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Chaika LN Vol 11 Summary

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  1. The prologue is Gaz making Shin a new Emperion. He bites him in the neck and injects something. After that Shin has (pre-revival) Gaz's powers.
  3. Chapter 1 is where Gaz asks Toru and Gillette to reign over 1/3 of the world each. The other 1/3 is for Shin. Gaz wants a perma-war because he thinks without war, the sociaty will stagnate and degenerate, and that too much peace will end up being harmful.
  4. Gillette asks for some time to think about it. Gaz accepts as his next spell will take half a day to complete. Team Toru and Team Gillette go separate ways to find a place to spend the night. During that time Frederika teaches Toru about his healing powers. In the end, Toru and Gillette conclude that if they reject Gaz's proposal, they'll most likely be killed.
  6. In chapter 2, Gillette and Toru announce that they won't accept the proposal and get ready to fight. Shin is there as well as several of his Subaru saboteur buddies.
  7. Gaz tells them to no fret and starts caughing blood. He looks exhausted and says that his body won't hold much longer. His revived body had removed limits and during his fight against the apostles, the body got damaged, just like when you overuse the Iron Blood transformation.
  8. Gaz reveals that he plans on taking God's place. His spell is ready. It looks like a tower with a spiral staircase. He starts ascending the tower.
  9. Gillette wants to stop Gaz but Shin doesn't let him get close. Everybody start fghting. Toru heals Gillette's arm back.
  10. Eventually, Toru asks Gillette to take care of Team Shin and decides to pursue Gaz with Frederika's help. Chaika wants to go too. They ask Niva if she can do something but she says she can't and that her role is already over (can't use God Slaying spell anymore, can't stop the ascension spell because she isn't the one who maintains it). Niva sees herself as a tool, which gets Chaika mad. Chaika then makes a speech about how much she disagrees with using people as tools. Then Toru, Chaika and Frederika decide to go after Gaz. Toru is on top of Frederika, he grabs Chaika, then Niva grabs Chaika too. There's no time to argue so Toru just pulls both of them on top of Frederika and they all fly off.
  12. Chapter 3 is where Team Toru fights Gaz.
  13. Team Gillette finishes dealing with Shin. Shin is just like pre-rebirth Gaz. Overpowered as hell. He has a gundo in his left hand, a short sword in the right hand. He can almost instacast magic. Plus he has 7 or so of his saboteurs buddies.
  14. Zita, Vivi, Mateus and Nikolai take care of the Subaru guys.
  15. Gillette, David, Selma and Akari fight Shin.
  16. David gets his hand wounded. Gillette gets slashed too but also managed to stab Shin's thigh (which doesn't do much in the end).
  18. Eventually, Zita finishes preparing some big whirlwind spell (the same she used to stop Vivi's transformation rampage) and they manage to finish of the saboteurs. After that, Shin starts getting his shit gradually wrecked, as he is now too outnumbered, with Akari eventually landing the final blow.
  20. Team Toru is inside the tower, chasing after and then fighting Gaz.
  21. The tower slowly decomposes the bodies and grants transcendence. But it's only guaranteed to work on Gaz as he is the one who designed the spell. What will happen to other people who enter the tower is unknown. Toru's and Chaika's body slowly start going translucid and Toru's movements are much slower, even with IB. They had to start using dragoon magic to maintain their bodies. Toru has his contract for that, Chaika has Niva.
  22. They fight Gaz. Gaz is obviously overpowered as hell but he eventually get careless and Toru manages to subdue him: Chaika was constantly firing at Gaz, which did nothing, but it eventually started to annoy him. He gets on top of Frederika and grabs Chaika (and tells her how she could have lived happily with Toru as king). Frederika then shifts into her human form which breaks Gaz's stance. Toru uses IB a second time (double, overlapping IB), rishes towards Gaz and manages ot stab him, extending his daggers with dragoon's magic. He pins Gaz to the ground and asks Chaika to shoot him (which can also harm Toru). After that emotional scene, Chaika finally decides to shoot Gaz with her Annihilator spell thing. That kills the Gaz, his body dissolved.
  24. Then Team Toru starts descending the tower. Frederika goes as fast as she can but Chaika eventually runs out of magic fuel and starts using her own memories to maintain Niva's dragoon regen magic.
  25. Frederika looks dreamy as well and takes time to react to what Toru says. He asks if her memories are okay and that she should just use his as well, if necessary.
  26. Frederika jokingly says that if she exhausted her memories, she would use her last spell to transform into a cat, or some other animal, and that Toru should take care of her and love her very much.
  27. Eventually she starts using Toru's memories. Toru starts forgetting certain things. He still can rebuild/recall some of the missing memories from his other memories. But he still starts to panic and asks Chaika to just shoot and destroy the tower (since Gaz is dead, technically there's nobody to regenerate it). Chaika seems dazed and takes ages to react. Toru is at maximum level of panic and just tells to shoot.
  29. Next scene is Team Gillette looking up at the tower. They noticed the tower slowly decomposing into raw material and understand that Gaz was defeated. They worry for Toru and Chaika and wait for them to return.
  30. Eventually they see a flash and pieces of tower getting destroyed. There's also another trail of light, just like after using magic, separating from the tower and flying off in the distance. They think it was probably Toru and Chaika. Akari suddenly rushes toward where that trail of light might have landed. Red does the same.
  32. Gillette then tells his suadmates that they should probably go back to the Klimann Agency and report (it's funny, because he doesn't know that his squad isn't part of Klimann anymore).
  34. Then there's the epilogue.
  35. Half a year later Team Toru is still missing.
  36. Akari and Red lived in an inn in a village near where Frederika might have landed.
  37. Selma and David were living with Red but eventually Selma got pregnant and they moved to the village (they were offered a house there because the village is in the middle of nowhere and a lancer and a magician like David and Selma could help in repelling the thieves and marauders).
  39. Akari decided to go the village where she and Toru lived before meeting Chaika and start searching again from there. Red wants to come too. She says she wants to find Toru and also "her sister". Akari is reluctant but then Red says she wants to hire her officially as a saboteur. Akari accepts.
  41. The End.
  43. The epilogue is mostly for fun. About how Red embarrassingly calls White "her sister", about how Akari bullies Red and about how Red tries to lead the way even though she doesn't know where that Akari village is located.
  44. --------
  45. When Toru gets bullied after asking Frederika to heal David.
  47. He tells Frederika to bite David. She says "yeah, no.". They start arguing. Frederika says she doesn't want to bite men other than Toru.
  48. David, who has no idea what's going on, asks if it's some kind of lover's quarrel. This triggers Akari and she goes into her sexual harassment bullying mode, making Toru look like a NTR fetishist.
  49. And then he bites David (no homo).
  51. Then Akari has a super idea of faking injury and asking Toru to bite her.
  52. And then Toru bites her in the neck.
  54. Or when Toru and Gillette bro it up during the initial fight. Toru actually saves Gillette from Shin first (sort of surprise) attack. He stops a shuriken with his hand and then cuts it off to prevent the poison from spreading (dragoon magic is useless if the poison has permeated the body).
  55. They call each other by their first names (no homo).
  57. I hope vol 12 will have more interactions between Team Gillette and Team Toru. That is, if Toru is still alive and didn't lose too much memories.
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