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  1. Clean design suitable for the product's purpose. It has support for many languages and there's even an option to import your own for when the language isn't already integrated. The software is really useful for when you don't want to install something specifically designed for programming, but still want to use your notepad for coding. There's also a lot of room for personalization by installing your own plugins.
  3. Dislikes
  5. The only major flaw of Notepad++ is that it is simply a text editor, therefore there is no compiler and it remains inferior to most coding software in that aspect. There's only so much you can do without a compiler.
  7. How does this help your business?
  9. It's great for when you want to do coding without installing the software specifically designed for it, since it's basically a text editor with programming language highlighting support. Using it on a low performance laptop when you're on vacation and don't have the time or capabilities to use actual coding software.
  11. Recommendations to others considering this product?
  13. You shouldn't end up replacing programming software for Notepad++. It's a great alternative for lack of coding capabilities, however everyone makes mistakes and the lack of a compiler can really be a problem if you're looking to do good work.
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