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  1. B=0x21392bb92c449e3725a796ce312eaf9dc07b238fb23d1e14ad633eaf8d3c524080c7ac72b8e21877e9163ebb0a090413532cb0f129148a96b114b242542bd4313051d57a0d7d7dfca32c29ad08598af7a34790a397f5df1926d63d11209c20939cd2d0b1028070b5b05ab83e93780ebd1b0b8a91f59b0e3c072b2f9b37be030a
  2. s=32456<<16
  3. d=0
  4. b="black"
  5. from tkinter import*
  6. m=Tk()
  7. a=Canvas(m,w=128,he=96,bg=b)
  8. a.pack()
  9. for p in range(64):
  10.  w=B>>p*16&65535;s=s&65535<<16|w;*e,=divmod(w,256)[::-1]
  11.  for t in range((64-p)*32):
  12.   c=s&8<<28;s=s<<1&(1<<32)-1;
  13.   if c:s^=79764919;d=s&255
  14.   e[d&2<1]=(e[d&2<1]+(d&128<1)*2-1)&127
  15.   a.create_line(*e,e[0]+1,e[1]+1,f=['#FFE289','#E99E45','#A55A00',b][p&3])
  16. mainloop()
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