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  1. KH2FM Beginner Notes v
  3. TT1 (We’re trying no menu)
  4. Seifer: first full combo is air combo, manip doesn’t need extra two hits
  5. 1st Dusk: 10 hit manip like if you get bad pattern for sandlot dusk, for fight: 2 hits, then combo
  6. Sandlot Dusk: 2 combos then RC
  7. Station of Awakening: 2 hit, then combo, no menu!
  8. Twilight Thorn: Use potion, only 1 hit for quick kill?
  9. Hayner: Run to corner, force out his 2 hit combo then get him in the corner, we may have to play with him for awhile (good time is 40s)
  10. Vivi: 2 full combos, run away, 1 full combo, 2 hits, 1 hit get out of the way, full combo, full combo, collect (good time is 37)
  11. Axel I: No guard, kills in 1 less combo
  12. Setzer: Death abuse for an hour (good time is 30s)
  13. Back Alley: Same amount of attacks
  14. Basement: Assassins 2 hits, 1 combo?
  15. Axel II: Short Ground, Short Ground, Air, RC, Ground, Air
  16. Tower
  17. Menu: Donald and Goofy  Party Attack, Donald Cure off, take Donald’s items, equip medal, Guard, Aerial Recovery
  18. Fight out Station Heights, idk if there’s really a strat there
  19. Fight Shadows
  20. Grab ether
  21. HB1
  22. First fight no finishers?
  23. Grab AP Boost and Drive Recovery (AP Boost far away)
  24. LoD1
  25. Menu: Donald out, take Ping’s ether, put on Sora, auto reload, tutorial
  26. Missions: Bring in Donald at end of 1, once you get the level up on mission 2 a full combo kills NWs, getting drive back is tight so be aware (good time is 6:20)
  27. Grab Cave AP Boost, Ridge AP Boost (corner)
  28. Summit want LVL 12 (Sid pops off for LVL 12 and 547 exp)
  29. Menu: Use 4 AP Boosts, Slide Dash, Scan, Combo Boost
  30. Grab Ether then Valor Form movement to Courtyard fight and Valor that (run back immediately, Mulan kills NWs, Omega Finisher BTs)
  31. Shan Yu: Omega Finisher opening, full combo?, Omega Finisher to phase transition, revert get damage in, guard attack, ground combos to finish
  32. OC
  33. Menu: Just take off Divider and Auto Limit on Auron
  34. Bushido after the first Bat Cry on the Large Body
  35. Cerberus: Bushido during fireball (around 1.1 bars), Blizzard on jumps, Logic doesn’t Dog Paddle, Sid does
  36. Grab AP Boost before Demyx and to the left of the Lock
  37. Menu: Before Pete, Power Boost, 2 AP Boosts, Guard off, Aerial Dive on
  38. Pete: Make Goofy throw all potions is minute part, same strat for real part (Sid popped off for LVL 14)
  39. Menu: Trinity Limit
  40. Hydra: Looks like same strat as Crit is doable but Drive Recovery may be the call, Sid actually stays in valor and fights the single head and doesn’t get up on the Hydra’s back. I think this is because he hit LVL 14 but need to consult
  41. HB2
  42. Menu: Hero’s Crest
  43. No death abuse, fire shadows to the right, Cyclone, whiff trinity to kill shadows at end
  44. BC1
  45. Trinity Shadows
  46. Valor into Thresholder
  47. Thresholder: 1 Cycle is now a thing, full combo valor to open, 4 total hits to finisher for 1 cycle
  48. (if level 14 need to whiff one hit)
  49. Grab AP Boost to the right in Dungeon and in West Hall
  50. Need to hit LVL 14 before Beast
  51. Beast is just one full combo
  52. Menu: Donald out
  53. Crit movement to Dark Thorn
  54. Shadow Stalker: 4 hits after jump dodge, 2 hits into Omega out of Chandelier, then windowless like normal
  55. Dark Thorn: Omega Finisher into Trinity Limit, 2 air combos after for the kill
  56. DC
  57. Check Munny (need 640)
  58. Logic at 681 exp, Sid at 590, neither seemed concerned
  59. TR
  60. Buy 2 Tourmaline Rings
  61. Menu: Equip Both (replace Medal)
  62. One full combo on Past Pete
  63. Window 2, 3, 1, 4
  64. Menu: Reaction Boost before window 1
  65. No CL on window 4
  66. Valor to Boat Pete
  67. Menu: Drive Recovery after Valor
  68. Pete: Valor Phase 2-4
  69. PR
  70. Menu: Customize Ether, Donald Sora Attack
  71. Skip 2nd optional fight (like LVL 1)
  72. Boat Fight: 2 ethers
  73. Menu: Goofy in
  74. Grab AP Boost in first and last boxes
  75. Agra1
  76. Buy Ethers (5)
  77. Menu: Customize Reflect, Blizzard for Fire, Aladdin Sora Attack, take Ether’s
  78. Grab AP Boost under Caravans (blizzard movement)
  79. Grab AP Boost in CoW entrance, far left chest on platform, quick run on blocks to get there
  80. Grab AP Boost to right of Treasure Room entrance
  81. Menu: Quick Run, Aerial Spiral, Fantasia, Cure
  82. HT1
  83. Menu: Donald out, use AP Boosts (7), Finishing Leap, take Jack’s ethers, Goofy Tornado for Bash
  84. Genie death abuse
  85. Grab AP Boost behind far left tree in Hinterlands
  86. LVL 1 CCL strat
  87. Prison Keeper: Dance Call at first barrier, do RC at barrier, Valor Form to final barrier, physical combos for the rest of the fight
  88. Grab AP Boost to left of save point after save warp
  89. Oogie: No CL, DC 2nd phase, physical combos final phase
  90. TT2
  91. Menu: Customize Magnet
  92. Old Valor Genie strat
  93. SP
  94. Grab AP Boost in Postern and go long (right) way to get one in Corridors
  95. No Stitch
  96. Menu: After Light Cycle, Take Tron’s Ether, Follow the Wind
  97. Monitors: Master Form Genie opening, reflect and Wisdom Genie grind to LVL 22 and 2500 exp remaining
  98. Menu: Hero’s Crest
  99. Grab AP Boost in left chest of I/O Hallway
  100. Hostile Program: Same Comet opening, Master Form early, Thunder when he becomes unstunned, Comet to finish
  101. HB3
  102. Corridors: Use Ether, Magnet, 2 Thunder Finishing leap, Trinity Limit last wave
  103. Dancers: CL strat, only magnet wave 1
  104. Demyx: Same as Crit
  105. Menu: Flash Step, Vicinity Break, Item Boost
  106. Menu: Guard, Jackpot
  107. Grab AP Boost behind save point in Crystal Fissure
  108. BC2.5
  109. Master Genie for Ballroom fight
  110. Menu: Beast out, use AP Boosts (6), Guard Break, Rumbling Rose, Hero’s Crest Master Form, Customize Blizzard
  111. PR2
  112. GR1: Double reflect (consistent?), 1ether, Master Form at 2 bars will kill, no reflect buffering
  113. Menu: Horizontal Slash
  114. Magnet Valor Genie for Medallion Collection, Ether at end
  115. GR2: 1st person mode during Master Thunder necessary?
  116. HT2
  117. Menu: Jack out, Duckflare, Item Boost off, Draw on
  118. Experiment: 2 ethers after opening, physical combos and reflects till 2.5 bars then Duckflare
  119. Agra2
  120. 1st Fight: Ether strat? Do we have enough?
  121. 2nd Fight: Same strat
  122. LVL 30 in auto-scroller as usual
  123. Menu: Decisive Pumpkin
  124. Genie Jafar: 4 slide dash combos, no RC, 3 slide dash combos, RC, kill
  125. BC2
  126. Menu: Rumbling Rose, Decisive Pumpkin on Valor
  127. Valor form to Xaldin
  128. Xaldin: Get a ton of jumps then Duckflare
  129. LoD2
  130. Riku: Same as crit
  131. Menu: Mulan out
  132. Wisdom Form movement
  133. Snipers same
  134. Valor before Storm Rider
  135. Storm Rider: Omega Finishers, gets you to about 2.5 bars, revert, kill as usual
  136. TT3
  137. Same shit
  138. TWTNW
  139. Roxas: TBD Sid’s strat is different but he did it wrong
  140. Menu: Guard Item Boost, Draw off, Combo Master, Vicinity Break, Slapshot, Two Becomes One
  141. Buy Ethers/get Elixir
  142. Menu: Rumbling Rose, Elixir in
  143. Xigbar: I may have to learn without Aerial Finish, otherwise strat is identical
  144. No menu before Luxord
  145. Saix: We’ll find out if I need to learn anything different
  146. Menu: Take Riku’s items, Dark Shield off (same)
  147. Xemnas: Do I need to go back to air combo etherless?
  148. Final Fights
  149. Core: Same but double Ether (like LVL 1), Valor at end
  150. Rest of Final Fights same thing
  156. AP Boost List
  157. 1 – HB1
  158. 2 – Lod1
  159. 2 – OC
  160. 2 – BC1
  161. 2 – PR1
  162. 3 – Agra1
  163. 2 – HT1
  164. 2 – HB2.5
  165. 1 – SP
  166. 1 – HB3
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