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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 26: Northern Blues (part 10)

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  1. [2013-03-06 13:59:01] <Kkat> 3The ghost just stares blankly for a while. Then flaps her wings, flying upwards through the ceiling.
  2. [2013-03-06 13:59:07] <Kkat> 3CopyCat peers up at the ceiling, looking a little lost.
  3. [2013-03-06 13:59:14] <Kkat> 3Kid blinks, then all of a sudden attempted to leap after her. "Wait. Wait! Come back!" She was rewarded by a nasty fall. "Ow! Shit, she went right through th' ceilin'!"
  4. [2013-03-06 13:59:20] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart blinks in surprise as Kid suddenly starts moving, reaching out to help Kid back to her hooves after flopping on the ground. "Perhaps you said something which upset her?" She shook her head. "We do not know. We have never met a ghost pony before. But if she believes We can help her escape, she may come back on her own."
  5. [2013-03-06 13:59:25] <Kkat> 3Kid coughs, rubbing her chin where she's clocked her jaw something good. "I didn't say nothin' too bad! She didn't know what a Dashite was, so ah told her!"
  6. [2013-03-06 13:59:30] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Huh... Well, that was... odd."
  7. [2013-03-06 13:59:35] <Kkat> 3Kid frowns. "What kinda pegasus wouldn't know about Dashites?" She mentioned with the vacant cadence of somepony who said a thought out loud. The question hung in the air for a little while,
  8. [2013-03-06 13:59:42] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Clearly, her kind."
  9. [2013-03-06 13:59:47] <Kkat> 3Kid didn't respond to that. She just looked rather lost in thought. "... I must be lookin' mighty crazy."
  10. [2013-03-06 13:59:58] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart shrugged her wings. "One who had been a ghost since before the end of the war, perhaps? Or who had never joined the Enclave above the clouds to begin with?" She shook her head. "We are uncertain if any such as those might exist at all. But We do not know much of ghosts."
  11. [2013-03-06 14:00:10] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart gently leaned down to nuzzle Kid's cheek. "We do not believe you are crazy. We merely believe that this is something We have never seen before. There are many things like that in this world, We have learned."
  12. [2013-03-06 14:00:16] <Kkat> 3CopyCat nods reassuringly. "You definitely saw something Kid. We know you aren't crazy. Perhaps that ghost was one of the first ponies to leave the Enclave and go to the ground and they only started being called Dashites some time afterwards."
  13. [2013-03-06 14:00:22] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Something we still have yet to see, or hear, in fact. Kid is the only one who can see and hear the ghost in question. If CopyCat says you saw this ghost, I believe it. If this ghost truly need our help, it's sure to show itself again sooner or later."
  14. [2013-03-06 14:00:27] <Kkat> 3Kid felt something in her mind click. A puzzle piece to a rather impressive jigsaw. "... Somepony who never joined th' Enclave t' begin with." That... That was something. She got back up and put a foreleg on the back of Noble's head and brought her closer, nuzzling back more out of her own comfort than anything. Ghost of the first ponies to leave the Enclave.
  15. [2013-03-06 14:00:46] <Kkat> 3Didn't... know what a Dashite was. "... Noble, Bookie, Copycat, Mitzi, Shatara. Thanks fer bein' m' friends. I mean it."
  16. [2013-03-06 14:00:53] <Kkat> 3Shatara continues working alone.
  17. [2013-03-06 14:00:57] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart smiles and wraps a foreleg around Kid. "We would never have it any other way."
  18. [2013-03-06 14:01:03] <Kkat> 3Kid hugged her back, then vacantly walked to the slide-show, trying to find a picture of Cadence before coming back and attempting to hop onto Noble's back. "She's th' key t' all this. Ah know it." She mentions, looking rather out of it. "... Yer comfy."
  19. [2013-03-06 14:01:12] * Mitzi pats Kid on the head, "Yu eez gud friend leetle Kid ponee."
  20. [2013-03-06 14:01:12] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twenty-Six: Northern Blues (Part Ten)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  21. [2013-03-06 14:01:19] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  22. [2013-03-06 14:03:05] * Kid felt rather loved. A lot more loved than she's used to. And confused. Mostly that, to be honest. "Alright. Since ah don' see our feathery friend comin' along, wanna share with th' class what ya'll two got outta th' terminals 'round here?"
  23. [2013-03-06 14:03:28] <Kkat> 3Shatara is nearly done with her work, having reached a point where she needs to just let it rest, allowing the Wonderglue to dry.
  24. [2013-03-06 14:05:09] * Noble_Heart nodded her head, straightening up a bit. "We have learned that this city may be the source of the inspiration to create Megaspells. And more worryingly that the crystaline ponies such as We met on Our way here may be the analogue to ghouls created by this place." She tapped her chin with a frown. "What precisely this means for those ponies, or for Us if We remain here, We
  25. [2013-03-06 14:05:10] * Noble_Heart cannot say."
  26. [2013-03-06 14:05:24] * Bookwright looks over his brainchild, breathing in the solvent-and-solder smell of creation. "It's... beautiful. And horrible. I need to think of a name. Is it safe to handle it yet? I'm not intent on using it, I just want to know if I can pick it up and paint on a few details."
  27. [2013-03-06 14:06:19] * Bookwright adds quickly, "And by horrible I mean in the best possible sense of the word. If... If that makes any sense."
  28. [2013-03-06 14:06:46] * Shatara looks over the mutant abomination of a weapon. "The glue still needs to dry, so I'd be reeeal careful if you're going to move it at all."
  29. [2013-03-06 14:06:51] * Mitzi shrugs, "So, we goeen tu Castle now? Uh just want tu know eef Crystal Princess eez alive ur not."
  30. [2013-03-06 14:07:45] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Mitzi. "We believe that the castle should be Our next stop. Something has gone wrong here to leave these ponies in this state, and We believe the crystal heart and palace are at the, er, heart of the matter."
  31. [2013-03-06 14:08:11] * Bookwright nods. "I'll be real careful. Levitation is the gentlest way to handle things."
  32. [2013-03-06 14:09:00] * Mitzi nods, "Crystal Heart... Uh'd like tu see dat too. Sounds pretty." She looks down at the bauble that adorned her collar and smiled.
  33. [2013-03-06 14:09:04] <Mitzi> 3 smiles*
  34. [2013-03-06 14:09:06] * Bookwright gets out his little tubs of paint and carefully begins his (crude, amateurish) work.
  35. [2013-03-06 14:09:12] <Mitzi> (oops)
  36. [2013-03-06 14:09:49] * Kid rolls her eyes and giggles maybe a little bit. "That pun intentional, Noble, 'r did you plan that one?"
  37. [2013-03-06 14:10:42] * Noble_Heart looks down at Kid with self assurance and a smirk. "Nonsense. You should know that We would never make a mistake like that. We would only do such a thing because We desire to." She could help but let out a little bit of a snort of amusement.
  38. [2013-03-06 14:13:05] * CopyCat looks over at Noble_Heart, worried. "The loud voices called those crystal ponies 'Heartless'. That doesn't bode well for the Crystal Heart being in one piece."
  39. [2013-03-06 14:13:44] * Shatara nods and watches Bookwright a bit before quietly slipping out to wander the halls.
  40. [2013-03-06 14:14:47] * Kid frowned and rolled over on Noble's back. "I wasn't too aware that there was any doubt that shit's fucked here."
  41. [2013-03-06 14:14:49] * Mitzi looks to CopyCat, "Yeah, dat wud be bad Uh tink. Crystals here eezn't as strong as sum uv da better quality und hardness gems. Unless Heart Crystal eez magic too."
  42. [2013-03-06 14:17:20] * Noble_Heart frowns and taps her chin. "It is also possible that the one who hides behind that magical shield may have stolen the heart. We will have to wait and see what We can find out." She turned towards the exist and moved back into the halls. "We should suggest gathering Our friends and moving on."
  43. [2013-03-06 14:18:28] * Mitzi nods, "Uh tink dat gud idea."
  44. [2013-03-06 14:18:57] * Kid churns a little, waiting until the burn of her joints stopped. "But, th' voice up there, I'm thinkin' if th' ghosty mare won't help us, she's our only real hope 've gettin' outta this." She put on a long face. "I'm thinkin' somepony oughta wait outside th' door've the castle. It just don't seem smart t' go all at once t' folk we know can mess with heads."
  45. [2013-03-06 14:19:11] * CopyCat shuffles her hooves. "I just didn't want us to get our hopes up too high. But, um, I also think that we should check the palace first."
  46. [2013-03-06 14:19:56] * Bookwright finishes his detail work and arrives in time to hear Noble_Heart's words. "I too think we should move on. Undoubtedly there's more to see here, but I think we've gotten most of it."
  47. [2013-03-06 14:20:40] * Noble_Heart grows more uncomfortable at the prospect of mental control with the princess. She nods her head to Kid. "We agree. But whom would be willing to stand guard? Who could make it into the building should We need help?" She sighed quietly, looking listless and uncertain.
  48. [2013-03-06 14:22:23] * Kid smiles. "I'll stay. Ya'll find some trouble, I'll come in around ten minutes t' sneak ya'll out." She pondered. "Or if ya'll start firin' guns everywhere. Thinkin' that might happen, too."
  49. [2013-03-06 14:27:38] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side then nods. "We recommend you find a safe place to hide, where these heartless are unlikely to find you. We are not sure how to contact you, however."
  50. [2013-03-06 14:27:41] * CopyCat furtively tries to hide behind her mane. "Maybe I should stay with Kid? I... I might notice if somepony tried to get into your heads." She peers through her fringe. "It would get crowded," she explained.
  51. [2013-03-06 14:27:43] * Mitzi raises a paw, "Eef Uh come inside, cud help make quick escape by breakeen tru wall. Uh cud du eet wit crystals dis weak. Probably hurt, but uh cud do eet."
  52. [2013-03-06 14:30:57] * CopyCat flicks her wings. "Or maybe I would be more useful inside with the rest of you?"
  53. [2013-03-06 14:32:45] * Kid chuckles a little. "I think ya'll should go, Copycat. Ya'll got a kinda way with words." Kid got off of Noble's back, stumbling a little. Still not used to sight out of that eye. "I'll stick out with Mitzi. If shit goes down, ah think she can jus' climb up with prolly not too much trouble."
  54. [2013-03-06 14:33:35] * Mitzi frowns, "But Uh want tu go eenside und maybe meet Ponee Princess."
  55. [2013-03-06 14:33:39] <Kkat> 3Shatara soon meets up with the others.
  56. [2013-03-06 14:33:47] * Bookwright "In my experience, it's the natural tendency of shit to roll downhill. I think we should stick together."
  57. [2013-03-06 14:33:49] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and reaches down a forehoof to pet Kid's mane briefly. "We will trust you to stay safe. Please do not make Us regret it." She smiled a bit then moved towards the door out of the hospital. "We are prepared to leave. Are you all?" looking across at her friends.
  58. [2013-03-06 14:34:30] * Mitzi nods and begins to follow the alphacorn, "Uh'm reddy wen yu eez."
  59. [2013-03-06 14:37:11] * Kid frowns. "Ya'll can see th' princess after we're sure we have th' all clear." She looks at Noble Heart and narrows her eyes. Oh, that's how you're going to play it. She crouches down, wiggles her behind, and then attempts to hop back onto Noble's back. If she's successful, then she'll then attempt to give Noble a noogie. "Ya'll worry too much! If ah run int' trouble, ah'll jus' hide behind...
  60. [2013-03-06 14:37:13] * Kid ...Mitzi fer cover! She's built like a friggin' brick wall."
  61. [2013-03-06 14:37:24] * Shatara nods quietly.
  62. [2013-03-06 14:37:48] * Mitzi smiles at that. Brick walls were generally considered tough and durable.
  63. [2013-03-06 14:39:12] * Bookwright privately considers Mitzi's physique to be brick-building-esque, but he wasn't thinking of walls.
  64. [2013-03-06 14:39:51] <Kkat> 3Fluttervoice pipes up.  "Oh?  You're leaving?"  She pauses.  "I'm happy everypony is feeling better now.  Equestria, and the Ministry of Peace, hope you have a happy day."
  65. [2013-03-06 14:40:46] * Mitzi is gonna Wreck it
  66. [2013-03-06 14:40:48] * Noble_Heart chuckles a little bit as Kid attempts to give her a noogie. "We would not leave you behind if We did not believe in your capability to survive. But We are also worried about you." She paused at the fluttervoice. "We would like to thank you for your hospitality. You have been a gracious host. And hope that you understand when We say that We hope not to need your services in
  67. [2013-03-06 14:40:48] * Noble_Heart the future."
  68. [2013-03-06 14:44:07] * CopyCat nods at Bookwright's silent assessment and stands ready at the door. She looks up at Fluttervoice's announcement. "Oh yes, much better now thank you."
  69. [2013-03-06 14:45:30] <Kkat> 3The voice of the Embassy responds, "You're welcome.  Please, come again."  The voice pauses, then hurriedly apologizes, "Not that we want you to get hurt so that you have to come again!  No no, we didn't mean that.  So...um... don't come again?"  
  70. [2013-03-06 14:46:35] * Bookwright is pretty sure the computer needs some additional programming to make it less... well. Weird.
  71. [2013-03-06 14:47:35] * Kid shrugs. "Ya'll feel lonely, ah'll try t' get some folk t' pay ya'll a visit over here after we're done. Alright?"
  72. [2013-03-06 14:54:06] <Kkat> 3The computer respond, "Oh, that would be lovely."
  73. [2013-03-06 14:55:21] * Kid nods, then trots off into the Crystal Kingdom wilds towards the castle that would've touched Pip's playground itself.
  74. [2013-03-06 14:56:12] * Noble_Heart stepped out of the doors as well, breathing a sigh of relief to be out of the hospital as she turns towards the castle with a smile. "This shall be most interesting."
  75. [2013-03-06 14:57:58] * Mitzi lumbers along next to kid, keeping her ears perked up and alert.
  76. [2013-03-06 14:59:49] * Bookwright swaps out his regular glasses for his prescription sunglasses. Time to go, oh yes.
  77. [2013-03-06 15:00:16] <Kkat> 3The moment Kid steps out the front door, she is greeted by the voice booming across the sky: "INTRUDERS TO THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!  SURRENDER NOW OR FACE DESTRUCTION!  DO NOT BE AFRAID!  I, DOCTOR AMORE, LOVE YOU!  IGNORE THE GENOCIDAL ROBOTS AND ROVING BAND OF PSYCHOPATHIC PONIES!  ALL IS WELL!"
  78. [2013-03-06 15:00:51] * Bookwright winces and flattens his ears involuntarily. That was /loud./
  79. [2013-03-06 15:01:19] * Mitzi wimpers a bit
  80. [2013-03-06 15:01:21] * Kid ducks down and covers her ears. "Fer fuck's sake, does she ever shut up?"
  81. [2013-03-06 15:01:34] * Noble_Heart flattens her ears slightly and groans. "We believe Our host has noticed Our return to their domain." She looks up towards the sky. Was that really a unicorn's voice-amplification spell? She'd never heard one quite so big before...
  82. [2013-03-06 15:01:53] * CopyCat follows after the others, pausing at the door to wait for Shatara... and then hiding behind the griffin when the loud voice boomed from the sky.
  83. [2013-03-06 15:07:56] * Shatara flattens his ears at the booming voice, merfing slightly as once again he finds an equine twice his size squeezing behind.
  84. [2013-03-06 15:08:35] * Kid grit her teeth, then pokes an ear back up experimentally. "All clear. Alright. Let's, uh. Let's keep movin'."
  85. [2013-03-06 15:09:18] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Kid. "We are certain this Doctor Amore must be using some form of magical amplification. It is likely that they are broadcasts already recorded. We believe this one had been made once before."
  87. [2013-03-06 15:09:58] * Kid winces one more. For fuck
  88. [2013-03-06 15:10:07] <Kid> 's sake, there's /two/ of them now?
  89. [2013-03-06 15:10:20] * Mitzi facepaws
  90. [2013-03-06 15:12:00] * CopyCat stutters, "I-I thought you might be scared of the voices so I came back to-- *Meep!*" Her unconvincing lie is cut short by the second loud announcement.
  91. [2013-03-06 15:12:31] * Bookwright mutters, "'Kill-O-Zap', no... 'Phlogistonator', no... 'Scorcher', no..., 'Blaster'? Nah, too generic..."
  92. [2013-03-06 15:12:52] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly, looking up at the sky. She didn't seem particularly impressed by the booming voices.
  93. [2013-03-06 15:13:02] * Bookwright winces again. "Impenetrable to transmissions, huh? I doubt it..."
  94. [2013-03-06 15:14:35] * Mitzi blinks, "Den how did his voice get out?"
  95. [2013-03-06 15:15:25] * Bookwright "Clearly it isn't impenetrable to voice transmissions. Which means we can probably penetrate it ourselves. Not sure if we'd want to do that though...
  96. [2013-03-06 15:15:46] <Bookwright> "
  97. [2013-03-06 15:18:49] * CopyCat tugs at Shatara's tail but still doesn't look up. "Maybe we should join the others? Those voices sounded... big."
  98. [2013-03-06 15:20:50] * Kid wrinkles her nose, then lifts her ear again. "Alright? Ya'll done? You all done shoutin' our ears off?"
  99. [2013-03-06 15:21:46] * Shatara erfs at the tailtug and frowns at the alicorn. "Yeah, we should..." He looks back towards the others, not too far ahead.
  100. [2013-03-06 15:22:25] * Kid nods. "Alright. Good. T' the castle!"
  101. [2013-03-06 15:22:32] * Noble_Heart shook her head. "We are impressed only with the particular scale of these spells. We recommend moving towards the castle. The first mention We received was most likely not pre-recorded. But these messages seem to loop." She began walking towards the castle.
  102. [2013-03-06 15:30:03] * Mitzi is all for heading to the castle, and has stated this repeatedly
  103. [2013-03-06 15:31:14] * Kid is heading to the castle!
  104. [2013-03-06 15:32:03] * Shatara glances around and pokes Copycat with a wingtip.
  105. [2013-03-06 15:34:09] * CopyCat follows quickly but jumps at the wingpoke. "Oh! Err, did you see something? Was it scarey?"
  106. [2013-03-06 15:34:48] * Shatara blinks. "Erm, no. We're moving..."
  107. [2013-03-06 15:45:44] * CopyCat hurries after the griffin. "Ah don't leave me! I'll be right behind you."
  108. [2013-03-06 15:56:09] * Shatara blinks and looks over his shoulder. "I'm not gonna leave you alone..."
  109. [2013-03-06 16:21:56] <Kkat> 3The group moves towards the ruined crystaline castle, occasionally catching better glimpses of it between piles of rubble.  Kid and Bookwright are the first to notice them: crystal ponies.  Hundreds of them, forming a ring about the castle.  Standing, motionless, like silent sentinels.  
  110. [2013-03-06 16:23:08] * Bookwright "Oh my..."
  111. [2013-03-06 16:23:35] * Kid blinks. Oh, shit. That's, uh. "Uh. Fellas? Ah-ah don' think we're gettin' in through th' front door."
  112. [2013-03-06 16:24:05] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart, on the other hoof, notices the approaching figure moving through the rubble.  It looks, at first, like a pony.  But it lacks the proper animation, moving like a statue being floated with telekinesis.
  113. [2013-03-06 16:24:56] * Noble_Heart frowns and tilts her head to one side. "Were We not requested to visit the palace? We would think that if this doctor wished to meet us they would give us a means to reach them." She paused and looks off to one direction, shifting her stance slightly to a more defensive one as she watches the... Whatever it was approaching. "There is something else coming this way."
  114. [2013-03-06 16:27:35] * Kid frowns. Shit, shit, shiiit. Company in front, company behind! Pincered in! "Flyin' folks! Get th' non-flyin' folks flyin' towards th' castle! Maybe there's a window! Th' rest can deal with threats as they come!" She drew her new shotgun and prepared to hop on Noble's back.
  115. [2013-03-06 16:28:48] * CopyCat peers out from behind Shatara at the huge ring of ponies and at the strange apparition heading towards them. "I don't like the looks of this."
  116. [2013-03-06 16:30:57] * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "We do not believe this one has come to attack us." She continues to stand ready in case she's wrong, though. "It is being levitated. Perhaps by the Doctor's magic?"
  117. [2013-03-06 16:31:25] * Bookwright "Something weightless this way comes? Curious."
  118. [2013-03-06 16:32:56] * Shatara squawks and looks around for someone who might need a lift.
  119. [2013-03-06 16:34:08] * Kid doesn't keep her old eye off the sights. "Come out! Hooves up, no funny stuff, 'less you wanna get real acquainted with powder and lead!"
  120. [2013-03-06 16:35:21] * Kid gets on Noble's back. Height advantage.
  121. [2013-03-06 16:37:29] <Kkat> 3A moment later, what Noble_Heart spotted is clear to all: a pony-shaped robot approaches, rolling over a mound of rubble on a platform tank treds beneath its "hooves".  Set into the featureless "head" of the pony-bot is a casing of armored glass, through which a pony's brain is visible.  A little filly's voice chimes out.  "Hello?  Will you play with me?"
  122. [2013-03-06 16:38:57] * CopyCat flaps her wings and hovers just a hoof's width off the ground.
  123. [2013-03-06 16:39:13] * Noble_Heart growls slightly at that thing which rolls up. "We are not here to play." She looks towards the others and spreads her wings, taking off into the air. In a moment her shield had surrounded her. "We are here to see your princess! Will you take Us to her?" She looks down towards the robot, half expecting it to attack. The one in the medical area had proved sympathetic, perhaps
  124. [2013-03-06 16:39:13] * Noble_Heart they would be lucky here...
  125. [2013-03-06 16:39:43] * Shatara acks and examines the robot. Tries to decide whether "yes" will involve rocket-play, and
  126. [2013-03-06 16:40:09] <Shatara> > ..."No" will involve a rocket-tantrum.
  127. [2013-03-06 16:40:44] * Bookwright tries diplomacy, "Uh, depends. What game did you want to play?"
  128. [2013-03-06 16:41:11] * CopyCat calls out. "Be careful! It's dangerous!"
  129. [2013-03-06 16:41:31] * Kid huffs and doesn't respond right away. She seems a healthy dose paranoid. "Noble, fly. Fly now. That thing don't need nothin' you wanna give."
  130. [2013-03-06 16:42:12] * Bookwright swaps the cheapo energy cells out of Pew-Pew and loads it with standard ones... better safe than sorry.
  131. [2013-03-06 16:44:21] * CopyCat "Don't make any sudden moves, it's confused maybe even deranged. It might attack if we don't keep away."
  132. [2013-03-06 16:51:53] * Kid glances at CopyCat. "CopyCat, get Bookie n' Mitzi in th' air. We ain't gon' fight this thing and make noise t' alert th' crowd down there." She said in a low tone behind clenched teeth. This could end very, very badly.
  133. [2013-03-06 16:52:02] <Kkat> 3There is a flash of brilliance as a thin bolt of lightning arcs from the brain-bot, striking up at Noble_Heart.  
  134. [2013-03-06 16:57:38] * CopyCat Eeeps! and flutters over to Bookwright.
  135. [2013-03-06 16:59:43] * Kid can only imagine that this is what the inside of a plasma ball looks like. "Now! Now now now now! Get moving, now! We do not want to fight this right now!" She loaded in lightning slugs. Just in case.
  136. [2013-03-06 17:01:58] * Shatara scoops Get_Lost upon his back and lifts off as he readies his rifle.
  137. [2013-03-06 17:04:11] * CopyCat appologises as she surrounds Bookwright in a magical field. "Sorry about this but we're heading up." She calls out to Kid and Noble_Heart. "I can't take Mitzi as well. She might have to dig and climb up to us later."
  138. [2013-03-06 17:07:14] * Noble_Heart frowned down at the robot as its lightning crackled across her shield, a minor amount jumping through to fuzz her mane. "We are not impressed. A worthy crafting of spell, but such a pitiful amount of energy behind it? And worse still, from a manufactured talisman." She shook her head with a quiet 'tsk' before her horn glowed. "We shall show you proper lightning!" A bolt of
  139. [2013-03-06 17:07:15] * Noble_Heart lightning erupted from infront of her shield, streaking downwards to the brainbot.
  140. [2013-03-06 17:10:32] * Kid looks down in worry. "Noble, what the hell are you doing? This doesn't look a lot like moving!"
  141. [2013-03-06 17:11:30] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We are covering Our allies' retreat, naturally. We would be ill suited to defend them if We were the first to leave."
  142. [2013-03-06 17:11:45] <Kkat> 3The filly voice of the brain-bot calls out.  "Don't run!  I just want to be your friend!"  Noble_Heart's lightning bolt strikes it, causing a harsh crackling sound.  The bot's treads jerk to a stop.  A moment later, the filly's voice cries out, "Ooooowie!"
  143. [2013-03-06 17:12:40] * Kid looks on in horror. "This one ain't the one I'm worried about!" She looks back to the mob of Crystal Zombies.
  144. [2013-03-06 17:13:02] * Bookwright curses in poor zebra as his stomach lurches and the ground falls away from him. Bringing up Pew-Pew, "Guess I'm field-testing this thing now!"
  145. [2013-03-06 17:13:47] * Bookwright 8ZOT! ZOT! ZOT! ZOT!
  146. [2013-03-06 17:17:04] * Bookwright wrinkles his nose at the addition of a hot silicone-and-metal smell to the usual ozone of a magical energy weapon. That's some powerful stink.
  147. [2013-03-06 17:17:14] <Bookwright> silicon*
  148. [2013-03-06 17:17:57] * CopyCat sneezes.
  149. [2013-03-06 17:18:12] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's new weapon unloads a barrage of magical energy against the robot.  There is some slagging of the hull, but the armor plates that make up it's body seem to be doing a good job protecting its internal mechanics.  The tank treds jerk to a start again.
  150. [2013-03-06 17:19:49] * Bookwright "Sorry about the stink, not a lot I can do about it."
  151. [2013-03-06 17:26:05] * Shatara slips into SATS, lining up the first shot to try to disable its weapons, and following up with a quicker shot.
  152. [2013-03-06 17:33:27] <Kkat> 3Shatara's gun chooses this inoppertune time to jam again.
  153. [2013-03-06 17:35:22] <Kkat> 3The brain-bot swivels, it's childlike voice insisting, "I just want to be your friend!" even as it fires off another lightning blast... this time at Bookwright.
  154. [2013-03-06 17:38:47] <Kkat> 3This blast seems more intense, striking down Bookwright.  The unicorn Follower falls to the rubble-strewn street.
  155. [2013-03-06 17:43:08] * Bookwright "..."
  156. [2013-03-06 17:44:05] * CopyCat cries out in anguish as the robot's attack blasts Bookwright out of her telekinetic field. She dives down to try and catch him in her hooves before he hits the ground and then encases them both in her shield.
  157. [2013-03-06 17:49:17] * CopyCat she huddles over the paralyzed pony protectively.
  158. [2013-03-06 17:49:49] * Bookwright "..."
  159. [2013-03-06 17:50:19] * Kid winces as Bookwright gets his. Shit, shit, shit, shit, okay. Okay. Fine. "Noble, turn off yer shield fer a sec'."
  160. [2013-03-06 17:51:24] * Get_Lost the mare gasps when bookie almost disintegrates on the spot "hold on, i'm coming!" looks down, noticing that she is a bad position from where to jump "can you drop me next to him?"
  161. [2013-03-06 17:51:45] === CTCP time reply ``Thu Mar 07 01:51:40'' from CopyCat
  162. [2013-03-06 17:53:16] * Shatara banks, almost a little too sharply, swooping towards where CopyCat and Bookwright are.
  163. [2013-03-06 17:54:04] * Noble_Heart looks. Well, she looks angry. "We are to be your target, roughian! Leave Our companions alone!" A second bolt of lightning streaked through the air, though she did raise herself a bit further off the ground as well, beating her wings just a bit. She wasn't too concerned with the ghoul-like crystal ponies, for the moment.
  164. [2013-03-06 17:54:49] * Noble_Heart frowns at Kid's request. "If We drop Our shield We will be without defenses!" She understood what Kid wanted to do, to blast the robot, but given the kind of hurt it did to Bookwright. "The robot seems to only attack those who have interacted or attacked it. We believe it shall now attack Us again."
  165. [2013-03-06 17:56:13] * Kid looked back at the ghouls. "Can't you bring 'em up after I'm done?" Back at the robot.
  166. [2013-03-06 17:57:00] <Kkat> 3The point becomes moot as Noble_Heart's second attack fries the robot, causing something internal to explode.  The lighting in the brain-case dies, the brain starving as the robot ceases to function.
  167. [2013-03-06 17:58:16] * Kid grimaces. Shit. Shit shit. "Okay, fine, moot point anyway! Get Bookie up and get him active! Now!"
  168. [2013-03-06 17:59:11] * CopyCat "It'll be okay, it'll be okay," she says trying to comfort Bookwright. She subconciously reaches out to Get_Lost: {Bookwright needs you!}
  169. [2013-03-06 17:59:34] * Shatara snarls softly as he clears his rifle. Again.
  170. [2013-03-06 17:59:40] * Bookwright helpfully replies "..."
  171. [2013-03-06 18:00:15] * Get_Lost "yeah, yeah i know.... making tings in a hurry will only make it easier to make mistakes..." the mare gets a healing potion and checks that it's safe to give it to the researcher
  172. [2013-03-06 18:01:06] * CopyCat drops her shield as Get approaches, breathing a sigh of relief now that the crazy brain bot had been dealt with.
  173. [2013-03-06 18:03:48] * Get_Lost since the stallion seems to be a little paralyzed, decides to proceed with forced feeding trough mouth to mouth!
  174. [2013-03-06 18:03:52] * Noble_Heart circles around the group slowly, keeping her eyes on the disabled robot and its dead brain inside, she didn't look proud or happy about the outcome. Infact, she actually looked rather sad. Quiet words passed her lips. "... I'm sorry child. I couldn't save you either..." Before she tensed up a little and pulled her eyes away to scan the horizon for signs of more danger.
  175. [2013-03-06 18:04:48] * Bookwright faints and goes limp.
  176. [2013-03-06 18:06:26] * Kid grimaces. "She weren't no real pony anyway. That was just a ghoul gone feral with a voice." She mutters under her breath. She looks at Copycat and Get_Lost, wildness in her eyes. "We don't have a real good supply of time, if ya'll haven't noticed!" Back at the zombie horde. Still there. "Get yer flanks in gear, we're goin' up!"
  177. [2013-03-06 18:08:10] * Get_Lost spits a few drop of potion after the subministering "i'm doing as fast as i can but it has to go down the proper place or he'l be burned and choking"
  178. [2013-03-06 18:10:43] <Kkat> 3With a glance back, Kid notes that the horde of crystal ponies hasn't moved.  In fact, they don't seem to be moving at all.  Not even a little.  The crystal ponies are standing, by the hundreds, like statues.  An unblinking ring around the castle, facing inwards towards its center.
  179. [2013-03-06 18:11:06] * Get_Lost as soon as she notices that the potion is taking effect, the mare decides to try to revive the stallion
  180. [2013-03-06 18:11:29] <Kkat> 3Bookwright finds himself able to move and speak again.
  181. [2013-03-06 18:11:31] * Noble_Heart frowns as she looks out over that horde quietly. "We do not believe the crystal ponies are our threat right now. We are more concerned about further robots. The one near the SRAC nearly killed Our companions, after all."
  182. [2013-03-06 18:11:32] * Kid blinks. They aren't moving. "... Just get it done as quick as can be done."
  183. [2013-03-06 18:12:08] * Bookwright wheezes weakly.
  184. [2013-03-06 18:12:47] * Bookwright opens his eyes, then closes them again. Briefly, his horn glows, and an amber glow washes over him.
  185. [2013-03-06 18:13:05] * Get_Lost "are you okay, big boy? how many hooves is this?" shows a hoof
  186. [2013-03-06 18:13:33] * Bookwright slurs weakly, "th-three..?"
  187. [2013-03-06 18:13:47] * Kid jolts her head to CopyCat. "Good enough! Pick 'em up, n' start headed t' the castle. We can worry about if he c'n still count when we're safe!"
  188. [2013-03-06 18:14:35] * Get_Lost smiles "almost there. you'll be fine and ready to roll in a moment, just stay down and reat another couple minutes"
  189. [2013-03-06 18:14:52] * Bookwright groans and gets up, shaking out his various bits and pieces. "Y'all know that feeling when you fall asleep on a limb and when you wake up it feels all numb and tingly?"
  190. [2013-03-06 18:15:30] * CopyCat nods. She knew exactly what he was talking about.
  191. [2013-03-06 18:15:35] * Bookwright continues, "I feel like that, except all over."
  192. [2013-03-06 18:16:30] * Bookwright shakes out his head. "I think I'm okay now. How did you get a healing potion in me when I was unconscious? I tasted snozzberry on my lips when I woke up..."
  193. [2013-03-06 18:17:05] * Kid grimaces. Fine, fine. Let them get ambushed again. Kid looks rather anxious, eyes darting around for any other pony that looks to be a combatant.
  194. [2013-03-06 18:18:13] * Bookwright groans again, and giggles. "Hee hee. The instructors warned me that spell would make everything seem funny, but I still wasn't totally prepared for it... Wooh, I feel a bit lightheaded. I'll be fine."
  195. [2013-03-06 18:20:16] * Kid jolts her head to the side. "Good! Let's move it already! We ain't safe!"
  196. [2013-03-06 18:20:52] * CopyCat continues to nod and her telekinisis spreads around Bookwright for the second time. "Are you ready to try again? This time hopefully without sudden robot attack." She watches Get_Lost heading back towards Shatara and answers Bookwright. "Oh, you weren't swallowing so Get administered the potion with mouth to mouth."
  197. [2013-03-06 18:21:33] * Bookwright cocks his head and giggles again. "...Pink. Hee hee. Haw." *snort* "HAW!"
  198. [2013-03-06 18:22:04] * Bookwright "Who... hee hee, paints a safe 13pink, of all colors..? HAW!"
  199. [2013-03-06 18:22:25] * Kid raises an eyebrow. "Th' hell ya'll talkin' bout?"
  200. [2013-03-06 18:22:51] * Shatara looks at Bookwright like has 3.5 heads.
  201. [2013-03-06 18:22:51] * Bookwright walks a little unsteadily towards a glimmering in the rubble. "A safe. There's"
  202. [2013-03-06 18:22:55] * Noble_Heart beat her wings steadily, keeping herself and Kid in the air as she mulled over Kid's words about it being a ghoul in a jar. "We hope you are right." She did her best to put whatever might be causing her trouble to the back of her mind, instead keeping her eyes on Bookwright in his presently loopy state. Moving closer to CopyCat.
  203. [2013-03-06 18:22:57] * Bookwright -chortle-
  204. [2013-03-06 18:23:17] * Bookwright ..."A safe in the debris here... a /pink/ one, hee hee."
  205. [2013-03-06 18:23:57] <Kkat> 3Bookwright is correct.  Mostly buried in the rubble is a small, pink safe about the size of a breadbox.
  206. [2013-03-06 18:24:12] * Kid raises an eyebrow, then looks down. "... Huh. Damn. Yer right."
  207. [2013-03-06 18:24:36] * Noble_Heart moves closer to the ground, reaching out with her magic to try and lift the safe free of the rubble. Assuming it wasn't locked or bolted to something larger down below.
  208. [2013-03-06 18:25:29] <Kkat> 3The rubble spills away as Noble_Heart pulls the safe up with telekinesis.
  209. [2013-03-06 18:26:40] * Noble_Heart carefully moves the safe closer to Bookwright, gently setting it down before him. "We have no idea what kind of pony would paint a safe pink. Nor what they might store inside. Save perhaps the Ministry of Morale." She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "But We find that idea a tad silly."
  210. [2013-03-06 18:28:25] * Bookwright gradually quiets down. "...Yeah, silly. Hee hee. Or maybe not silly. I wonder what's in it..."
  211. [2013-03-06 18:34:17] * Noble_Heart frowns as she looks down at the safe. "If none of Our companions can open it might We suggest simply taking the safe with Us until We find one who can? Spending all this time worrying over the contents does not make Us happy. This place is dangerous."
  212. [2013-03-06 18:34:42] * Kid nods. "Yeah. Let's, uh. Let's hurry."
  213. [2013-03-06 18:35:02] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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