn’t figure if he should tell the world the truth or not. Charlie was a retired politician as he left many years ago after finding out the government was corrupt. Though recently, he was forced to come back into office. The government wanted to keep the same people in the government so nothing change and they could keep their secrets with each other. Charlie suddenly started to write. “The polls and elections have been rigged for decades. We’ve had the same president for the last 15 years. You haven’t seemed to notice because the media could never report on it. We’ve had a ban on free speech, freedom of the press, and almost everything that revolves around information for years. You all have been brainwashed and I hope this is the key to unlocking the revolution the word desperately needs. I’ve been sitting in this damp, dark, terrifying place the secret service call a holding cell. The secret service has been told to tie up loose ends and hold them where I am currently. We get tortured daily, and we can feel every prick, every prod, every slice, every punch, the list goes on. The US has been the ringleader of the world. I hear from outside sources that revolutions are popping up daily around the world but to no avail. My advice is that if you can control the capital, you’ll be able to take back everything. Washington D.C. has been the only weak point the government has had in an extensive amount of time. Do with this writing as you will, but everyone must know that I full on support the downfall of this tyrannical empire. I apologize for any damage I’ve caused over the years in my role in the government, but I want to correct my mistakes. I want my life to be worth something and I want to be on the right side of history.” Charlie had done it, he broke the rules. His hands were trembling as he handed this off to be delivered to revolutionaries around the world. He knew what he had done could kill him, but he’d rather die helping the world, then tearing the world apart.
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