Uber Jason - Durability 3

Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. A sound behind made him turn. The fuselage seemed to be emitting blue smoke. He was no engineer and rather than checking it out, he determined that he should get as far away as possible.
  3. With his remaining good arm Baradox clutched the small chamber to his chest and made his way across the floor of the dust filled crater. Once he had traveled what must have been a mile or so, he both heard and felt an enormous explosion. The ground quaked and he nearly lost his balance. He turned to see the fuel source erupting into the sky with a spinning silver flame that might have reached as high as the space station, for he could see it shoot up and pierce the atmosphere of the planet and ascend further out into space. Somewhere in the middle of the silver light he thought he saw a face reflected, one full of hatred, disguised by a metallic mask that glowed even brighter than the flame
  5. Jason X: Planet of the Beast page 173
  7. He landed in a huge crater, one that stretched for miles, and ran at least a half-mile deep.
  9. Jason X: Planet of the Beast page 172
  11. "No kidding," Akako said. "What I can tell you is that we get two sources that are probably human near the explosion. One close to it, almost in the center of it- but that can't be possible. The other is further away, at these coordinates."
  13. Jason X: Planet of the Beast page 177
  15. "There's a storm down there, a bad one and we can't even pick up heat forms and can barely hole in on the shuttle Felicity drove."
  17. Andre, who had listened in, added what everyone else though. "We don't know that anything awful has happened. Felicity landed alright, we know that, and she found Bardox and went off in search of Emery."
  19. Jason X: Planet of the Beast page 191
  21. Only when she was there, holding him, feeling the form of the man in her embrace, did it occur to her that he wasn't embracing her back. She looked up, expecting to see the rueful smile and the gentle, sexy eyes she loved but instead saw something unexpected: a mask made of silver metal, with an opening. She saw pale eyes and a set mouth, features that she did not recognize.
  23. Jason X: Planet of the Beast page 197
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