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  1. ++embed -c #00CED1 -t "**__R6S Cheat__**" -th https://dxcheats.com/favicon.ico
  2. **EXTERNAL : 0 bans**
  3. __This cheat is slotted/private and has individualized strings.__(For more info contact @Likwid#5949)
  6. **Functions:**
  8. **__ESP__**
  10. **Enemy only -** Only shows you ESP information about enemies.
  11. **Name -** Shows you player names.
  12. **Distance -** Gives you your distance to players on the map.
  13. **Health -** Shows player health using bars.
  14. **Box -** Draws boxes around the players.
  15. **Line -** Draws a line from you to the players on the map.
  16. **Pickup -** Shows pickable objects.
  17. **Name -**Shows names to pickable objects.
  18. **Distance -** Gives you your distance to objects on the map.
  19. **Vehicles -** Shows vehicles.
  20. **Name -** Shows names to vehicles.
  21. **Distance -** Gives you your distance to vehicles on the map.
  23. **__Aimbot__**
  25. **Aimbot -** Enabling and disabling this feature will quickly turn your aimbot ON or OFF.
  26. **Bone -** Advanced bone detection that allows you to check of the part of the body you want to aim for with a diagram.
  27. **Key -** Lets you choose a key that activates your aimbot.
  28. **Distance -** Set the distance where it starts to aim.
  29. **Smooth -** Decreases the speed at which the aimbot twitches your character.
  30. **No Switch -** Don't Switch to other Targets while your current one still Matches the filters you selected in the Settings (Alive,Visible,...).
  31. **FOV -** Draws the field of view where the aimbot aims to targets.
  33. **__Misc__**
  35. **Save -** Saves the menu and hacks for next use.
  36. **Load -** Loads the saved options from a file.
  38. **__Pricing:__**
  39. **300 euro Intial
  40. 150 euro a month**
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