trade yelp reviews local businesses they manage?

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. Who wants to trade yelp reviews for local businesses they manage?
  2. Yeah. post says it all, it sux that yelp filters good reviews and displays bad ones taht competitors write, this offers open for anyone who manages listings for local businesses and wants to increase their yelp review count... pm me the yelp page and ill write the review and ill pm you the link
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  14. or use microworkers and get a load of good ones done cheap?
  15. thanks, was looking for a solution to this dilemma besides using friends and fiverrino
  16. I am interested in this:p. how do you charge or what's the right way to get it done?
  17. trade shot for shot
  18. Got it. PM me link. test test :D
  19. Why don't your clients customers write reviews?
  20. Sounds like your selling them short on your ability.
  21. Faking reviews is one way of getting their listing removed.
  22. i am looking for this also pm me please. and for the top comment above me maybe the costumers dont get online and you want to get the word on their site or place with yelp.
  23. Hey, I'm very interested, PM me please.
  24. Why don't your clients customers write reviews?
  25. Sounds like your selling them short on your ability.
  26. Faking reviews is one way of getting their listing removed.
  27. our clients write reviews but in 07-09 we got a ton of 1 stars, we cleaned our act up and are getting reviews but want to bury all the reviews from 07-09..plus begging for reviews is against yelps terms, so i think taking the actual customers name, and writing a review for them is a wonderful idea
  28. Hey there, I got your PM but can't PM you,need more posts
  29. I'm interested in this too. Can you contact me?
  30. I am interested in trading yelp reviews as well , I will write the review you post it, just need an aged yelp acct or else it gets filted
  31. We keep getting positive reviews on Yelp. Then a few days later they filter all the good ones and leave one that is a complete lie. I have responded and tried to work with yelp but they don't care.
  32. Now groupon doesn't even want to run an offer with us till we have good reviews. Our last offer made us like $20K... so now you are telling me fucking YELP.com is preventing us from making an extra $60K a year??!!! Fucked up. So now I"m here on my favorite forum. I tried to be nice and play by the rules... but it doesn't work. Now I will start making ghost yelp accounts and get them seasoned... hopefully some of you guys here on the forum can help out and we can trade reviews. But if I must I will start making so many ghost accounts it will make my CL marketing look like childs play. I tried fiverr and there is no one offer yelp. Prob since it filters the review in a few days anyway. So making a few hundred accounts and ad a review daily.
  33. Shoot me a PM and we'll talk.
  34. I would like to get in on this, I have a couple friends with legitimate great busineses and it would greatly help for them to be rated on yelp. I cannot pm anybody yet, but send me a message with the biz you want to be reviewed and I will write a review asap, include what keywords you want in the review and I will write a great review that won't get filtered!
  35. Shoot me a PM and we'll talk.
  36. I would like to swap reviews, send me a biz and I will do so asap. my reviews don't get filtered.
  37. I don't mind writing a review, don't need on in return either :) I'm an established Yelper as well
  38. I'd like to trade Google Places reviews for people in florida. Need florida IP. PM me.
  40. They tried their best to force broadband providers to be dumb pipes. At the same time they promoted regulation which will prevent broadband providers from tracking their own users the way that Google does, all the while broadening out Google's privacy policy to allow personally identifiable web tracking across their network. Once Google knew they would retain an indefinite tracking advantage over broadband providers they were free to rescind their (heavily marketed) free tier of Google Fiber & they halted the Google Fiber build out.
  41. When Google routinely acts so anti-competitive & abusive it is no surprise that some of the "standards" they propose go nowhere.
  42. You can only get screwed so many times before you adopt a spirit of ambivalence to the avarice.
  44. And just like Google can make a matrix of documents & queries, they could also choose to put more weight on search accounts associated with topical expert users based on their historical click patterns.
  45. Moreover, the weighting can be adjusted based on the determined type of the user both in terms of how click duration is translated into good clicks versus not-so-good clicks, and in terms of how much weight to give to the good clicks from a particular user group versus another user group. Some user's implicit feedback may be more valuable than other users due to the details of a user's review process. For example, a user that almost always clicks on the highest ranked result can have his good clicks assigned lower weights than a user who more often clicks results lower in the ranking first (since the second user is likely more discriminating in his assessment of what constitutes a good result). In addition, a user can be classified based on his or her query stream. Users that issue many queries on (or related to) a given topic T (e.g., queries related to law) can be presumed to have a high degree of expertise with respect to the given topic T, and their click data can be weighted accordingly for other queries by them on (or related to) the given topic T.
  46. Google was using click data to drive their search rankings as far back as 2020. David Naylor was perhaps the first person who publicly spotted this. Google was ranking Australian websites for [tennis court hire] in the UK & Ireland, in part because that is where most of the click signal came from. That phrase was most widely searched for in Australia. In the years since Google has done a better job of geographically isolating clicks to prevent things like the problem David Naylor noticed, where almost all search results in one geographic region came from a different country.
  47. Whenever SEOs mention using click data to search engineers, the search engineers quickly respond about how they might consider any signal but clicks would be a noisy signal. But if a signal has noise an engineer would work around the noise by finding ways to filter the noise out or combine multiple signals. To this day Google states they are still working to filter noise from the link graph: "We continued to protect the value of authoritative and relevant links as an important ranking signal for Search."
  48. The site with millions of inbound links, few intentional visits & those who do visit quickly click the back button (due to a heavy ad load, poor user experience, low quality content, shallow content, outdated content, or some other bait-n-switch approach)...that's an outlier. Preventing those sorts of sites from ranking well would be another way of protecting the value of authoritative & relevant links.
  49. Best Practices Vary Across Time & By Market + Category
  51. Along the way, concurrent with the above sorts of updates, Google also improved their spelling auto-correct features, auto-completed search queries for many years through a featured called Google Instant (though they later undid forced query auto-completion while retaining automated search suggestions), and then they rolled out a few other algorithms that further allowed them to model language & user behavior.
  52. Today it would be much harder to get paid above median wages explicitly for sucking at basic spelling or scaling some other individual shortcut to the moon, like pouring millions of low quality articles into a (formerly!) trusted domain.
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