Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 5, Double-faced

Aug 21st, 2016
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  1. >After some walking across the tiny town in the middle of the Everfree Forest, you noticed that… you haven’t seen a single soul in this place. As you followed Sweetie Belle behind, your thoughts for new ideas were coming out
  2. >Get information from the filly, get to know the identity of the leader, maybe get inside their rebellion… well, that won’t work due you are a tiny kid. Unless you tell to the leader something that would make them want to let you join
  3. >Like telling a lie about Discord’s weakness or something… but how, hmmm…
  4. >Well, you’ll think about it later. Right now is time for some questions before arriving with the rest of the kids
  5. “Say, Sweetie…” Damn you need to get used to weird names. “Why is the town so empty?”
  6. >”Right now the adults are in a meeting or something, I don’t know if it was for you or something else”
  7. >Damn, even for a colt they suspect that you are a threat, uh. You need to befriend more than this filly to get them to calm down
  8. >You two arrive to what appears to be a school; the building was simple, made out of wood, leaves and not much else to help it hold in place. For some reason, you notice a weird presence in this build, as if something was protecting it
  9. >Well, maybe is for the fact that is a school that ponies would want to protect it… maybe this has some kind of magic? A magic barrier? A monster to attack in self-defense? Anything that triggers that, you don’t want to be near it
  10. >”We are here, Anon! The school of the town. Now, if you need help by making friends with them, you shouldn’t worry! They are friendly, like me!” Damn this filly had a squeaky voice that was so sweet as sugar
  11. >Just keep a lower profile and don’t forget… act like a kid. Not that much of a kid, but just enough to… get in the group of kids. Damn, how old is this pony body? You didn’t ask Discord
  12. >You looked at the filly and gave a nervous smile to her
  13. “Can I start with you, then?” You play with your tiny right hoof and make a circle on the dirt. “Being honest… I don’t remember having friends before… everything is so… blurry…”
  14. >This should be enough bait for her, acting like a kid with amnesia is a classic. Boy, hopefully you get to use more tricks you’ve seen in the television
  15. >You could see in her reaction that Sweetie Belle felt worse for you and was trying to hide her sadness by a kind and polite smile
  16. >”Well, of course! I can be your friend, Anon… and I know I won’t be your last friend.” She went directly to you and gave you a gentle hug… damn you didn’t expect that shit. “Trust me… everything will be okay”
  17. >The hug is… so… comfy. As if you were hugging a big marshmallow. Your tail swings for a bit as you take a sniff near her mane, it smelt like peppermint
  18. >You tenderly return the hug and wait for her to know what she’s doing. Some seconds pass and she reacts by blushing like a tomato, you just grin in reply to her
  19. >”U-Uhm, let’s just go inside, shall we?” She takes some steps away from you and looks forward without looking at you. Was she doing a face with her muzzle? You swear you saw something
  20. >Eh… whatever, you shrug it off and walk behind her. She opens the wooden door to the school… as soon as you put a step inside… you feel a damn chill in your back, as if… someone just touched it
  21. “Que chin-“ You look at your back but nothing was there, just the same tail you want to follow like a dog
  22. >Brrrrt… felt cold as fuck.
  23. >Good thing that the filly didn’t hear your Spanish… you need to manage your randomly speaking
  24. >You walk a little faster to catch up with Sweetie Belle who didn’t know you stopped just to look at your back; she was already in a door with a sign up saying “3-1”
  25. >Oh boy, mathematics! The nostalgia of the easy math questions…
  26. “The answer is two”
  27. >Sweetie Belle before opening the door gives you a “ugh?” and a confused expression
  28. >You point your hoof at where the sign is
  29. “There! Three minus one is two!”
  30. >Sweetie Belle starts to giggle a little
  31. >”That means classroom 3-2, Anon. Not a math problem!”
  32. “…I knew that.” Your eyes look at the right and left very quickly. “SO, are we going to enter and meet everyonnnnnnny? Everypony?”
  33. >Sweetie Belle giggles a bit more and slightly nods as she pushes the door to let it open
  34. >Nailed that like Jesus in the cross
  35. >Sweetie Belle steps in the classroom, you thought there would be a teacher here… but there was no one. Maybe he or she is in the meeting too, how weird to leave kids alone by themselves
  36. >Yet again, there is something in this building… that is probably protecting it. You don’t know how, but you feel it for some reason
  37. >”Hey everyone, we have a new pony in town! I want you all to give a warm welcoming to him!” Sweetie Belle presents you and you look at the group of kids that…
  38. >They are… only 4 ponies in here. You expected a whole group of at least 20 kids going around and doing… child stuff, but no… there were only 4 kids and they were talking with each other, probably about you
  39. >Sweetie Belle steps behind you and pushes you a bit. Maybe she thought you were shy, but you were confused… were this all the kids in the town? Do ponies don’t breed that much or what? Also, did she just pushed you with her fucking horn? As in, you felt a pointy thing near your… nah, it’ll probably was her hoof
  40. “Umm… hi, my name is Anon” You wave your hoof at them
  41. >From left to right, the classroom was divided in girls and boys. To the left were two fillies, one earth pony with a grey coat and white mane along a spoon tattoo in her flanks, the other filly had an orange coat, pink mane and wings. To the right side of the classroom were two colts, one had a bluish gray coat and dark mane with wings and next to him was an earth pony with a brown coat, orange mane and a tiny hat
  42. >What’s up with the tattoos in their butts? What kind of kink these ponies have to get a tattoo in their flanks? Some have it and others don’t… so weird
  43. >The four ponies happily salute you back; you just smile and then look at Sweetie Belle
  44. “…Now what?”
  45. >”I guess this is the time for they to give their names” Sweetie Belle says with her once again squeaky voice
  46. >In the same order, the foals say their names. First was the filly with the spoon in the butt… Her name was Silver Spoon… you don’t even know what pony parents think when giving names to their children anymore. Next filly name was Scootaloo, she flapped those tiny wings of her and… it wasn’t much to her to fly, but she was hovering over her desk, which was cute for some reason. The Pegasus colt name was Rumble, he didn’t attempt to fly as the previous filly tried, but looked and waited for his friend to the right to say his name. The last colt name was Button Mash… you need to remember to write the most ridiculous pony’s names and see which one is the most dumb
  47. >Well after all those presentations is time for that doubt you have in mind
  48. “So…. Uhmm, are you… all the kids in this town? Or are the rest sleeping or… sick?”
  49. >The fillies from the left, Silver Spoon and Scootaloo evade your look by looking at the window for some reason. The two colts keep looking at you but with serious yet hurt expressions
  50. >”We were more in the past…” The colt which name is Rumble said. “But…”
  51. >”They’re gone” The other colt, Button Mash continues. “Once Discord’s magic get’s you… is all over…”
  52. >Wait what
  53. >Is this some kind of Silent Hill shit? How does Discord’s magic work like that? Maybe they are overdoing it… or maybe not. He is a God and probably one who gives no shit about anyone here
  54. >Uhh… should you lie about Discord? Should you go full amnesia, not knowing who Discord is? Ehh… whatever, you are going to betray everyone here in the end
  55. “Umm… who is Discord?”
  56. >The entire classroom gasps at your question
  57. >”How can’t you know who is he!? Haven’t you see how everything is outside the Everfree Forest? You kidding, he is kidding! He must be kidding!” The gray filly, Silver Spoon was very altered by your statement
  58. >The orange Pegasus filly was holding her in place and trying to calm her down
  59. >”Guys… I think you should know this by now… Anon doesn’t remember how he got in the Everfree Forest… he lost his father and probably his mother too and the last he heard was… an evil laugh. Maybe he lost his… memories? Discord can do a lot of bad things to our friends…”
  60. >Deep inside, you are smiling as how easy foals can be… fooled. At the moment you get to discover the leader of this town… you’ll just gonna “remember” something about Discord, something, something, weakness and boom, leader will attempt something… probably. There’s still a chance they don’t believe you, but it doesn’t hurt trying
  61. >A discussion was going to burst anytime now, but the door opens and a pinkish earth pony with light pink mane enters the classroom… what a cutie for a pony… she had damn green charm eyes
  62. >Well… you never expected to think a pony would look so damn hot. Or maybe you had a teacher fetish… she is the teacher right? Please be the teacher
  63. >…Or the leader, which would be a win-win
  64. >”I’m sorry for taking so long in the meeting, class.” Damn even her voice was cuuuuute! “Before we continue the class…” She stops mid sentence as she sees Silver Spoon in the edge of crying, Scootaloo attempting to help her and the other colts just silently looking at you. “Why is everypony looking so… negative all of the sudden?”
  65. >The teacher looked at Sweetie Belle and you standing in front of the class
  66. >”Sweetie Belle? Did something happen while presenting the new pony?” She looked at you. “You okay?” Then at everyone… egh, pony else.” Is something the matter?”
  67. >”I /hate/ Discord!” Spoon butt cried out as some tears left her eyes; she removed her glasses to cover her eyes with her hooves
  68. >…Damn, for some reason you feel part guilty for whatever she is crying about
  69. >You look at the teacher who was still trying to figure out what the heck just happened in her classroom
  70. “Eh… hi… me llamo Anon… heh…”
  71. >….Mother of FUCK. SPANISH, ALBERTO! Don’t get in love with a grown up pony for fucks sake!
  72. “I mean, I’m… new in town and…” You were starting to get so dizzy all of the sudden. “Can you be my mama?”
  73. >Dude control your fucking spaghetti, is so much an Italian could fest in this entire classroom
  74. >”…Nice to meet you Anon, I’m the teacher, Cheerliee… now can someone explain why everypony is so… frustrated? I didn’t take long enough in the meeting… did I?”
  75. >…Hopefully, just hopefully she didn’t get to hear your last words you said
  76. >”No Miss Cheerliee, Silver Spoon is just… angry about… you know who… Anon doesn’t remember how he got here in the Everfree Forest…” Sweetie Belle says
  77. >”Oh…” The teacher which you are going to call by now on Miss Cheerliee, places her hoof inches near her mouth in worry for the situation. “Not again…”
  78. >But you are still confused at for what Discord’s magic does to other ponies, what those two said made him look like some kind of very evil and dark creature. Do the ponies die or something? As what you’ve seen… Discord looks like the kind of God that has fun with the pain of the others
  79. “Umm… Miss Cheerliee…” You lower your voice so the other ponies couldn’t hear you, only Sweetie Belle could. “What… magic are they talking about?”
  80. >Miss Cheerliee inspects you for a while for some reason before trying to speak, but Sweetie Belle delivers the answer
  81. >”First of all… Discord is an evil creature who calls himself the king of Equestria… even if princess Celestia is no longer in control… and with the touch of his magic very random things happen around ponies… the more habitual thing to happen is… that they get corrupted and act a way they shouldn’t act. Liars, angry ponies, bullies… some even forget about their friends…” She takes a long breath. “We’ve lost family and friends by Discord’s fault. Silver Spoon lost her best friend and I fear that my sister is in danger. We don’t know how everypony is doing outside here, but we know that we can’t leave without…”
  82. >Miss Cheerliee interrumpts Sweetie Belle by placing her hoof on her mouth
  83. >”That’s enough Sweetie Belle; Anon doesn’t need all those details…”
  84. >Oh man, you wanted to know that last…
  85. “Without what? I’m curious now about that…”
  86. >”Just a magic from a zebra that nopony knows where she went. Probably Discord got her and we are doomed” The brown colt says as he takes an annoyed sigh and rests his head on his desk. “First an evil queen takes over the night and then a buffoon makes himself call king… if only the elements of harmony could work…”
  87. >So he is talking about Luna, yet he calls your father like that. If he was your true father, you would done something to that colt, but meh, Discord is pretty much an insane buffoon, knowing him, that’s a compliment
  88. >And did he say elements of armory? Or… was it harmony? Yeah, probably that…. What are those?
  89. “Elements of harmony?” You tilt your head and ask the brown colt, which in reply he just looks away in the direction to his Pegasus friend. “I don’t want to sound like I don’t remember everything… but… I’m the only one to not know about those elements? Are we talking like the water, fire, earth and wind?”
  90. >In before there is an avatar pony that has the power to shine his or her eyes and banish Discord to some dark realm or turn him in stone
  91. >”I don’t think anypony besides the ponies in this town know about the elements of harmony. Is… kind of a secret weapon against Discord and our last hope to restore… everything, I guess.” The gray colt, Rumble says. “Well, that’s what the adults say, we have looked at them but they don’t seem to… be of very much use”
  92. >Oooooh now you want to see those elements
  93. “Where are they? Can I take a look? I’m juuuuuust curious now…”
  94. >You look with a face full of excitement at Sweetie Belle, which at the beginning wasn’t very sure about it. But at the pass of the time she surrenders and takes a tiny sigh while looking at you with a smile
  95. >”I guess it couldn’t hurt to you to see them… would it, Miss Cheerliee?” Sweetie Belle says while standing at your side and looking at the teacher
  96. >”Mmmnn… I don’t know…”
  97. >She didn’t trust you, you know that. But this niña at your side believed and was meant to be your friend, so that’s a good chance to ask and get stuff from this town. You got your way and now all you need is to follow the steps very carefully
  98. >Time to act more cute and shit
  99. “I get it… is because I don’t remember stuff about me, right?” You look at Miss Cheerliee with sad puppy eyes. “I’m new and I don’t know what’s going on outside of here… but if you guys don’t trust me, is okay…” You look down and wait for any reply of the classroom
  100. >…Only to be answered by only Sweetie Belle
  101. >”Miss Cheerliee… can’t we give him a chance? I trust him, I’m his friend… he is just lost and he lost his family… I know how he feels… I passed by that… can’t we give him an opportunity? Everypony?”
  102. >Sweetie Belle delivers the guilt, as the entire classroom except the teacher change expressions. The two colts nodding and the filly crying stopping doing so and just giving you a tiny smile, the other filly just tries to hover over her desk as before in an… excitement motion? Answer? Eh, she was okay with it
  103. >”I guess I need to talk with everypony else about this…” Miss Cheerliee took a sigh and sat in her chair near the desk. “For now, we’ll continue the class, we left in math so… Anon, be a good pony and sit next to…”
  104. >Ugh, this is elementary school all over again. And why is she taking so long in deciding for a desk? There were plenty of empty desks
  105. >”…Maybe Anon can sit next to me?” Sweetie Belle said, more like wanting it to happen. Something was telling you that, the fact that her eyes were looking more at you than the teacher or that she was playing with her hind hoof
  106. >Miss Cheerliee smiles and nods at her, which in replies Sweetie beams a grin to her
  107. >Is as if she was waiting for Sweetie Belle to say it. Boy, maybe she likes you and got a crush on you
  108. >…Nah, who would love a hijo de puta that looks like the cutest, snuggles, pony in the…
  109. >Okay, okay. You got it, maybe she really likes you. Well, you don’t mind… maybe this is the first of many ponies that will fall in your hands! Eh… hooves!
  110. >Like, come on. Your reflection was pretty cute and cuddly; you would fuck yourself if you could. Or maybe the others humans have the same body, which could mean a lot of possibilities… mmmn…
  111. >Is it gay or is it masturbation, though?
  112. >”Anon? Heeeey Anon”
  113. >…No, maybe is gay because the guys aren’t the same. Although those three colts from before look like they could do the cutest threesome ever
  114. >Wait what if there are humans turned into fillies? That would be an extra point…
  115. >”Anon!” Miss Cheerliee breaks you out of your thoughts and makes you give a tiny yelp. “You can sit now; you’ve been staring at the window for quite some time that we got concerned…”
  116. >Oh shit
  117. “Ajaja… ehh… I was just thinking about… how good the town looks like, heh…”
  118. >Good thing you don’t know how to get a boner
  119. >You just smile with your eyes closed as your cheeks get a bit blushed and make haste for your desk next to Sweetie Belle, who just giggles again
  120. >”Okay class, time to continue with our lesson!” She holds the chalk with her hoof… god knows how these ponies do that, and starts to draw some figures on the chalkboard, some squares that had the letters a, b, c and d in each one and were connected by a line that was starting to look like a triangle now that you see. “Now please open your books in page 21…”
  121. >What the fuck was the class about? Alien abduction or some shit?
  122. >Eh whatever… not that you haven’t learned anything before, for some reason you got your degree. You don’t even need a PhD to be called a fucking genius in the world anyway
  123. >How the fuck do you even use a PhD if you get in ponyland where everything doesn’t matter? You can be a unicorn and fuck physics with the levitation of a horn
  124. >…Wonder if you can use the crystal as TV and see the other Anons like a reality show. Would be great if you could put them all together in a show like Big Brother, you would call that shit Big Colt and get a lot of views
  125. >…Oh god, hopefully there is TV in this world
  126. >Well, back in reality
  127. >Since Sweetie Belle had to share a book, you had to put your desk close to her and see what the class was about. Now you don’t know how or why, but the book was in another language you never seen before… looks like Arabian and Japanese mixed together
  128. >This is just making things worst… at least Miss Cheer in the lie won’t make you read anything
  129. >…That was an horrible pun and you know it
  130. >”Who volunteers to read the next page?” Miss Cheerliee asks to the class and Sweetie Belle was the only one who rises her hoof… you swear to Pancho Villa that the teacher is going to ask you to read the Egyptian words… this is what you get for thinking about it. “Anon, would you like to read the page?”
  131. >PUTA MADRE
  132. >Okay Alberto, just say that you don’t want. Just look at her in the eyes and… oh god her eyes are beautiful!
  133. >Mnnn… mmmmn…. Ah…. God damn it, you hate how hot the teacher looks… just don’t thought about her with a hot outfit like… a cheerleader. On second thought, you better stop talking if you are going to… “read” the fucking book
  134. >Sweetie Belle hands you the book and you give it a good grip with your two hooves, don’t ask how because you don’t give a shit right now. If you had a boner you could have three hooves to hold the damn book
  135. “Ehmm… s-sure…” God damnit… whatever, just read the book as if… you were actually reading it. You hold the book and… try your best to know this damn Arabian text. But it was just… no use. “Ehmmm… ummm… squares are… squares… erhh…” You were sweating now and the class was looking at you, boy you hate this
  136. >”Is something the matter, Anon?” Miss Cheerliee asks you
  137. >…What to do…
  138. >You could say that you don’t remember this language, buuut… you don’t want to sound like a special snowflake or moron in front of them, you already have them eating by your hoof by all the bullshit you have said so far… hell, you need to think for something
  139. >A thought in your mind is telling you to use the chaos magic… like, that devil shoulder that appears from nowhere. ‘Just this time, come on…’
  140. >Grrhmm…
  141. >…Discord told you about the chaos magic and how sometimes it can help you… he told you to not use it, but how else are you going to read this shit…
  142. >Eh… it couldn’t work anyway and maybe nobody will notice it… the change is in the book or the way the words are written. Heck, maybe you’ll gain the ability to read these weird words if you give it a try
  143. “Just… give me a second”
  144. >Fuck it, what’s the worst that can happen
  145. >You close your eyes for a bit and focus the magic in the book. Well, you don’t even know how to focus the chaos magic; it was by will it seems… but come on… just make the words be written in English or Spanish…
  146. >You take a breath… inhale… and exhale…
  147. >You open your eyes and… the words start to change little by little! You’ve done it!
  148. >Well, the words were starting from right to left for some reason. Chaos magic is random apparently, uh. Better than nothing at least
  149. >You give a grin and look back at Miss Cheerliee
  150. “Heh… sorry, just got a little bit nervous.” She says nothing and you look back at the page. “Let’s see… chapter number 3-“
  151. >Suddenly, the whole freaking building starts to shake and a tiny alarm sounds from this exact classroom you were in
  152. >The whole class starts to freak out and you start to worry, Cheerliee tries to calm down their students but they don’t… what did you do!?
  153. “Ah… Sweetie? W-What is happening?”
  154. >She was the only one that didn’t look so worried, but still, you could feel she was slightly worried about the alarm
  155. >”Don’t worry… must be a false alarm… that’s supposed to be a chaos detector, but last time we checked the town there wasn’t an opening for nothing… and then there is the barrier of the forest.” She gives you a bright smile. “Besides! We have a guardian in case the menace is near us!”
  156. >O-Oh… so… so maybe… you fucked up this time
  157. >You take a sit and hope for the best
  158. >The door of the classroom starts to emit some heavy knocks from outside, as if something wanted to enter… oh god, it was getting louder each second! Is as if a monster from a horror movie was trying to force the door! It was so scary if you had been wearing pants you would have already shit in them
  159. >You were starting to shiver… this didn’t look good at all!
  160. >Okay… okay… maybe… you can get away by jumping out of the window and-
  161. >Never FUCKING mind, Miss Cheerliee is now closing the windows… aaaaaaaaah shit! This isn’t a good moment to panic
  162. “S-Sweetie?” You look to her. “I-Is the guardian… peaceful?”
  163. >”Oh! I would say he is brave! Stubborn! And will protect us at any cost from anything that he sees as a danger for us!”
  164. >…This is fine…
  165. >The door of the classroom smashes once again, this time hard enough to make you yelp in fright. You could swear to Jesus that you heard a snarl…
  167. >”Anon? Why are you shivering so hard? You don’t need to worry!” She holds your hoof with her own hoof. “Y-You have me, I mean, us! We can protect each other in case something happens!”
  168. >As cute as that sounded… you were still worrying a lot. WHY CAN’T THEY HEAR THE FUCKING DOOR? WAS IT YOUR IMAGINATION? PLEASE BE YOUR IMAGINATION
  169. >Your eyes look directly at the door and Sweetie Belle follows your lead, looking at it too
  170. >Just for the door to stop… making noises…
  171. “Gracias al cielo…” You whisper under your breath. Heck, you don’t care if Sweetie Belle hears your Spanish, you nearly pissed yourself
  172. >…Now the latch slowly starts to move…. Fucking. Great.
  173. >The door slowly opens and two wooden paws step inside the classroom
  174. >Ohhhhh noooo… no one more of those beasts, pleeeeease! You had it with them already!
  175. >The beast appears, giving a tiny howl to make it appearance to the class. All your fright goes away as the timberwolf reveals himself, it being the size of a puppy… and that howl… was damn cute
  176. >...You don’t remember those wolves to be… so… tiny? Do you?
  177. >”Bark? What is he doing here?” Sweetie Belle asks herself. “Isn’t he supposed to be looking for the near source of chaos? That’s weird”
  178. >The other ponies except the teacher start wondering why the timberwolf was in here, except Miss Cheerliee that maybe… juuuuust maybe suspects of you
  179. >You turn your head to look at them looking and speaking with each other
  180. >”Maybe is a mistake after all…” The orange Pegasus filly, Scootaloo says with a sigh
  181. >”Or maybe something happened near the school!” The grayish Pegasus colt, Rumble says with some fright in his words
  182. >”What if… what if the chaos is in this room!?” Silver Spoon joined in the panic and discussion
  183. >The conversation goes on and on… and you start relaxing. Well, at least the timberwolf size puppy can’t hurt you
  184. >You turn your head again to the direction of the chalkboard. …Only to have the timberwolf Barking and growling while looking you directly in the eye
  185. “¡JESUCRISTO!” You nearly jump from the sudden movement of the timberwolf
  186. >”Bark? What’s the matter?” Sweetie Belle says with voice of worry, she didn’t know why the wooden puppy wolf was growling at you
  187. >But you did know well why he was so hostile at you; it was your damn fault for using chaos magic in the book…
  188. >…Wait a minute, you could use the book and try to knock out the puppy. You are afraid of dogs anyway so you have an excuse
  189. >The moment you try to throw the book to “Bark” the book falls from your grip… your pony grip. Mierda, you forgot that you are not used at how pony bodies work… you lost your protection now and probably the dog will attempt to bite your or some shit
  190. >You look at the dog for a brief period of time and show him a serious face saying “Bring it on, bitch”
  191. >…But the dog goes directly to the book that was in the floor and starts barking at it
  192. “…Eh?”
  193. >”Uh! Uh! Guys! I think Bark found a clue! What is it, boy?”
  194. >Oh god, now everyone in the class was stepping closer to see Bark’s “clue”. What even, this isn’t good either; they’re going to suspect shit about you… that teacher already does
  195. >”Kids is too dangerous! Don’t go near the book!” Cheerliee alarmed the kids but no one listened to her. As always, kids do what they want unless more than one adult had their attention
  196. >The class and you gave a look at the book, is contents still being backwards word by word like manga. Well, at least that’s what you saw. Maybe the kids can’t see the change and they’ll think Bark was wrong
  197. >”Wait… the words are mixed!”
  198. >”No, no, looks like they are written backwards, as if…”
  199. >”As if somepony wanted the book like this?”
  200. >”No, that’s ridiculous. Even then, why Anon had the book and suddenly the chaos alarm started?”
  201. >This wasn’t good, nada bueno… even for kids they might know that you did the magic in this book and everything will be ruined
  202. >Think of something clever, Alberto…
  203. “Uhm… so that’s why I couldn’t… read the book…”
  204. >Try to breathe normal, don’t make yourself look suspicious! Oh god, stupid dog…
  205. >If anything goes wrong, you’ll… you’ll…
  206. >…
  207. >You were going to say that you could enter in panic and do chaos stuff around this town but, there isn’t a chance your chaos is strong enough to help you. The best you can do right now is act like the kid who doesn’t know shit and is confused by almost anything
  208. >”Anon…” Miss Cheerliee called you attention. “Was the book like that? Are you sure…?”
  209. >Oh ave maria ayudame
  210. >You take a gulp and stand up from your desk, walking directly towards the teacher. This time not sweating your lust or whatever for her… you try standing like a scolded child and speak slowly to her
  211. “W-Well… the book started to change little by little, my eyes hurt when that happened and I had to close them… only to see the words backwards. I-I thought it was normal for… some reason and didn’t want to talk about it… I’m sorry Miss Cheerliee”
  212. >The wooden dog comes with the book in his mouth and gives it to Cheerliee, who inspects the book and almost every page
  213. >”Each page… each sentence is backwards…” She looked at you with serious eyes. “Anon, you said you don’t remember anything, right?”
  214. >God damnit. She doesn’t believe you… this only gets worst for you and you know it
  215. >There is no point in lying
  216. >But you are not giving up so easily
  217. “I don’t. Last thing I remember was my father telling me to run and… an evil laugh. Then… nothing, just timberwolves in front of me and my face covered in mud.” You tried to shiver a bit. “Miss Cheerliee… is this normal? To forget… what happened to my father? To don’t know who this… Discord is?”
  218. >By the look of her face… she didn’t believe you. Maybe she had a lies detector or something…
  219. >By the door of the classroom, a green unicorn mare steps in with a worried expression
  220. >”Miss Cheerliee, I heard the alarm and came as soon as I could be! Did anything happen? Is Discord on the move?”
  221. >Cheerliee looked at her, then at you and was speaking now to the light green unicorn
  222. >”Yeeeees… about that, would you take this colt with you?” She browses the book. “I think our leader will be interested in this colt… he hides something…”
  223. >MIERDA
  224. >This is bad
  225. >Well, is good in the way that you’ll see the leader… but is bad cause now they suspect one hundred percent at you!
  226. >”Anon… would you be a good kid and follow me? We promise we won’t do harm to you”
  227. >You look at the class and Sweetie Belle, worried about what was happening. The wooden puppy in the meantime was sitting with his… wooden tongue out and waiting for a command
  228. “F-Fine…”
  229. >You go near the door where the lightly green unicorn was; she gave you a tiny smile and patted your mane
  230. >”Bark, you did well. Take care of the class while I’m out the school…. Class, I won’t take long… just read some math problems” She gave a smile to the class with in reply, they just nodded as good kids
  231. >All except by Sweetie Belle which was concerned about you… seems like she was the only one believing you
  232. >”Well kid, follow us. Town Center isn’t far from here anyway” The mare said. You noticed she the tattoo of a harp in her butt
  233. >You need to remember to ask about those tattoos…
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