Crossy Road: A Few Things

Dec 30th, 2019
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  1. Crossy Road: A few things to think about
  3. So a few things have come up since I made the consistent retiming paste, and while originally I was going to make this a version 2 there’s actually not many runs that go by inconsistent timing methods, so I figured it’d be fine to drop the project again.
  5. However, there’s still a few things I’ve noticed while looking into some runs, so I’m listing them out here to be thought about:
  7. Jayson’s run is just the same run that I re-timed before. Despite it being on the leaderboard as an obsolete run (check the 4.517), it’s been put up with a seemingly random time from what I can tell? The timer in his video ticks up every second with like 240 milliseconds or something, which I don’t really understand how that works. Regardless, it's not fair to others to be at a disadvantage just because of a strange timer. This is what actually prompted me to start looking into this again.
  9. Quickie: fantom’s 25 hops mobile run is a 4.367 @30 FPS (3.100-7.467)
  11. This next one is something that needs to be taken with a grain of salt, especially because it impacts a run that I’ve done. The 25 Hops PC discussion about whether to allow scroll wheel or not is a fairly tricky one, mainly because it depends on whether binding the keys to a different spot is allowed. I personally think it shouldn’t be allowed, especially because the runs are very close to what autoclickers were getting, but it’s really something that just needs to be decided one way or the other.
  13. For the .733 vs .750 discussion, I wouldn’t normally comment on this but I do also get .733 (1.834-2.567) @30 FPS, but even using the timer that allows me to change the video frame rate (ie 30 → 60 FPS) I still get .733. Ultimately it’s just a frame difference, but since I’m about consistency in these pastes I’m going to make a comment on it.
  15. The final thing is something that I wanted to bring up after doing re-times personally. The start timing for this game is on first frame where the hand disappears, or is disappearing in some cases. While it’s generally a good system, a lot of the top runs don’t even have a hand showing, sometimes it’s from a weird technical side (ENOOPS & Sizzyl) or maybe it’s from how they made the video to be EXACTLY the length of the run (LarsTheIceBear) which disclaimer if you do that you make people’s lives miserable. Regardless, it means many runs have a bit of a disadvantage as they have to wait for the hand to disappear and the points to show up before they can start moving, and these runs are just allowed to bypass this. The solution I’ve been thinking of is starting on the first frame the 1 appears in the top left, which isn’t too big of a difference for most runs but would just make it more consistent overall. However, because of how many runs are now up, it’d be a lot of effort to check through them all just to make that small adjustment at the start and it’s probably not worth it. Just something to possibly think about.
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