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Jewish Control of the New York Times

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  1. INTRODUCTION: This pastebin is organized into six sections. The first five sections detail the extent of Jewish influence at the New York Times. The final section catalogs each of the citations used to support the assertions made throughout the text. This pastebin is accessible at https://pastebin.com/syWNwnMP. An archived version of this pastebin is also accessible via https://archive.fo/JuHGg. Feel free to copy, build upon, or otherwise repost the information in this pastebin on your own website. To see a similar list for NBC, visit: https://pastebin.com/cqDiq3P4. To see a similar list for CBS News, visit: https://pastebin.com/U7QYbUry.
  3. SECTION 1: NYT Executives
  4. SECTION 2: NYT Bureau Chiefs
  5. SECTION 3: NYT Chief Correspondents
  6. SECTION 4: NYT Leading Editors
  7. SECTION 5: NYT Correspondents & Reporters
  8. SECTION 6: Works Cited
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  11. **SECTION 1: NYT Executives**
  13. Arthur O Sulzberger Jr. – Chairman & Publisher
  14. Arthur O Sulzberger Jr. is Chairman and Publisher of the New York Times. [1]. Arthur O Sulzberger Jr. is Jewish. According to JPost, a Jewish news publication, the Sulzbergers are a Jewish family and Arthur O Sulzberger Jr.’s father, Arthur O Sulzberger Sr., stated that “he would be criticized if he appointed a Jew as editor, since the ownership was in the hands of Jews.” [2]. The Algemeiner, an Israel-based Jewish news publication, stated that Sulzberger Sr. “was indeed Jewish.” [3]. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Jr.’s father, “Arthur Ochs Sulzberger was a Jewish American publisher and businessman.” [4]. The Daily Beast has also confirmed that “the Ochs/Sulzbergers were a Jewish family.” [5].
  16. Michael Golden – Vice Chairman
  17. Michael Golden is Vice Chairman of the New York Times. [6]. Michael Golden is Jewish. Michael Golden is the father of Hays Golden [7], who is also on the New York Times’ board of directors [8], and the son of Ruth Sulzberger Holmberg, who is the sister of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger [9], who was Jewish. According to JPost, a Jewish news publication, the Sulzbergers are a Jewish family and Ruth Sulzberg’s father, Arthur O Sulzberger Sr., stated that “he would be criticized if he appointed a Jew as editor, since the ownership was in the hands of Jews.” [10]. The Algemeiner, an Israel-based Jewish news publication, stated that Sulzberger Sr. “was indeed Jewish.” [11].  According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Ruth’s father, “Arthur Ochs Sulzberger was a Jewish American publisher and businessman.” [12]. The Daily Beast has also confirmed that “the Ochs/Sulzbergers were a Jewish family.” [13].
  19. Arthur Greg Sulzberger – Deputy Publisher
  20. Arthur Greg Sulzberger is Deputy Publisher of the New York Times. [14]. Arthur Greg Sulzberger is Jewish. Arthur Gregg is the son of Arthur O Sulzberger Jr [15], whose father, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, was the New York Times publisher before him. [16]. According to JPost, a Jewish news publication, the Sulzbergers are a Jewish family and Arthur O Sulzberger Jr.’s father, Arthur O Sulzberger Sr., stated that “he would be criticized if he appointed a Jew as editor, since the ownership was in the hands of Jews.” [17]. The Daily Beast has also confirmed that “the Ochs/Sulzbergers were a Jewish family.” [18]. The Algemeiner, an Israel-based Jewish news publication, stated that Sulzberger Sr. “was indeed Jewish.” [19]. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Jr.’s father, “Arthur Ochs Sulzberger was a Jewish American publisher and businessman.” [20].
  22. Mark Thompson – President & CEO
  23. Mark Thompson is the President and CEO of the New York Times. [21]. Mark Thompson’s wife is Jewish. The Independent has confirmed that his Thompson’s wife, Jane Blumberg, is Jewish. [22]. The Jewish Voice of NY has likewise confirmed that Mark Thompson’s wife, Jane Blumberg, is Jewish. [23].
  25. Joseph Kahn – Managing Editor
  26. Joseph Kahn is the Managing Editor of the New York Times. [24]. Joseph Kahn is Jewish. Joseph Kahn is the son of Leo Kahn, a co-founder of Staples Inc. [25], who was Jewish, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. [26].
  28. Meredith Kopit Levin - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
  29. Meredith Kopit Levin is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the New York Times. [27]. Meredith Kopit Levin is Jewish. Meredith’s husband, Jason Levin [28], has stated, "I am Jewish. I had my bar mitzvah in Israel.” [29]. Meredith’s relative on Facebook [30], Robin Kopit, has expressed support for Style Mitzvah and Students Against UCSC Divestment from Israel. [31].
  31. James Bennet – Lead Editor, Editorial Page
  32. James Bennet is the Lead Editor for the Editorial Page of the New York Times. [32]. James Bennet is Jewish. Rocky Mountain News has confirmed that James Bennet is the brother of politician Michael Bennet who is also Jewish. [33]. James and Michael are the sons of Susanne Klejman Wed to D. J. Bennet Jr. [34]. The publication US News has likewise confirmed that James’ and Michaels’ mother was Polish-Jewish. [35]. Several publications have likewise confirmed that Michael Bennet is Jewish, including Jewish Virtual Library [36], the Jewish publication JWeekly [37], and the Israeli-based newspaper Times of Israel. [38].
  34. David Perpich – President & General Manager, The Wirecutter
  35. David Perpich is President and General Manager of the New York Times’ The Wirecutter. [39]. David Perpich is Jewish. Perpich was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Harvey J. Winokur. [40]. Perpich is the newphew of current New York Times publisher, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. [41]. According to JPost, a Jewish news publication, the Sulzbergers are a Jewish family and Arthur O Sulzberger Jr.’s father, Arthur O Sulzberger Sr., stated that “he would be criticized if he appointed a Jew as editor, since the ownership was in the hands of Jews.” [42]. The Daily Beast has also confirmed that “the Ochs/Sulzbergers were a Jewish family.” [43].The Algemeiner, an Israel-based Jewish news publication, stated that Sulzberger Sr. “was indeed Jewish.” [44]. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Jr.’s father, “Arthur Ochs Sulzberger was a Jewish American publisher and businessman.” [45].
  37. Rebecca Blumenstein – Deputy Managing Editor
  38. Rebecca Blumenstein is Deputy Managing Editor of the New York Times. [46]. Rebecca Blumenstein is Jewish. Joanna Barsh and Johanna Lavoie write in their book, “Centered Leadership”, that Rebeccae Blumenstein’s family moved to Essexville, Michigan, where Rebacca as the “only Jewish kid in her fourth grade.” [47]. Rebecca and her husband Paul’s life stories have been featured in The Jewish Chronicle. [48].
  40. Paul Walborsky – Senior Vice President, NYT Global
  41. Paul Walborsky is Senior Vice President, NYT Global. [49]. Paul Walborsky is Jewish. Walborsky was married to Liann Schottenstein in a Jewish wedding performed by Rabbi Aaron M. Petuchowski. [50]. Paul and Liann have donated to the Addison-Penzak JCC of Silicon Valley [51], a Jewish or organization. [52]. Paul and Liann are also donors to JValley (The Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley). [53]. Paul and Liann’s daughter has been bat mizvah’ed and has read the Torah at her synagogue. [54].
  43. Nick Rockwell -  Executive Vice President &  Chief Technology Officer
  44. Nick Rockwell is an Executive Vice President and the Chief Technology Officer for the New York Times. [55]. It is unclear whether or not Nick is Jewish. However, nick’s sister Alexandra is married to David Kissinger, who is Jewish.Nick on Facebook [56] is friends with his sister Alexandra Rockwell [57] who is married to David Kissinger, a Yale graduate. [58]. The Daily Caller confirmed that Yale graduate David Kissinger is the only son of Henry Kissinger [59], who according to Tablet Mag, a Jewish news publication, is Jewish. [60]. The JPost, a Jewish newspaper, likewise confirmed that Henrey Kissinger’s son, David, was to marry Alexandra Rockwell. [61]. A genealogy report on Rutgers University’s website also confirms that David and Alex are really married. [62].
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  47. **SECTION 2: NYT Bureau Chiefs**
  49. Elisabeth Bumiller – Washington D.C. Bureau Chief
  50. Elisabeth Bumiller is the Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [63]. Elisabeth Bumiller is Jewish. Bumiller was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Harold White. [64].
  52. Adam Nagourney – Los Angeles Bureau Chief
  53. Adam Nagourney is the Los Angeles Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [65]. Adam Nagourney is Jewish. Adam is the son of Herert Nagourney and brother of Eric Nagourney [66], who was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony Rabbi Burt Aaron Siegel at Adam Nagourney’s house. [67]. Adam Nagourney is also listed as a Jewish American journalist on Wikipedia.  [68].
  55. Steven Erlanger – London Bureau Chief
  56. Steven Erlanger is the London Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [69]. Steven Erlanger is Jewish. Erlanger, the New York Times’ former Jerusalem bureau chief. [70]. According to JPost, a Jewish newspaper, the last several Jerusalem Bureau Chiefs, including Steven Erlander [71], are Jewish. [72].
  58. Alissa Rubin – Paris Bureau Chief
  59. Alissa Rubin is the Paris Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [73]. Alissa Rubin is Jewish. Among other things, the funeral for Robert Castor, father of Enid Rubin and grandfather of Alissa Rubin, was held at Frank E. Campbell [74], which the Times of Israel states is a Jewish funeral home. [75].
  61. Jason Horowitz – Rome Bureau Chief
  62. Jason Horowitz is the NYT’s Rome Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [76]. Jason Horowitz is Jewish. Horowitz has written about his Passover celebrations in Italy and has described himself as “an Ashkenazi New Yorker.” [77].
  64. Alison Smale – Berlin Bureau Chief
  65. Alison Smale is the Berlin Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [78]. Alison Smale is Jewish. Smale is married to Russian pianist-composer Sergei Dreznin [79], who is Jewish according to NPR. [80].
  67. Rick Lyman - Central and Eastern European Bureau Chief
  68. Rick Lyman is Central and Eastern European Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [81]. Rick Lyman is Jewish. Lyman and his wife have daughters [82], including Katie Lyman [83], a member of different improv groups on Facebook [84], was also in the all-Jewish play Jewvangelist [85], a group which she also likes on Facebook. Katie’s boyfriend, Jay, also ‘likes’ on Facebook the groups for Maryland Hillel and Congregation Or Tivkah. [86]. Lyman has frequently written on Jewish themes throughout his career [87], and Rick has visited and paid homage to Aushwitz [88] on his Facebook. [89].  
  70. Damien Cave – Australia Bureau Chief.
  71. Damien Cave is the Australia Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [90]. Damien Cave is Jewish. Cave has written about his Jewish upbringing and has referred to his “Mom’s Jewish relatives.” [91].
  73. Jeffrey Gettleman – South Asia Bureau Chief
  74. Jeffrey Gettleman is the South Asia Bureau Chief for the New York Times. [92]. Jeffrey Gettleman is Jewish. Gettleman is the son of Judge Robert W. William, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. [93]. Judge Gettleman is Jewish and served as an attorney for the Jewish United Fund before being appointed to his judgeship in 1994. [94]. Jeffrey Gettleman’s sister, Lynn Chehab, has also spoken on the radio progam hosted by Shalom Klein [95], founder of Founder of Jewish B2B Networking and Jewish Business News. [96].
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  77. **SECTION 3: NYT Chief Correspondents**
  79. Mark Leibovich – Chief National Correspondent
  80. Mark Leibovich is the Chief National Correspondent for the New York Times. [97]. Mark Leibovich is Jewish. The Forward, a Jewish publication, has confirmed that Leibovich is Jewish, stating that Leibovich tries to channel his “Jewish outside status” and that Leibovich “is the son of a Jewish immigrant from Argentina.” [98].
  82. Shane Goldmacher – Chief Political Correspondent
  83. Shane Goldmacher is the Chief Political Correspondent for the New York Times. [99]. Shane Goldmacher is Jewish. Shane’s Grandparents are Ruth and Jerry Goldmacher. [100]. Jerry and Ruth signed the online obituary for relative Howard Goldmacher, which was presented by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care [101]. Jerry Goldmacher’s brother (i.e., Shane Goldmacher’s uncle) is Donald Goldmacher of Florida [102], whose son (i.e., Shane Goldmacher’s cousin) is Jeff Goldmacher [103], a Florida politician who is Jewish [104] and who has stated unequivocally, “I am Jewish.” [105] hough it is less clear the two are related, a different Donald Goldmacher, of Berkeley, California [106], which is where Shane Goldmacher is also from [107], has signed the Tikkun mail [108], which is Jewish. [109]. This Donald Goldmacher on Facebook [110] likes Keshet [111], which is Jewish.
  85. Peter Baker – Chief White House Correspondent
  86. Peter Baker is the Chief White House Correspondent for the New York Times. [112]. Peter Baker’s wife is Jewish. Baker is married to Susan Glasser [113], who the Daily Caller has reported is Jewish. [114].
  88. Cheryl Stolberg – Chief Domestic Affairs
  89. Cheryl Stolberg is the Chief Domestic Affairs Correspondent for the New York Times. [115]. Cheryl Stolberg is Jewish. Stolberg has confirmed that she is Jewish in articles written for the New York Times, which have included her discussing “being Jewish” and having “a Jewish background.” [116].
  91. Michael Gordon – Chief Military Correspondent
  92. Michael Gordon is the Chief Military Correspondent for the New York Times. [117]. Michael Gordon is Jewish. Michael Gordon is the son of former news executive Matthew Gordon [118] and Antonia Gordon.  [119]. Michael Gordon’s grandmother (Matthew Gordon’s mother), Ida Gordo, was buried at Beth David Cemetery [120], which is a Jewish cemetery. [121].
  94. Andrew Ross Sorkin – Chief M&A Correspondent
  95. Andrew Ross Sorkin is the Chief M&A Correspondent for the New York Times.  [122]. Andrew Ross is Jewish. Sorkin appeared on United Jewish Appeal (UJA)-Federation of New York’s 2013 list of 40 under 40 top “movers and shakers” in the Jewish community. [123]. With regard to his Judiasm, Sorkin stated as follows: “I am [Jewish]! A Christmas loving Jew! We did Chanukah last night and we will again tonight and the night after….” [124].
  97. Liz Alderman – Chief European Business Correspondent
  98. Liz Alderman is the Chief European Business Correspondent for the New York Times. [125]. Liz Alderman is Jewish. The Jewish publication JWeekly has confirmed that Alderman is Jewish. [126].
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  101. **SECTION 4: NYT Leading Editors**
  103. Jonathan Weisman – Deputy Washington Editor
  104. Jonathan Weisman is the Deputy Washington Editor of the New York Times. [127]. Jonathan Weisman is Jewish. Weisman has described himself as a “Jewish journalist” and referred to “my Jewish faith.” [128]. Weisman was also highlighted as a Jewish journalist in a report issued by the Anti-Defamation League.  [129].
  106. Susan Chira – Assistant Managing Editor
  107. Susan Chira is Assistant Managing Editor of the New York Times. [130]. Susan Chira is Jewish. Chira was married to in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Julie Gordon.  [131]. The Columbia Student News Outlet, Bwog, has written about Susan’s son doing “Torah reading” as well as both her son and daughter have their Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, respectively, in Lerner. [132]. Chira has often covered Jewish issues throughout her course of employment at the Times. [133].
  109. Jake Silverstein – Editor-in-Chief, NYT Magazine
  110. Jake Silverstein is the Editor-in-Chief for New York Times Magazine. [134]. Jake Silverstein is Jewish. Jake’s father is the poet Murray Silverstein [135], who writes poetry related to Jewish identity. [136]. Jake Silverstein is friends on Facebook with his father Murray Silverstein [137], who has uploaded pictures of his family wearing kippas. [138]. Jakes life story has been reported on by Jewish Business News. [139].
  112. Deborah Neddleman – Editor-in-chief, NYT Style Magazine
  113. Deborah Needleman is Editor-in-chief for New York Times Style Magazine. [140]. Deborh Needleman is Jewish, as confirmed by Clutch. [141]. Deborah Needleman is married to Jacob Weisberg [142], who is also Jewish, as confirmed by the New York Times, which stated that Jacob’s brother Joseph “Weisberg came to New York in 1997 by way of Chicago, where he grew up in a liberal Jewish home.” [143].
  115. Jodi Rudoren - Editorial Director, NYT Global
  116. Jodi Rudoren is Editorial Director for NYT Global. [144]. Jodi Rudoren is Jewish. According to JPost, a Jewish newspaper, Rudoren is Jewish and has a “background…as a Jew.”  [145]. Rudoren is the former New York Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief. [146]. The Jewish journalist Varda Epstein, on her blog dedicated to Israel, has also stated that Rudoren is Jewish. [147]. According to Haaretz, an Israeli-based Jewish newspaper, Judi’s husband Gary Rudorun is also Jewish and brought his “Jewish, New York humor with him to Jerusalem.”  [148].
  118. Ellen Pollock – Editor-in-chief, Business Day
  119. Ellen Pollock is the Editor-in-chief of the New York Times’ Business Day. [149]. Ellen Pollock is Jewish. Ellen Pollock was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony to her husband, Barry Meier [150], who has discussed his parents efforts to flee from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. [151].
  121. Jennifer Steinhauer – Editor of Live Journalism/D.C
  122. Jennifer Steinhauer is the Editor of Live Journalism/D.C for the New York Times. [152]. Jennifer Steinhauer is Jewish. Steinhauer has confirmed on Twitter that she is Jewish. [153]. Jennifer was most recently the Lead Congressional Reporter for the New York Times. [154].
  124. Ari Isaacman Bevacqua -  Director, Corporate Communications
  125. Ari Isaacman Bevacqua (née Astles) is the Director of Corporate Communications for the New York Times. [155]. Ari Isaacman Bevacqua is Jewish. Ari was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Deborah Reichmann at Washington’s Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. [156].
  127. Sam Tanenhaus – Editor-in-chief, NYT Book Review
  128. Sam Tanenhaus previously the Editor-in-chief of the New York Times’ Book Review, but he has since left the Times. [157]. Sam Tanenhaus is Jewish. Sam Tanenhaus’s mother is Gussie Tennanhaus, sister is Beth Tanenhaus Winsten, and brother is Michael Tanenhaus. [158]. Michael Tanenhaus is the Budget & Finance Chair of Temple Solel, a Jewish Synogogue [159], a fact also confirmed by the Washington Jewish Times. [160].
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  131. **SECTION 5: NYT Correspondents & Reporters**
  133. Maggie Haberman – White House Correspondent
  134. Maggie Haberman is a White House Correspondent for the New York Times. [161]. Maggie Haberman is Jewish. The Forward, a Jewish publication, has confirmed that Haberman is Jewish. [162].
  136. Binyamin Applebaum - Washington Correspondent
  137. Binyamin Applebaum is a Washington Correspondent for the New York Times. [163]. Binyamin Applebaum is Jewish. Applebaum attended the Maimonides School [164], a Jewish day school. [165].  Applebaum has written about his time at Maimonides. [166].
  139. Dana Goldstein – National Correspondent
  140. Dana Goldstein is a National Correspondent for the New York Times. [167]. Dana Goldstein is Jewish. Own Goldstein’s own website, she has written about her “Jewish upbringing,” being raised as a “Conservative-movement Jew,” and attending “Hebrew school.”  [168].
  142. Sam Roberts – Urban Affairs Correspondent
  143. Sam Roberts is an Urban Affairs Correspondent for the New York Times. [169]. Sam Roberts is Jewish. Sam’s son, Michael, was married in a Jewish wedding performed by Rabbi Erica Greenbaum.  [170]. Roberts has written on Jewish themes in his work. [171].
  145. David Sanger – National Security Correspondent
  146. David Sanger is the National Security Correspondent for the New York Times. [172]. David Sanger is Jewish. David’s grandfather is Elliott M. Sanger [173], a co-founder of WQXR, who was Jewish and was a part of the American Jewish Committee. [174]. Elliot interviewed Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger for the American Jewsih Committee and “asker her about Jewish stuff.” [175].
  148. Isabel Kershner – Correspondent
  149. Isabel Kershner is a Correspondent for the New York Times. [176]. Isabel Kershner is Jewish. Kershner has been described as a "Jewish Israeli". [177]. Kershner is married to Hirsch Goodman, who is also Jewish. [178].
  151. Samuel Freedman – Columnist
  152. Samuel Freedman is a Columnist for the New York Times. [179]. Samuel Freedman is Jewish. Freedman was named one of the “Forward Fifty" most important American Jews in the year 2000 by The Forward, a weekly Jewish newspaper. [180]. Freedman is a board member of the Jewish Book Council and for several years was a regular columnist on American Jewish issues for the Jerusalem Post. [181].
  154. Judith Shuleveitz – Columnist
  155. Judith Shulevitz is a Columnist for the New York Times. [182]. Judith Shulevitz is Jewish. The Jewish Journal has written about Judith Shulevitz’s Jewish writings and her “own Jewish experiences.” [183]. Shulevitz has spoken with NPR about her Judiasm and her observance of the Jewish Sabbath. [184].
  157. Ron Lieber – Columnist, Your Money
  158. Ron Lieber is the Columnist for the New York Times’ column, Your Money. [185]. Ron Lieber is Jewish. Ron Lieber is “a reform Jew.” [186]. Ron Lieber is married to Jodi Kantor [187], and the two have made personal announcements regarding their wedding. [188]. Kantor is also Jewish, and she has stated that her Grandmother is “a 93 year-old Holocaust survivor.” [189].
  160. Jim Rutenberg – Media Columnist
  161. Jim Rutenberg is a Media Columnist for the New York Times. [190]. Jim Rutenberg is Jewish. Rutenberg’s mother is Barbara Ritter Rutenberg [191], whose parents buried were at Mount Lebanon Cemetery [192], a Jewish cemetery. [193]. Rutenberg has written about being a Jewish journalist. [194].
  163. Eric Lipton – Investigative Reporter
  164. Eric Lipton is an Investigative Reporter for the New York Times. [195]. Eric Lipton is Jewish. Lipton was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony, as announced by the Jewish Exponent, a Jewish publication.  [196].
  166. Adam Goldman  - National Security Reporter
  167. Adam Goldman is a National Security Reporter for the New York Times. [197]. Adam Goldman is Jewish. Goldman lived in Israel for a number of years before returning to US. [198]. On Facebook Goldman ‘likes’ Gan Shalom Jewish preschool [199], which is a Jewish preschool. [200].
  169. Benjamin Weiser – Federal Courts Reporter
  170. Benjamin Weiser is a Federal Courts Reporter for the New York Times. [201]. Benjamin Weiser is Jewish. The Forward, a Jewish publication, has confirmed that Weiser is Jewish. [202].
  172. Jess Silver-Greenberg - Business Reporter
  173. Jess Silver-Greenberg is a Business Reporter for the New York Times. [203]. Jess Silver-Greenberg is Jewish. Silver-Greenberg has made light of her oft-Jewish last names, referring to herself as “Jewish-Jewish.” [204].
  175. Robin Pogrebin – Culture Reporter
  176. Robin Pogrebin is a Culture Reporter for the New York Times. [205]. Robin Pogrebin is Jewish. Robin’s mother, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, is also a journalist and has written that both she and Robin are Jewish.  [206].
  178. Barry Meier – Investigative Reporter
  179. Barry Meier is an Investigative Reporter for the New York Times. [207]. Barry Meier is Jewish. Barry was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony to his wife, Ellen Pollock. [208]. Barry has discussed his parents efforts to flee from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. [209].
  181. Matthew Schneier – Styles Reporter
  182. Matthew Schneier is a Styles Reporter for the New York Times. [210]. Matthew Schneier is Jewish. Schneier has confirmed that he is Jewish on Twitter, discussing his “Jewish upbringing.” [211].
  184. Sheri Fink – Heath Correspondent
  185. Sheri Fink is a Health Correspondent for the New York Times. [212]. The Detroit Jewish News has alluded to Fink’s Jewish background. [213] Fink is a featured author of the Jewish Book Council, and she has given speeches at Jewish community centers. [214]. Enclopedia.com has also reported that Fink is Jewish. [215].
  187. Julie Turkewitz – Reporter
  188. Julie Turkewitz is a Reporter for the New York Times. [216]. Julie Turkewitz is Jewish. Julie on Facebook [217] is related to Carol Blumstein Turkewitz [218], who can be seen celebrating Chanukah [219], and all of the Turkewitz’s can be seen wearing kippas. [220].
  190. Jodi Kantor – Reporter
  191. Jodi Kantor is a Reporter for the New York Times. [221]. Jodi Kantor is Jewish. Kantor has stated that her Grandmother is “a 93 year-old Holocaust survivor.” [222]. Kantor has given speeches to Columbia University’s Center for Jewish Student Life [223] and the Westchester Jewish Center. [224]. Jodi Kantor is married to Ron Lieber [225], a “reform Jew” [226], and the two have made personal announcements regarding their wedding. [227].
  193. Alexandra Kuczynski – Correspondent & Reporter
  194. Alexandra Kuczynski is a Correspondent and Reporter for the New York Times. [228]. Alexandra Kuczynski is Jewish. Alexandra is the daughter of Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski [229], the previous Finance Minister of Peru, who is Jewish according to Times of Israel. [230].
  196. Roger Cohen – Op-Ed Columnist
  197. Roger Cohen is an Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times. [231]. Roger Cohen is Jewish. Cohen has written about growing up Jewish and having a “proud Jewish identity.” [232].
  199. David Brooks – Op-Ed Columnist
  200. David Brooks is an Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times. [233]. David Brooks is Jewish. Brooks has written that “As an American Jew, I was taught to go all gooey-eyed at the thought of Israel...." [234].
  202. Thomas Friedman – Op-Ed Columnist
  203. Thomas Friedman is an Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times, and he writes about foreign affairs, globalization and technology. [235]. Thomas Friedman is Jewish. Friedman has stated in his writings that he is Jewish. [236]. Friedman also “attended Hebrew school five days a week until his Bar Mitzvah.” [237]. Friedman “became enamored with Israel after a visit there” in December 1968, and he spent all three of his high school summers living on Kibbutz HaHotrim, near Haifa. [238].
  205. Frank Rich – Op-ed Columnist
  206. Frank Rich is an Op-ed Columnist for the New York Times. [239]. Frank Rich is Jewish. Rich has for the Jewish Washington, stating that his father’s family was “German-Jewish immigrants” and his mother’s family was “Russian-Jewish immigrants.” [240].
  208. Andrew Rosenthal – Op-Ed Columnist
  209. Andrew Rosenthal is an Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times. [241]. Andrew Rosenthal is Jewish. Andrew is the son of Jewish author A.M. Rosenthal, whose funeral was held at Central Synagogue. [242]. Author Harrison Salisbury has further confirmed that Rosenthal is Jewish. [243].
  211. Paul Krugman – Op-Ed Columnist
  212. Paul Krugman is an Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times. [244]. Paul Krugman is Jewish. Krugman has been listed among the "prominent American Jewish economists" in the Encyclopedia of American Jewish History. [245].
  214. Peter Beinart – Op-Ed Columnist
  215. Peter Beinart is an Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times. [246]. Peter Beinart is Jewish. Beinart’s parents were Jewish immigrants from South Africa [247], according to the Jewish publication Tablet Mag, and Beinart has written about how he remembers “walking back with [his] grandmother one night from synagogue. [248].
  217. Herbert Buchsbaum – Senior Editor
  218. Herbert Buchsbaum is a Senior Editor for the New York Times. [249]. Herbert Buchsbaum is Jewish. The obituary for Herbert’s father, Aaron Buchsbaum, requested that donations in Aaron’s name be made to the Jewish Educational Alliance or the Agudath Achim Synagogue, and Aaron was buried in Bonaventure Cemetery [250], which is a Jewish cemetery. [251].
  220. Richard Bernstein – Book Critic
  221. Richard Bernstein is a Book Critic for the New York Times. [252]. Richard Bernstein is Jewish. The New York Times has confirmed that Bernstein is Jewish. [253].
  223. Eric Asimov – Wine & Food Critic
  224. Eric Asimov is the New York Times’ Wine and Food Critic. [254]. Eric Asimov is Jewish. Eric Asimov is the nephew of author Isaac Asimov, who along with Eric’s father Stanley Asimov, grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family and a father that was an “Orthodox Jew.” [255].
  226. Jacob Bernstein – Features Writer
  227. Jacob Bernstein is a Features Writer for the New York Times. [256]. Jacob Bernstein is Jewish. The Jewish Journal has confirmed that Bernstein is Jewish and stated that he “attended a Jewish school” when growing up. [257].
  229. Elizabeth Rubin – Contributing Writer
  230. Elizabeth Rubin is a Contributing Writer for the New York Times. [258]. Elizabeth Rubin. Elizabeth is the sister of James Rubin [259], who is Jewish according to TV Newsroom [260] and Yahoo Voices. [261].
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  235. SECTION 6: Works Cited.  The following links are archives of the webpages used to support the assertions in Sections 1 through 5. You may find it more simple, for uniformity's sake, to view a version of this same section that displays only the archived version of the following links. If so, such a list is available at https://pastebin.com/9sqCpUbs.
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