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  1. Create a new item for mount:
  2. • Type: ITEM_UNIQUE;
  3. • SubType: USE_MOUNT;
  4. • WearFlags: WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT;
  5. • First limit field: LEVEL (if you want to need a certain level to use this item);
  6. • ApplyType(s) field(s): Add bonuses to the mount;
  7. • Value0: 525600 = 365 days (is REAL_TIME);
  8. • Value4: The vnum of mount who you go to ride (example: 20115).
  9. • Value5: If you want to see an special effect when you wear the item (if 0 or if value inserted not exist, will not show any effect, those effects is from SE_EFFECTNAME -> Special Effects).
  10. • Also I recommend to check the item_proto.txt from this archive to understand others.
  12. Option in CONFIG:
  13. • MOUNT_MAP_UNALLOWED: index of maps where you want to can't mount.
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