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  1. Research question and motivation:
  2. How do people perceive other people who talk[speak] with a dialect? Do they think dialect[-]using people are less intelligent?
  3. To answer this question I will investigate the effect to(on) listeners of a dialect using,[remove , replace with a] non-native speaker. I choose to use an artificial dialect used by the Star Wars alien character Jar Jar Binks. This character is often perceived as simple-minded and even as unintelligent and I wonder if this feature[discernment] applied to the character[remove "applied to the character"} is due to his use of a dialect, a grammatical(grammatically) incorrect version of American English.
  4. Since Jar Jar Binks is an artificial movie character, his dialect is generated too. By analyzing the features of this dialect[,] the findings can be applied to four written texts. These texts will be read by four speakers, each texts[remove s] in two versions, one grammatically correct and one grammatically incorrect version, where the dialect is applied on[remove "on"] . At least ten listeners will answer a survey, providing answers about certain features they perceived by listening to the texts (e.g. Intelligent, foreign, exotic... etc.). By evaluating the surveys a tendency will appear.[Scrap this sentence. Replace with "The surveys will then be evaluated in hopes of finding a pattern in the reception."]  Does the generated dialect let people seem less intelligent? [Replace this with "Does the generated dialect cause listeners to perceive the speaker as less intelligent?"
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